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GM: Ryan L
System: freeformish PDQ with Exalted twists

I am dying.

I am changing.

To some one would be the same as the other.

The Third Age comes or the Second Age is the last any mortal being will ever see. Only the shining champions of the gods, those tarnished souls that fight for themselves; for others; for ideas, can save me.

The end of an epoch comes and I cannot scream.


Setting Bottom Line: The game will focus on the Wyld more than on the traditional fending off the dragon - blooded until they can be conquered. Though the PCs can do all the conquering they desire. The major plot line revolves around the Wyld and Creation as a whole. The Gunslinger series and some others are inspirations at least on the world side of things. There will be lots of new and old factions. Emphasis will be on relationships as well.

Source thread

Game style


Haya Mipaq, female Twilight scholar-sorcerer from a bourgeois background, player Mindstalk

Asphodel, a Zenith, from Sijan, player Kacie

Wolf at World's End, A Lunar, player CrazyIvan

Saffron Tale-Chaser, Eclipse, player Silent Wayfarer

Alice Liddel Dawn Caste of the Unconquered Sun, one time kidnap victim of a Fair Folk kidnapping and now Invincible Sword Princess, player Shawn Hagen

some Lunar, player Delacroix


Summit Point, somewhere in the SE.


System Bottom Line: This game will primarily be freeform in nature. Your character will have some stats that will have ratings but for the majority of the game it will be used to compare rather than roll. When things are in doubt we can do some rolling. When that will happen will be left up to the players. If you want to go to the dice to resolve something we can do that. Otherwise character stats are a relative ordering of power for reference.

Merit: A Merit is a noteworthy talent, skill, relationship, or resource of the character. Just about any positive aspect of a character can be represented by a Merit. Merits are rated by Ranks which determine how effective the Merit is in situations where it might apply.

Techniques: A Technique is a more focused or specialized aspect of a Merit. It adds a boost if it is relevant to the situation. A boost is a bonus 1d6 or +1 to a roll.

Rolling: Roll 3d6 and add your relevant merits, flaws, and technique bonus. If you add dice to a roll because of a technique(s) then you may only keep the 3 highest rolled dice. Compare rolls and determine a winner.

Available exalts are Solars, Lunars, and Sidereal only.

You begin with with five Merits at Good [+2]: Caste - You gain a bonus to rolls that are relevant to your chosen caste and the ability to use the case's special ability as noted in the Exalted core.
Special Ability - Depending on your Exalt type you gain access to a special ability. Solars have a Favored Ability. Lunars have Shapeshifting. Sidereal have Astrology.
Past - Related to something pre-exaltation, profession, group, heirloom, friend, etc.
Motivation - Something suitably epic that gives a bonus when you act towards it and a difficulty rank when against it.
Virtue: You have a single defining virtue that is above all others. It begins at +2. This can be one of the four listed in the Exalted core books or something of your own as long as it has the potential to go negative.

Techniques: Your begin play with 5 techniques. These are the equivalent of a simple combo, charm or sorcery. You can use names in the Exalted books or make your own. Just make sure we know what it is for.

Finally, you have 10 points to distribute among the starting merits, new merits, new techniques, or upgrading your virtue. No Merit should start higher than Master +6. New merits might be important parts of your panoply, followers, allies, etc, as well as, abilities. Spend one point to raise a Merit by +2, or to get two Techniques.

Sorcery: "You would have to have Emerald circle as a merit and then you can cast 1 spell for each +1. Then you can be better at those spells by taking a technique. "

Combat competence: A +4 in a single combatish skill and a technique is enough to be middle ground.