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Game: Once More, With Feeling!.


Ziyad Antarah
Eclipse Caste, Solar Exalt
Concept: Adulterous Wandering Poet and Courtier



Ziyad appears as a man in his late-twenties. He used to have long black hair he tended to keep within a turban but since coming to Nexus has cut it short. He also maintains a well trimmed and oiled beard. He has a gaunt face with intelligent brown eyes and maintains tanned olive coloured skin even in this colder eastern climate. He has two light duelling scars on his face and is a lean and tall.

He normally wears a pair of silk wrapped curved blades on his back and has been quick to call men to duels for what he considers slights on his honour. He tends to favour silks like most Delzahn, including a large white silk cape but during the winters in Nexus is known to go about in more local (and warmer dress). That he goes without a veil a fact he contributes both to the climate and his status as an outcaste.

Further Notes

  • Clothes: A sand coloured silk robe covered by a black silk sash, over white silk pants, covered by a billowing white silk cape with a small gold clasp.
  • Shoes: Greek style sandles.


Eldest Son of one of the wealthiest Orkhan's amongst the Noble Delzahn of Chiaroscuro, Ziyad Antarah grew up in wealth. He spent much of his youth in study of both the traditional methods of war among the Delzahn and the recovered first age knowledge of his home city. As first among the Antarah Orkahns children, he was heir to the sept and leader in both the glass trade and when the sept was called to war.

Thought young Ziyad seemed able for these duties, his passions seemed to lie elsewhere. By adolescence he was an accomplished hunter and duellist but also an inspired poet and historian. Enough that the Tri-khan wished for the youth to study be a member of his own court, to act as an emissary and functionary for the Tri-Khan.

By 24 he was considered one of the greatest poets in the south, entertaining Dynast and other exotic guests at the hospitality of Tri-Khan. His sonnets, odes, ruba'is and ghazals were renown as far as the realm. He had also gained a infamous reputation for womanising, his affairs with the young brides of several prominent nobles within the city had earned him enmity from members of the court.

The disgrace on the family honour was causing friction with young Ziyad and his father the Orkhan. Threats were made between the two after an incident involving the young wife of a visiting diplomat from Gem but they did little except incense Ziyad to look for greater conquests. By Ascending Flame he had found them.

On the twenty third day of Ascending Flame, Ziyad was caught 'performing' within the Tri-Khan's personal harem by one of his lords most trusted bodyguard. Fearing for his manhood and the repercussions that would ensue should this come out, Ziyad tried desperately to reason with the man. When that failed, he with as much dignity as he could manage fled from the guard by leaping out of nearby window into a fountain within the Tri-Kahn's personal garden.

Unluckily for Ziyad the garden was at that point being frequented by the Tri-Khan himself. Being quickly the focus of many armed guard and attempting to disarm the situation he said the first thing that came into his head...

To this day Ziyad is not exactly sure what he said to the Tri-Kahn but when he calmed enough the garden was filled with light and the Tri-Kahn was laughing. The two had a short negotiation, ending with Ziyad's banishment from Chiaroscuro, the most favourable result Ziyad was likely to get and Ziyad walked away from Chiaroscuro a member of the Exalted.

Over the next year he worked his way through city to city in pursuit of his passions and ending up with many a jealous local lord, Satrap or Perfect and entourage pursuing him out of various cities for dalliances with their wives. In between cities he looted ruins in search of lost literary work, cataloguing it and attempting to artistically surpass it.

Six months ago he arrived in Nexus, accompanied by a young girl who Ziyad claims as a ward. He quietly became the guest and courtier of one Councillor Brueghel, a situation that seems to suit the both of them despite his reputation.

About two months into moving into Nexus, Ziyad got involved in a heated argument after flirting with a Lord Jidan’s wife at a party on the river. It culminated in a bet with the young lord: If Ziyad could climb a Mt. Giruyana, one of the largest mountains in the local area; Jidan would cede the lands surrounding the mountain to Ziyad. If Ziyad failed Jidan’s wife would be safe from Ziyad’s escapades forever. Not being one to resist such a challenge Ziyad climbed the mountain with Shofei in tow.

The climb was tense and would have been near impossible for a mortal but for a couple of Chosen of the Sun, it was just trivial. A few spirits of the mountain hounded them but for but a minute until Ziyad forced them away with glare, the threat of Shofei and a well timed speech backed up by ancient oaths. Having reached the summit and explained to Shofei why they had climbed. The night he returned having beaten the mountain and taken the summit, he claimed both the Lord’s lands and his wife’s virtue.

On surveying the property some weeks later, deep in a valley in the foothills, he found shards of a ruined structure and found the vines overgrown twisted into prayers to the sun. In the centre of the valley there lies a broken alter with two curved blades jammed deep within the stone. Around the ruined alter as if the outer wall of a room is a circle of vines and moss which tell of the fall of a mighty prince here.

Ziyad felt called to the valley and pulled the swords from the ruined alter with ease. He carries the blades with him even now, normally wrapped in silks until he is required to use them. He did not mark the valley on the map but felt compelled to write a poem about it, calling it the Valley of Twisted Words and Echoing Sighs. He knew the place has power, he could feel it in the air. Fortunately for Ziyad he recorded the place in a poem so as he left though he did forget the valley, the poem triggered his memory. Within a month he had returned and attuned to the place, making it impossible to forget. Now with what funds he can scrap together he has begun investigating constructing a structure there, investigating those that know of such things.


HOW OLD ARE YOU? I am twenty-nine, not that I would admit that to most but a woman of your beauty intrigues me.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAMILY LIKE? My father was an Orkhan, leader of our sept within our family. He was a wealthy merchant who amused himself by keeping the sept ready for war, never have I seen men more blood thirsty than a group of bureaucrats playing at the game of war. Or cousins in the desert and those among my former tribe that make war their profession, like one of my uncles, they are both more merciful and more competent.

My father wished me to join the family business but I took less of the merchant business in and more of my studies as a child. We Delzhan of the cities are taught both civilised pursuits like history, numeracy and art and the ancient ways such like riding and warfare. I disappointed my father as despite my talent for duelling I never cared much for it. For settling matters of honour it sufficed but beyond that it bored me.

My mother was a terror and the head of our household. She reared us till we were handed to the teachers and ran my fathers books. She was supportive as a mother is of sons even if when my interest in poetry surfaced she may well have been the one who thought I would take the grey. When I did not she was surprised and when I shamed the family she was the only one who would still talk.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Chiaroscuro, a city of wonder. Maybe someday you will go there, I alas am forbidden to return.

HOW WERE YOU EXALTED? Many will speak of me, most say I am quite the womaniser. In that they are quite correct, though I have loved every woman I have met. I do not believe I shame them, though most of their husbands do. But that is side tracking.

My Exultation came to me when I found myself talking down the Tri-Khan, in his own garden, surrounded by his guard after being caught in intimate relations with his harem. Because of it I survived without becoming a Eunuch, which my lady I will be delighted to prove to you later.

WHEN DID YOU MEET YOUR COMPANIONS? I once had a companion named Shofei. Shofei wasn’t always as she ended up, once she was brighter... and colder but both forms were so full of life. The first form I knew her in helped me loot a ruin a few days ride from my home. I was mortal then and the blessing the Sun had given her was a terrifying and helpful resource in that blasted ruin. I didn’t run into her again until I had exalted myself and been made an outcaste. Alone and directionless I ran into a woman who looked like the girl I once met but was just a child. Feeling sympathy and knowing I owed this woman a debt I have become her protector from those who would manipulate her and her strength. After all it was a purpose, so she became my ward. When she died I lost a purpose, one I am still searching for and her Reincarnation, Starcc has little in common with her. He and I have no real relationship at all, except a mutual friendship with her Lunar Mate, the boy Cael.

Cael I met in the debacle of a bathhouse visit in Nexus's last day. He was young and despite being a street child reminded me of my own youth. His love for Shofei was plain and even as her guardian I could not deny his part in her life. He has proved a good friend, odd in that I have known him for such a short time. But he has proved to be absent of the avarice and vice that I have encountered in most of the other Chosen I have met.

Nuwa is an idealist. She also was at the Bathhouse brawl Shofei grew involved with where I met Shofei. We properly met later during the Scourging of Nexus that night. Fighting for our lives against the Mask's army and the subsequent flight from that city, I feel I grew to know her well. Her philosophy is a strange one but one that seems to search for the good in people, all people and that I admire, even if I cannot share it.

Anshu I also met during Nexus's Final Night. He is an ex-Immaculate and though my opinion of him has been slow to form, he seems to respect the will of people and try to do good. That is something I can respect.

Solitary Talon was another I met on Nexus' Final Night. I must admit as beautiful as she is I dislike her. She is a sybarite of the highest order and though trained in diplomacy amongst those she is familiar with is quite caustic and unnecessarily haughty. She is used to command, wealth and priviledge and I believe she is used to thinking herself better than others, perhaps having been taught this from an early age. Working with her poses me no problem as I am familiar with her kind and can ignore it well enough but despite being a fellow artist, I think I will choose to keep my distance.

Silvera Arc is probably the companion I have travelled with since our fligh from Nexus that I know the least about. She and her mate Ta'an Aesin tend to keep the company of Solitary Talon and thus I do not tend to associate with them.

My Lunar Mates I met in a moment of great weakness. It was after I had executed Shofei's murderer, partially to prevent Cael from doing the deed but mostly for my own need for vengeance. Wihtout their appearance I may well have been lost to despair. Thw two of them are twins which is why I assume their pairing with me is the way that it is but even then they are unusual for what little I know of the Chosen of the Moon. Sisters both and ex-slaves I think, I really wish I knew them better.

HOW HAS POWER CHANGED YOU? Other than making me stronger, faster and better? I would say not that much at all. It may though have made me consider long and hard that perhaps I should endeavour in to me selfless, after all that is why I have pleased so many wives dutifully ignored by their husbands.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MORTALS? We were all mortal once. Many of us seem to conveniently forget that. Most of the chosen I have met have only had their mortal flaws accentuated by being chosen and I am no exception. They all seem to forget that by virtue of being chosen we should strive to be better. This is a mortal world and we are just exceptions to the rule. Ultimately though this is there world we just happen to share it and this leaves us with a decision: Attempt to make the world better, attempt to make the world worse, or do nothing?

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? Help or Hinder. One seems much like the other, so I write to make the world a little more tolerable. I collect the great work of the past. To preserve it and hopefully surpass it, bringing joy with word and turn of phrase. I seek to save people in my own way because my way helps or at least it doesn’t hinder.

WHO DO YOU WORSHIP? As a Delzahn, even an outcaste, worship is practical. We worship whoever we believe can help us, after all why worship one god when another may be more able to come to your aid. Worship is like a, a currency for favours with the gods. That is all the purpose it serves.

WHAT WOULD DRIVE YOU TO COMMIT MURDER? Murder? Once I would have said little could drive me to cold-blooded murder. I had killed in duels and I had killed in self defence but I would not call that murder. I used once to wonder what would drive me to murder, now I know. The death of someone I cared for would drive me to murder, vengeance of that order would drive me to murder. The answer pleases me no more than it does you. I think that I have hac enough of these questions...

Stat Block[edit]


Adulterous Wandering Poet and Courtier




Find, catalogue and surpass the great Literary Art of the 1st Age.


Script slowly being written in a variety of languages.


Natural Intimacies:[edit]

  • Shofei's Memory (Fondness)
  • Cael and Starcc(Friendship)
  • The Circle (Dedication)
  • Beautiful Women (Attraction|Lust)
  • Literary Art Work (Worship)
  • Perfect of Paragon (Distain)
  • Powerful People Who Abuse Said Power (Abhorrence)
  • Unspeakable Rite of the Lady of Words (Dislike)
  • The Neverborn (Contempt)

Supernatural Intimacies:[edit]

  • Rhythmic Harmony & Rhyming Cadence (Attraction)(Lunar Bond)


Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3.

Charisma 4, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4.

Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 5.



  • Bureaucracy 3
  • Linguistics 5 (Flame Tongue: Delzahn dialect, River Speak, High Realm, Old Realm, Low Realm, Forest-Tongue)
  • Ride 3 (Horses +1)
  • Sail 4
  • Socialise 5


  • Athletics 4 (Climbing +1)
  • Awareness 5
  • Lore 5 (Literary Works +2)
  • Melee 5 (Duelling +1)(Lunar Mates +2)
  • Performance 5 (Poems +3)
  • Presence 5 (Seduction +3)
  • Craft: Air 5 (Literary +3)
  • Craft: Earth 1 (Sculpting +1)


  • Archery 2
  • Dodge 1
  • Integrity 5
  • Larceny 2
  • Occult 1
  • Resistance 2
  • Stealth 1
  • Survival 2
  • War 4


  • Compassion 4
  • Conviction 4
  • Temperance 2
  • Valour 2

Virtue Flaw:[edit]

Paralyzing Lethargy

Virtue: Compassion

The Exalt stops acting; he will not even apply a DV for fear of a turned blade hitting a bystander or an arrow doing the same. He will not acknowledge danger, and must be dragged away. Nor will he eat, as he becomes lost in the gravity of what his actions have inadvertently wrought. The only exception to this rule is to directly intervene to help another who is in mortal danger, and even then he can only defend or reason with the aggressor. If his charge cannot or will not fight, the Exalt fights a losing battle. If his charge dies, extend the duration for another day due to his abject failure to protect another innocent.

Partial Control: The Exalt may defend himself or defend another via removing (attacking) the threat, and may take necessary actions to survive (eating, treading water), but may otherwise not act, and is mostly lost in a state of lethargy and catatonia when outside of combat, offering only terse, somewhat disconnected responses.

Duration: Controlled: One day. Uncontrolled: (Compassion) Days.

Condition: When confronted with convincing evidence that his actions have harmed innocent bystanders.




Permenant: 5
Personal: 23
Peripheral: 55
Peripheral: Immenent Solar Glory: 10
Peripheral: Skin Mount Amulet: 10



  • Whirling Brush Method
  • Flawless Brush Disciple
  • Discerning Savant's Eye
  • Sagacious Reading of Intent
  • Letter-Within-A-Letter Technique
  • Twisted Words Technique
  • Golden Author's Seal
  • Graffiti Generating Method (x2) (Custom)
  • Attention Capturing Calligraphy (Custom)


  • Master Horseman's Technique (Horse-Summoning Whistle)


  • Ship Claiming Stance


  • Mastery of Small Manners


  • Graceful Crane Stance


  • Keen Sight Technique
  • Unsurpassed Sight Discipline
  • Surprise Anticipation Method


  • Temptation Resisting Stance
  • Elusive Dream Defence
  • Transcendant Hero's Meditation
  • Integrity Protecting Prana


  • Flawless Pickpocket Technique


  • Harmonious Academic Method
  • Legendary Scholar Curriculum
  • Immenent Solar Glory
  • Wonder-Working Syllabus


  • Dipping Swallow Defence
  • Bulwark Stance
  • Heavenly Guardian Defence - Conviction Flawed
  • Indomitable Puissance
  • Hungry Tiger Technique
  • One Weapon, Two Blows
  • Whirling Dervish Method


  • Irresistible Salesman Technique
  • Majestic Radiant Presence
  • Terrifying Apparition of Glory


  • Crowd Commanding Spirit (Custom)


City Scribing Glory (24m, 3wp)[edit]

  • Whirling Brush Method
  • Flawless Brush Discipline
  • Letter-Within-A-Letter Technique
  • Twisted Words Technique



Ally 2: Rhyming Cadence[edit]
  • Lunar Mate, Waxing Moon Caste (Lunar Bond 5, Eternal Vow)
Ally 2: Rhythmic Harmony[edit]
  • Lunar Mate, Waxing Moon Caste (Lunar Bond 5, Eternal Vow)
Ally 1: Tarafa Antarah[edit]

Artefacts (Personal Only)[edit]

Artefact 2: Skin-Mount Amulet (Centre of Collarbone)[edit]
  • Jewel of True Self


Backing 6: The Council of Denandsor[edit]
  • Prime Minister of Denandsor
  • First Sky Lord of the Navy
  • Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister for Education.


Contacts 1: The City of Denandsor: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs[edit]
  • Familiar with 1 major player in the Ministry and several minor ones throughout the lower levels of the Ministry.
Contacts 1: The City of Denandsor: The Ministry of Defense and Logistics[edit]
  • Familiar with 1 major player in the Ministry and several minor ones throughout the lower levels of the Ministry.
Contacts 1: The City of Denandsor: The Ministry of Education[edit]
  • Familiar with 1 major player in the Ministry and several minor ones throughout the lower levels of the Ministry.
Contacts 1: Chiaroscuro[edit]
  • Antarah Sept
Contacts 1: Paragon[edit]
  • Enemies of the Perfect

Denandsor Navy[edit]

Arsenal 1: Naval Equipment[edit]
  • Limited Magical Talismans, heavier ordanance is currently under request and likely to be assigned soon.
Artefact N/A: DCS Imperator of Land, Sea and Sky[edit]
  • Imperator-Class Sky-Carrier, Flagship of the First Sky Lord Ziyad Antarah. Currently unpowered and docked at the Eagle's Nest where final checks are complete now a PSV has been set to power the vehicle.
Artefact 5: Protoshinmatic Vortex[edit]
  • Dedicated to powering the Imperator of Land, Sea and Sky. It provides all power requirements for the vehicle and attached weaponry.
Artefact N/A: DCS Defiance in the Night[edit]
  • Kireeki-Class Assault Skyreme: Owned jointly between Anshu and Ziyad.
Command 2: Crew of the Imperator of Land, Sea and Sky[edit]
  • 150 men and woman: Magnitude 3, Might 1
    • 75 Enlightened Ratings (Magnitude 2, Might 1)
    • 75 Enlightened Engineers (Magnitude 2, Might 1)

Followers, Henchman and Retainers[edit]

Retainers 2: Retinue[edit]
  • Izim- Ziyad's loyal and long suffering personal secretary.
  • Alzi'hir- Butler
  • Jubar- Stableboy
  • Iziesa- The Cook.
  • Azita - A maid. Now tasked with watching over Blossoms on the Wind, Ziyad's new ward.


Influence 5: Denandsor[edit]

After taking Denandsor, Ziyad took many steps to end the Nexun Diaspora, gathering as many of the survivors from scattered through the River Province. Many of them felt some loyalty towards this favoured (adopted) son of Nexus when he was just a poet but as the person who gave many of them a new home Ziyad has tremendous influence among them.

Manses and Demenses[edit]

Palace of Steel and Clockwork[edit]
  • Level 5 Earth Aspected Manse
  • This is not the palace fortress in the middle of Denandsor's real name but rather a colourful name Ziyad made up for it. It is the former Daiymo's palace in the centre of the city and was once the Palace of the city's Solar Overlord. For the moment and in the interests of keeping the circle from killing one another Ziyad has claimed it for himself.
  • Jewel of True Self (5) - This stone subtracts five successes from all shaping effects directed towards the bearer.
  • Manse Powers
    • Magical Convinience (1pt)
      • Can display control room screens on any glass part of the building
      • Can scan any record or record any instance into various Archives scattered around the city
    • Network Node (1pt)
      • Geomantic Nexus (1pt)
      • Geomantic Relay (1pt)
    • Secret Passages (2pts)
    • Control Centre (2pts)
    • Mela's Sweet Whispers (2pts, nexus powered)
    • Bound Servant Force (3pts)
    • Fortress (3 pts, Earth Favoured)
    • Provider (3pts, nexus powered)
    • Chasm of Material (4pts, nexus powered)
    • Sentient (6pts, nexus powered)
    • Guardian Force (x10) (40 pts, nexus powered)
Valley of Falling Sighs and Subtle Whispers[edit]
  • Forgotten Level 4 Demesne of Unknown(Sidereal) Aspect
  • Within this valley, the very wind twists to words singing them in longing sighs, giving this manse its name. The rest of the demesne has warped the very geomancy to tell the tail of the ruin of the manse and its protector. Everything within it is warped to have words in every tongue, cover every surface with elaborately calligraphy. In the centre lies a cracked and ruined alter, only I in the entire valley is unmarked by words and it looks as if two blades were forced deep into it. Foot high white marble walls mark out a small area in the centre of the valley covered in moss which tells of the last desperate stand of the manses protector. Shattered rocks and glass scattered over the hillside spell out the doom of those who attacked this place. The very grass that coats the hill and the trees on the edge of the valley tell the history of the valley since the fall of Primordial War. Though damage from the destruction of the manse has destroyed large sections, mostly history of when the manse stood but other bits and pieces as well. Those that stay in the area twist become part of the living history of the demesne and its long forgotten history, eventually remembering nothing of themselves and become living records of the history of the valley. Even visitors impressions are left recorded in stone, the life and the very air, causing those to leave the place to forget unless they made a written record of the place while they were there. Ziyad found the valley while exploring the land he had won from Lord Jidan in the mountain bet. He felt called to the valley and pulled the swords from the ruined alter with ease. He carries the blades with him even now, normally wrapped in silks until he is required to use them. He did not mark the valley on any map but felt compelled to write a poem about it, calling poem and therefore the location the Valley of Twisted Words and Echoing Sighs. He knew the place has power, he could feel it in the air. Fortunately for Ziyad he recorded the place in a poem so as he left he though he did forget the valley, the poem triggered his memory. Within a month he had returned and attuned to the place, making it impossible to forget. Now with what funds he can scrap together he has begun investigating constructing a structure there, investigating those that know of such things.
  • Game Effects: Four years in the valley gives mortals the Amnesia Flaw/Derangement as the history of the place slowly overwrites their memories. They gain four to any lore roll relating to the history of the valley. The Valley’s essence harvest is by taking leaves from the trees and reading them aloud for four days afterwards it will be as if the attuned character lived those moments, loosing himself in memory completely from time to time. Botching the harvest looses oneself in the memories entirely leaving the character insensate for four days.
Pool of Reflection[edit]
  • Level 3 Water Aspected Manse
  • A large deep midnight black pool of water situated in the Garden of the Central Manse. In the centre raises a plinth made of Obsidian, lined with veins of Blue Jade. The water is about three foot deep, incredibly still and appears to contain twinkling stars in the night. Looking into the pool is said to give one visions of the future or of the past.
  • Hearthstone: Jewel of Daana'd
  • Habitability: 2
  • Features:
    • Network Node (1pt)
    • Magical Conviniences (1pt)
      • The water will randomly show someone who watches either the future or the past using the Divine Observatory power to project images onto the water.
      • The water is always the same temperature and never freezes despite the weather
      • The water doesn't ripple and always allows someone who sits and meditates it to observe.
    • Geomantic Relay x 4 (1pt)
    • Divine Observatory (3pts)


Resources 3: Creation[edit]

Ziyad likes living well and with his talent has little trouble finding patronage for his talents. Over time he has accumulated his own personal wealth. This has proven helpful.


Physical Merits:[edit]

  • Ambidexterous (1pt)

Social Merits:[edit]

  • Carouser (2pts)

Background Merits:[edit]

  • Legendary Background: Artefact 6 (3pts)
  • Legendary Background: Artefact 6 (3pts)
  • Legendary Background: Backing 6 (3pts)
  • Hidden Demense (1pts)

Supernatural Merits:[edit]

  • Luck (2pt)


Social Flaws:[edit]

  • Enemy: Perfect of Paragon (2pts)
  • Ward: Blossoms on the Wind (2pts)

Spiritual Flaws:[edit]

  • Vice: Adultery (1pt)

Background Flaws:[edit]

  • Dark Secret: String of bastards across the South (2pts)


  • Composite Bow - Spd 6, Acc 7, Dmg 4L(broadhead), Rate 3, Range 250, Tags 2B.
  • Country Wear: Silk Cape, Good Boots, Lamellar - 11B/7L/6A Total Soak
  • City Wear: Silk Clothing, Silk Cape, Sandels, Chain Shirt - 4B/4L/3A Total Soak
  • Light Warhorse and Pack Horse
  • Pick Locks
  • Country Estate (Undeveloped Land, no buildings or tenants)

Combat Values[edit]

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 10
Dodge MDV: 9
Social Attacks:

  • Presence: Spd 4, Honesty 9(12 seduction)*, Honesty MDV 5(6), Deception 9(12 seduction)*, Deception MDV 5(6), Rate 2.
  • Performance: Spd 6, Honesty 9(12 poetry)*, Honesty MDV 5(6), Deception 9(12 poetry)*, Deception MDV 5(6), Rate 1.
  • Investigation: Spd 5, Honesty 4, Honesty MDV 2, Deception 4, Deception MDV 4, Rate 2

Physical Combat[edit]

Join Battle: 10
Dodge DV: 5(4 with Mob Pen)

  • Slashing Sword: Spd 4, Acc 11(12), Dmg 5L, Def 6(6), Rate 3, Tags -
  • Composite Bow: Spd 6, Acc 7, Dmg -, Rate 3, Range 250, Tags 2B.
  • Broadhead: Dmg 4L
  • Fowling: Dmg 4B
  • Frog Catcher: 6L, half against armour
  • Target: 2L, Piercing

Soak: Either 4B/4L/3A(chain shirt) or 11B/7L/6A(Lamellar)



Total Experience: 423
Spent Experience: 403
Unspent Experience: 20


Basic Awards (8XP)[edit]
   * 16/06/2009
   * 23/06/2009
   * 30/06/2009
   * 07/07/2009
   * 14/07/2009
   * 21/07/2009
   * 28/07/2009
   * 04/08/2009 
   * 10/08/2009
   * 17/08/2009
   * 24/08/2009
   * 31/08/2009
   * 07/09/2009
   * 14/09/2009
   * 21/09/2009
   * 28/09/2009
   * 05/10/2009
   * 12/10/2009
   * 19/10/2009
   * 26/10/2009
   * 02/11/2009
   * 09/11/2009
   * 16/11/2009
Story Awards (10XP except where noted)[edit]
   * 12/07/2009: Escaping Nexus shadowland
   * 04/08/2009: 'Because'.
   * 23/08/2009: Forcing Evocation and Unspeakable Rites to withdraw from Great Forks (50xp)
   * 01/10/2009: Taking Denandsor (50xp)
Other Awards (Variable)[edit]
   * 27/10/2009: Roleplay Award (1xp)
   * 19/10/2009: 100xp to buy off non existant xp debt
   * 14/10/2009: Background and Flaw remains (1xp)
   * 02/10/2009: Catching GM Error (1xp)
   * 27/08/2009: Stunt Award (1xp) for Post #2083 IC thread and confirmed Post #2960 OCC thread.
   * 16/07/2009: Refund Artefact 5 for 2xAlly 2 (3xp) 
   * DATE LISTED IN THREAD: Roleplay Award (1xp)
   * DATE LISTED IN THREAD: Stunt Award (1xp)


   * Melee to 5 from 4 (7xp)
   * Integrity from 4 to 5 (8xp)
   * War from 1 to 2 (2xp)
   * War from 2 to 3 (4xp)
   * War from 3 to 4 (6xp)
   * Bureaucracy 2 to 3 (3xp)
   * Lore 3 to 4 (5xp)
   * Lore 4 to 5 (7xp)
   * Sail 1 to 4 (9xp)
   * Ride - Horses (3xp)
   * Melee - Solar Mates (6xp)
   * Performance - Poems (6xp)
   * Contacts to 1 (3xp)
   * Contacts to 1 (3xp)
   * Influence 3 to 5 (6xp)
   * Backing to 6 (9xp)
   * Manse 5 (15xp)
   * Artefact 2 (6xp)
   * Ally 1 (3xp)
   * 1/2 an Artefact N/A (11xp)
   * Backing Denandsor 2 to 4 (6xp)
   * Retainers 1 to 2 (3xp)
   * Command 2 (6xp)
   * Arsenal 1 (3xp)
   * Artefact 6 (21xp)
   * Artefact 5 (15xp)
   * Essence to 5 (32xp)
   * Heavenly Guardian Defence (8xp)
   * Surprise Anticipation Method (8xp)
   * Crowd Commanding Spirit (8xp)
   * Hungry Tiger Technique (8xp)
   * Keen Sight Technique (8xp)
   * Unsurpassed Sight Discipline (8xp)
   * One Weapon, Two Blows (8xp)
   * Whirling Dervish Method (8xp)
   * Master Horseman's Technique (Horse-Summoning Whistle) (8xp)
   * Indomitable Puissance (8xp)
   * Golden Author's Seal (8xp)
   * Grafetti Generating Method x2 (16xp)
   * Attention Capturing Calligraphy (8xp)
   * Transcendant Hero's Method (10xp)
   * Integrity Protecting Prana (10xp)
   * Harmonious Academic Method (8xp)
   * Legendary Scholar Curriculum (8xp)
   * Immenent Solar Glory (8xp)
   * Ship Claiming Stance (8xp)
   * Wonder-Working Syllabus (8xp)
   * City Scribing Glory (14xp)


Custom Charms[edit]

See Custom Charm Section