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Sun and Moon United in Splendor

  • Character in Once more with feeling, played by Andrensath.
  • Caste: Waxing Moon
  • Concept: Angry Sun King Seneschal who still remembers the First Age.
  • Theme Song: Winterborn by The Cruxshadows
  • Splendor is tall and imposing, standing at a full seven feet in his human True Form. His long hair forms into a mane around his neck, a deep brown in color. Looking about are two shining blue eyes constrasting his dark hair. His arms and legs are strong from the constant use of the muscles. His body remains hidden under gold and silver armor so other details are hard to determine.



  • Get revenge for the Usurpation




  • Bronze Faction Sidereals (Hatred)






  • Describe here in full your Caste anima power.
  • An immense silver-feathered hawk, with a golden beak.



  • Strength ••••
  • Dexterity •••••
  • Stamina ••••


  • Charisma •••••
  • Manipulation •••••••
  • Appearance •••••


  • Perception ••••••
  • Intelligence ••••
  • Wits •••••
  • Caste and Favoured Attributes are italicized.


Favoured Abilities[edit]

  • Dodge •••••
  • Integrity •••••
  • Martial Arts •••••
  • Presence •••••
  • Survival •••••

Unfavoured Abilities[edit]


  • Archery
  • Athletics •••••
  • Awareness •••••
  • Resistance


  • Larceny
  • Linguistics •••••
  • Performance •••••
  • Ride
  • Sail •••••
  • Socialize •••
  • Stealth


  • Bureaucracy
  • Investigation
  • Lore ••
  • Occult ••
  • Medicine


Artifact 6 (Legendary): Insidious Moonsilver Shards[edit]

  • Moonsilver Shapeshifting Weapon
  • (Attack Statistics) Speed 4, Accuracy +6, Damage +9L, Defense +6, Rate (Infinite), Disarming, Martial Arts, Reach
  • (Clinch Statistics) Speed 5, Accuracy +6, Damage +7L, Defense --, Rate (Infinite), Clinching, Martial Arts, Piercing, Reach
  • Allows the attuned wielder to assume multiple Martial Art Style Form Charms, up to a maximum of (Essence) different Form Charms at any one time. Considered a form weapon for any martial arts that the wielder knows.
  • Attunement: 15 motes

Artifact 6 (Legendary): Moonsilver CBA[edit]

  • Does not count as armour for the purposes of Lunar native Martial Arts Styles.

Enhanced Healing[edit]

Enchanted Stride[edit]

Illusionary Disguise[edit]

Artifact 5: Protoshinmaic Vortex[edit]

  • Used to power and empower the CBA

Artifact 2: Aegis-Inset Amulets[edit]

Artifact 2: Skin-Mount Amulet[edit]

Artifact 2: Skin-Mount Amulet[edit]

Artifact 2: Skin-Mount Amulet[edit]

Artifact 2: Skin-Mount Amulet[edit]

Backing 6 (Legendary): The Silver Pact[edit]

  • Faction: Sun King Seneschals

Backing 2: Changing Moon Society[edit]

Manse 5: Gem of Immortality[edit]

Manse 5: Gem of Madness[edit]

Manse 5: Gem of Perfect Mobility[edit]

Manse 5: Gemstone of Essence Flows[edit]

  • Sidereal Aspect
  • This hearthstone is a brilliant glittering stone that shines when it is attuned to an Essence user. This stone serves as a conscious control over the flows of Essence within an Essence User. Any effects that impact the character's essence use, such as charms that increase the cost of using charms or effects that directly drain essence from the character's pool such as soulsteel, give you a (Willpower+Essence) roll vs. a difficulty of (Enemy's Permanent Essence) to cancel that effect. Whenever an effect would affect your essence pool the gem flickers brightly. As a secondary effect, any item that this item is attached to, so long as the hearthstone is attuned and functioning, is unable to be deattuned from the wielder as long as it is held. Effects that normally deattune a weapon automatically fail. Releasing an attuned item, such as a Daiklave, will cause it to deattune normally.

Manse 5: Jewel of the Forest Warriors[edit]

Manse 5: Stone of Loyalty[edit]

Reputation 5: Eldest Sun King Seneschal[edit]



Ward 5: Cerise of the Rose's Thorn[edit]

  • Cerise's Mentor.
  • Fellow Sun King Seneschal.

Ward 5: Li Jin Gang[edit]

  • Self-inflicted.
  • Fellow Sun King Seneschal.

Ward 5: Seventh Night of the Wolves[edit]

  • Seventh Night's Mentor.
  • Fellow Sun King Seneschal.

Ward 3: Devil in the Pale Moonlight[edit]

  • Devil's Mentor.
  • Fellow Sun King Seneschal.



Humble Mouse Shape[edit]

Towering Beast Form[edit]


Compassionate Mirror Nature[edit]

Courtesan's Possession[edit]

Flickering Star Infusion[edit]

Foreign Weaver's Apprentice[edit]

Honing the Stolen Form[edit]

Intimate Training Recollection[edit]

Prey's Skin Disguise[edit]

Sky-Heart Mastery[edit]


Essential Mirror Form[edit]

  • Demons
  • Primordial creatures up to Tyrant Lizard in size
  • Elementals
  • Gods
  • Ghosts
  • Plasmics

Green Sun Child[edit]

Heart-Theft of the Behemoth[edit]

Hearth-and-Flame Shell[edit]

Heavenly Servant Imitation[edit]

Lost Pet Phantasm[edit]

Stygian Mask[edit]


Life of the Hummingbird[edit]

Taste of Luna's Children[edit]

Shattered Silver Cage[edit]

War Form[edit]

Deadly Beastman Transformation[edit]

  • Enhanced Vision
  • Feathers
  • Chameleon
  • Talons
  • Glider

Devastating Ogre Enhancement[edit]

Man-Animal Perfection[edit]

Perfected Hybrid Interaction[edit]

Terrifying Beastman Alteration[edit]



Glance-Oration Technique[edit]



Clay-Wetting Practice[edit]
Lunar Blade Reconfiguration[edit]


Finding the Needle's Eye[edit]
Golden Tiger Stance[edit]
Wary Swallow Method[edit]
Wind Dancing Method[edit]
Flowing Body Evasion[edit]
Flowing Body Ascension[edit]
Becoming Water's Envy[edit]


Mask of White Jade[edit]

Cat Face Presentation[edit]

Labyrinth of the Beast[edit]

Commanded to Fly[edit]


Perfect Fear Scent[edit]

Terrifying Lust Infliction[edit]

Silver Heart Infliction[edit]


Lessons in the Blood[edit]

Martial Arts Styles[edit]

Celestial Styles[edit]

Celestial Dragon Style[edit]
  • Perfect Lotus: from Root to Bulb
Piercing Gaze of The Dragon[edit]
Terrifying Dragon's Roar[edit]
Talons of the Celestial Dragon[edit]
Celestial Dragon Form[edit]
Respiring Red Dragon Breath[edit]
Donning White Dragon Armaments[edit]
Adopting Blue Dragon Fury[edit]
Emulating Black Dragon Grace[edit]
Expressing Green Dragon Vigour[edit]
Celestial Dragon Body Meditation[edit]
Celestial Rat Style[edit]
  • Perfect Lotus: from Root to Bulb
Uncanny Rodent Awareness[edit]
Scampering Vermin Maneuver[edit]
Scuttling Shadows Distraction[edit]
Celestial Rat Form[edit]
Slipping Through Cracks Attitude[edit]
Pestilent Fang Technique[edit]
Contagion-Ridden Beast Infliction[edit]
Endless Horde of the Rat King[edit]
Flee the Sinking Ship Defense[edit]
Quintessential Survivor Attitude[edit]
Horse Style[edit]
  • Perfect Lotus: from Root to Bulb
Iron Shod Kick[edit]
Buck the Rider[edit]
Slip the Bridle[edit]
Weather the Lash[edit]
Horse Form[edit]
Gallop on the Wind Method[edit]
Hoof from the Heavens Blow[edit]
Majesty of the Stallion Stance[edit]
The Pale Horse Neighs[edit]
Stampede of the Celestial Herd[edit]
Lunar Hero Style[edit]
  • Lunar native Style
Foot-Trapping Counter[edit]
Rabid Beast Attitude[edit]
Thousand Claw Infliction[edit]
Lunar Hero Form[edit]
Snake Body Technique[edit]
Coiled Serpent Strikes[edit]
Armor-Rending Claw Fist[edit]
Crouching Tiger Stance[edit]
Den Mother Method[edit]
Running Through the Herd[edit]
Predator Distraction Method[edit]
Terrible Wolverine Onslaught[edit]
Tiger Style[edit]
Crimson Leaping Cat Technique[edit]
Striking Fury Claws Attack[edit]
Tiger Form[edit]
Raging Tiger Pounce[edit]
Spine-Shattering Bite[edit]
Stalking Cat Movement Meditation[edit]
Leap From Cloaking Shadows Attack[edit]
Celestial Tiger Hide[edit]
Angry Predator Frenzy Style[edit]
Raging Hippopotamus Style[edit]
Hidebound Arms[edit]
Strength of the Ungulate[edit]
Submerging Hippo Technique[edit]
Raging Hippopotamus Form[edit]
Paralyzing Bellow[edit]
Rage of the Just[edit]
Thunderous Charge[edit]
Armor of White Anger[edit]
Cavernous Maw[edit]
Unbreakable Stride[edit]
Behemoth of Earth and Water[edit]
Raging Phoenix Style[edit]
Grain Amongst Sand Method[edit]
Flame Avoidance Stance[edit]
Sudden Expression of Determination[edit]
Reflexive Interception Kata[edit]
Fire Still Burns[edit]
Raging Phoenix Form[edit]
Nine-Edged Weapon Method[edit]
Weakening Onslaught Prana[edit]
Inferno Takes Flight[edit]
Shark Style[edit]
Gills and Fins Technique[edit]
Crushing Jaws Maneuver[edit]
Shark Form[edit]
Drowning the World Technique[edit]
Superior Hunter's Senses[edit]
Maiming Bite Attack[edit]
Cunning Shark Taste[edit]
Blur of Teeth and Blood Technique[edit]
Unrelenting Predator Focus[edit]
Smiling Kitsune Style[edit]
Vulpine Grace[edit]
Heart of the Fox[edit]
Cornered Ferocity[edit]
Deceptive Musk[edit]
Smiling Kitsune Form[edit]
Elusive Cunning[edit]
Fox Fire[edit]
Bite of the Fox[edit]
Laughing at the Hunter[edit]
Stag Style[edit]
Forceful Antler Method[edit]
Charging Elk Approach[edit]
Startled Fawn Defense[edit]
Stag Form[edit]
Pre-emptive Charge Strike[edit]
Sweeping Antler Method[edit]
Strengthened Hide Method[edit]
Twisting Antler Strike[edit]
Gouging Prong Strike[edit]
Antler Shedding Defense[edit]
Wedded Moon Style[edit]
Leaping Interposition Method[edit]
Pack Mentality Practice[edit]
Wedded Moon Form[edit]
Herding the Sheep Method[edit]
Opportunistic Flanking Practice[edit]
Bond-Forging Meditation[edit]
Glorious Sublimation of the Wedded Moon[edit]

Sidereal Styles[edit]

Iridescent Synthesis of Destiny Style[edit]
Golden Barque of the Heavens Ascending[edit]
Golden Barque of the Heavens Descending[edit]
Golden Barque of the Heavens Resplendent[edit]
Cerulean Lute of Harmony Ascending[edit]
Cerulean Lute of Harmony Descending[edit]
Cerulean Lute of Harmony Resplendent[edit]
Crimson Panoply of Victory Ascending[edit]
Crimson Panoply of Victory Descending[edit]
Crimson Panoply of Victory Resplendent[edit]
Forbidding Manse of Ivy Ascending[edit]
Forbidding Manse of Ivy Descending[edit]
Forbidding Manse of Ivy Resplendent[edit]
Violet Bier of Sorrows Ascending[edit]
Violet Bier of Sorrows Descending[edit]
Violet Bier of Sorrows Resplendent[edit]
Iridescent Synthesis of Destiny Form[edit]


Charm Name[edit]


  • Permanent Essence: 6
  • Personal motes: 26/26
  • Peripheral motes: 81/104
  • Committed: 23 peripheral
  • Willpower: 10/10

Health Levels[edit]

  • -0
  • -1
  • -1
  • -2
  • -2
  • -4
  • Incapacitated

Wounds are designated as bashing, lethal or aggravated


  • Compassion: •••••
  • Conviction: ••
  • Temperance: ••
  • Valor: ••

Limit Break[edit]

  • 0/10
  • Red Rage of Compassion





  • Dodge DV: 8
  • Parry DV: 8 (Clinch 5)


  • Dodge MDV: 12
  • Parry MDV: 6






  • 373

Basic Awards (8XP)[edit]

  • 15/09/2009
  • 22/09/2009
  • 29/09/2009
  • 6/10/2009

Story Awards (10XP)[edit]

Other Awards (Variable)[edit]

  • 12/09/2009: 174 Initial
  • 22/09/2009: 1 Special (Catching GM error)
  • 2/10/2009: 50 Story


  • 57


  • 28/10/2009: Intelligence ••••

Backgrounds (3XP/dot)[edit]

  • 8/10/2009: 11 dots of Denandsor Manses, hearthstones and powers to be specified.

Favoured Charms (10XP)[edit]

Non-Favoured Charms (12XP)[edit]

  • Lessons in the Blood


  • Not needed.

Debt until[edit]

  • Death by Plot


Lunaday 23 Resplendent Earth, Age of Man 1536 (Shining Reflection Era)