Chronicles of Lyraea

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The Mulish Mermaid cuts through the upper atmosphere of a realmstar.




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The Voidsea of Lyraea has many wonderful places and people. Detailed here are 13 of the most important - or at least most interesting - that you may be involved with. They are arranged by alignment, but this is meant to be a general guideline to how they see themselves and their organization (or how they are perceived by others in the setting). As with anything, the listed alignment is meant to help paint a general picture, it is not meant to be a hard and fast rule about how a given Icon may interact in every instance.



Janitor: Destiria (-)
Janitor: Starforge Guild (-)


Janitor: Starforge Guild (-)
Janitor: Destiria (-)
Bravado: Church of the Endfire (-)
Bravado: Delver's Guild (-)
Bravado: Rampart Legions (+)


Gobi, Goblin Cleric[edit]

A goblin mechanic who managed to acquire a seemingly derelict ship of little renown but great value from the Starforge Guild. She's 12.

Janitor, Warforged Tortle Monk[edit]

The consciousness of the Mulish Mermaid in the body of a warforged tortle. Keeps stuff clean.

Bravado, Tiefling Paladin[edit]

Every ship has to have a captain, so they found this guy.

Starla, Tabaxi Bard[edit]

A cunning space lawyer who is definitely not a cat (but she is a cat, though).

The Mulish Mermaid[edit]

The Mulish Mermaid is a small gallear, created by the Starforge Guild many centuries ago and long since consigned to a scrapyard in the voidsea. It was recently acquired by a 12-year-old goblin operating out of Glassfall. Though the it is by all appearances an unremarkable and even substandard example of a gallear, it is in fact a proof-of-concept of a technology long forgotten by the Starforge Guild. The Mulish Mermaid's gemcore is inextricably linked to an autonomous constructed body. The ship is, in essence, a sentient artificial lifeform. Had the Starforge Guild been aware of its unique nature, let alone the fact that it was operational, they would have never allowed its sale.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

Bo Boeson, [Troll, he/him] - Bosun
Tip, [Halfling, she/her] - Crewmate
Tap, [Dwarf, he/him]- Crewmate
Toodle, [Warforged, they/them] - Crewmate
Master Thorn [Tortle, he/him] - Cook and father figure

Notable Characteristics[edit]

A set of archaic navigator's tools, 'salvaged' from the wreck of the Candle Keeper.
An ornate helm inlaid with delicate carvings and precious metals, 'salvaged' from the wreck of the Candle Keeper.
The Corematoriom: the heart of the ship contains a custom interface where Janitor can connect directly with its gemcore.

Party Property[edit]

The party owns a small cottage on Glassfall.

  • Capacity: 5
  • Expansions: Boutique
    • Name: Rune Goldberg's Gizmotorium and Tea Cakes
    • Shopkeep: Telvasi (Aasimar, she/her)
  • Available Room Points: 0
  • Upkeep: 15 gp/month
  • Profit: 3d4*30 gp/month
  • Party materials: 1500
  • Business Funds: 855

Major Locations[edit]


Home of the Glassfall Privateers, the rowdiest bunch of dogooders-for-hire in the universe.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

Destiria,[Satyr, She/Her] - Leader of the Glassfall Privateers.
Eadriff, [Elf Jerk, He/Him] - Spurned wannabe-captain of the Mulish Mermaid. Gastone motherfucker.
Hootsworth Billingsby [Owl, he/him] - Former wizard's familiar, current Glassfall mail clerk. Likes: sorting and lofi bardcore. Dislikes: when enough is too much (

Notable Locations[edit]

Glass Half Fall - Tavern run by Tharlios, [Former Deity, He/Him].
Puttin' on the Spritz - Cleaning supply store, entryway to Glassfall's Dojo of the Custodial Arts.
Gnome Depot - General store run by Rusttooth Gnomeson [Troll]
Blood Bath & Beyond - Weapon shop run by Sirgrez [Dragonborn]
Furious Gorge - Buffet run by Kihar Stormlaugh [Orc]
Sew it Seams - Outlet Mall Clothing and Fabrics
Forgettaboutit - Master smithery run by Korban Kogara [Dwarf, he/him]
General Hospital School of Medicinal Acting - Head Doctor - Dr. Rafael Pierre de la Juan

Cormallo's Cove[edit]

Realmstar port near the Gradora Straits

Dramatis Personae[edit]

Notable Locations[edit]

Harms & Harmour - Armor shop run by Gian Boomclash [Gnoll](constantly laughing)
Dire Straits - Tavern in the shell of an enormous crab

Story Arcs[edit]

Our Heroes Meet a Neat Guy[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party investigates a realmstar where the dead have come to life.

Our Heroes Engage in Vigorous Academic Discourse[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party searches for a missing university ship.

Our Heroes Go to the Circus[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party helps Bravado fulfill a promise to an old friend.

Our Heroes Have Feelings[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party defends Glassfall from a strange zwarm attack.

Our Heroes Join a Gang[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party seeks out information in Cormallo's Cove.

Our Heroes Approach the Bench[edit]

Full synopsis here.
The party must defend its legal claim to the Mulish Mermaid.

Our Heroes Embark on a Rescue Mission[edit]

Full synopsis here.
Janitor is dead and the Mulish Mermaid is missing.

Our Heroes Get Religion[edit]

Bravado is the Chosen One. No, really.

Our Heroes Go on Safari[edit]

The party goes hunting for the legendary fangmaw.

Our Heroes Go to the Circus[edit]

The party enjoys some downtime at a traveling Starnival.