Chronicles of Sunport

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A Chronicles of Darkness campaign, run by Graograman

Sunport obelisk.png

The PCs[edit]

The NPCs[edit]

The Setting[edit]

Sunport was founded at the early onset of the Umayyad conquest of Spain, as from it's beginning it garnered a reputation for being a safe port in the Mediterranean sea as well as a fertile land. It's proximity to several trade routes and calm beaches made it a popular spot for merchants and their crews - for centuries to come. Nowadays, Sunport has grown accustomed to a incredibly mixed population: from English, Germans and Netherlanders seeking its warm climate, to merchant crews from Greece and Italy, to refugees and inmigrants from Morocco, Algeria, Libya or south America.

Aside from being a major commercial port, Sunport also produces close to 30% of the food - mostly vegetables, fruits and olive oil - exported to other countries. The high income from port taxes and food imports, and comparatively cheap labor, has made Sunport a very rich city... and it's politicians, too. Corruption and organized crime have become bedfellows - it's often difficult to tell when the politicians end and the criminals begins. Because of this, certain crimes are tolerated or turned a blind eye (after all, vices are profitable) but most forms of violent crimes are severely frowned upon (violence scares tourists and customers). Criminals that don't know the lay of the land often run afoul of the biggest gang in the city: the police.

Yet, despite this, Sunport remains a city almost untouched by... well, almost everything. Despite the growing fear of global warming, Sunport's summers are pleasantly warm, and it's winters mild. Despite the rampant corruption in the country, most of the city's politicians are a little less corrupt and incompetent than the average. The harvests remain bountiful, and the seas remain calm and prosperous. People come - most stay from a while, but an increasingly large number seeks a life in the city - to never be seen again. And yet they keep coming, almost as if drawn by something they themselves cannot define...

Sunport is a fictional city somewhere in the south of Spain, with a long and checkered history of supernatural happenings. The campaign is using a modified version of the Microscope RPG for planning, and run in the Chronicles of Darkness

Map of the City[edit]

Sunport Map

Places of notice[edit]

  • Perish: Located near the center of Sunport, a few blocks near the obelisk plaza, All Flesh Must Perish - or simply Perish, as it's locally known - it's THE place to be and be seen in Sunport. Entrance is a hefty 50€, and rumour goes that inside the club you can get anything you want. The place became famous because it has seven floors, each named after a cardinal sin, and the accoutrements of each floor: in the Anger floor there's a steel cage with organized matchs, the Lust floor has waiters and waitresses barely dressed, the gluttony floor has an all-you-can-get buffet of about every substance known to man... and the list goes on. The club has near cult status among the populace, and celebrities or public figures are often seen there so often that the name of the club has become synonymous with fame and fortune.


Four investigators delve deep into the misteries of the city of Sunport.



  • Deals with Demons
  • Vampires
  • Artifacts
  • Scientists dabbling in things they should know to leave alone
  • Ghosts
  • Magic comes with a price
  • Temporal anomalies
  • Fear of going mad/not being able to trust one's own senses


  • Hunter: the Vigil
  • Gods and Demigods (excluding the God-Machine)
  • D&D type of magic


The Disappearance of Anne Douglas (Dark)[edit]


  • The characters learn some of the hidden history surrounding the obelisk.
  • Patrick meets up with Mael Benavides, having some mixed feelings about this because of their history.
  • At the local nightclub, Tori meets a woman who claims she can take him to haunted/supernatural spots in Sunport.
  • Robert is sent a package from an unknown source that contains a subway map, including a station that doens't exist on the official one.
  • Andres gets a clue on what happened his girlfriend's roommate on the night of their disappearance.


  • Donan: 1 (critical failure - paranoid condition)