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Denizens of the Drop[edit]




Malice the Cutter, played by Chaomancer
Zaarin Kamahl the Leech, played by FrivYeti
Holtz the Spider, played by AndersGabrielsson
Talon the Whisper, played by Xadun
The Professor the Slide, played by Atlictoatl

  • Longterm Project: Audience with Lord Scurlock 3/8


Skaede the Lurk, played by Chronicler
Ashlyn the Slide, played by TheLazyBlank
Priscilla Fitzwilliam the Hound, played by Tsunderella

Game State[edit]

Character Information[edit]

Character Stress Load Trauma Harm Healing Clock
Malice 6 H Reckless
Zaarin 6 N Haunted Burned Hands (Minor) 3/4
Holtz 6 N Cold
Talon 3 H
Professor 7 L

XP Tracker[edit]

Name Desperation (Trait) Vice/Trauma
Talon 1 (Prowess)
Mal 2 (Prowess)
Zaarin 1 (Resolve)
Holtz 1 (Prowess), 1 (Resolve)
Professor 1 (Resolve)



Heat Wanted Level
3 2


Tier Rep Turf Hold Coin XP
0 4 0 Strong 4 5

Score: Turf War[edit]

The Crows have all but lost control over the area around Tendrisson's Sundries. There is an 8-square-block area of Crow's Foot that is up for grabs. The Red Sashes made a grab for it in the course of their still-ongoing war with the Crows, but were pushed back. Both sides of the war have been badly mauled. The situation is ripe for a third party to swoop in and grab the turf. Thanks to Fricca's updates on the situation, the Black Hats have an opportunity to act before the Crows regroup or the Red Sashes retake the neighborhood.


Influence over the Merchants [tug of war] [see IC post for description] [Black Hats 4, Crows 4, Red Sashes 0, Unclaimed 0]
Big Bag of Red Sash Money 1/4 [Tier 2, linked to Red Sash Influence]

Available Devil's Bargains[edit]

Civilian in the Crossfire (metaphorically or literally) (-1 Faction Status with Citizens of Crow's Foot)
Damage Fricca's Standing in the Exchange
Create a Dissenter (even if the Black Hats succeed, one of the merchants will continue to be loyal to the Crows or the Red Sashes, which will cause problems later)

Miscellaneous fictional carry overs (Devil's Bargains effects, friends owed favors, etc.)[edit]

A rival faction gains a hold in Crows' Foot, due to civil unrest around 'Crow's Favor'.
Mal's rep is compromised by turning down a duel.
Old Man Tendrisson's spirit is now an active resident of Tendrisson's Sundries.
The Red Sash swordsman from Tendrisson's Sundries [Jerome] is now an active threat.
The City Council is now interested in tracking down the Professor.
The Crows want to show that they're tougher than Mal.
Lord Scurlock hears that the Professor is representing someone involved in the Hull Race.
Lord A-Trill particularly enjoys hurting Holtz.
Holtz owes Jeren a favor.
Nyryx is back and seeking revenge.
The Professor has lost his ability to disguise himself against members of The Lost; they can see right through his wigs, false facial hair, and costumes, as he has become too well known to them.
The Crew is owed a favor from Stev Lomond, city official.
Zaarin agreed to come back to the Exchange and regularly check on the young son of jeweler Cael Bringard, who has some sort of congenital bone disorder.

The Crew[edit]

Crew Sheet - Fourth Score
Faction Status Sheet - Third Score

Crew Sheet - Third Score
Faction Status Sheet - Third Score

Crew Sheet - Second Score
Faction Status Sheet - Second Score

Crew Sheet - First Score
Faction Status Sheet - First Score

Faction Status[edit]


  • Citizens of Coalridge: Zaarin provides cheap medical care down there from time to time, and the people in the area tend to trust him
  • Ink Rakes: from Holtz growing up on Ink Lane
  • Forgotten Gods: Talon does jobs for the temple, communing, from time to time, to keep in the cult's good grace
  • Citizens of the Docks: Malice got enough friends around there that we'll get on fine
  • Dimmer Sisters: The Professor has worked for them before on two 'small' jobs. Each went sideways. That's just how it goes with them.
  • The Grinders
  • Ulf Ironborn: Ashlyn has done some work with him before, and it went pretty well. Probably brought some of the crew along as well.
  • Ink Rakes: If we've been uncovering secrets, perhaps we've been selling some of them. Under the table, of course. And Priscilla has her own reasons for wanting to cozy up to the papers.


  • Red Sashes: They assumed that an Iruvian physicker would join their gang, but Zaarin wasn't interested in being a disposable pawn of the nobility. As a result, they bear a grudge.
  • Billhooks: Holtz once set them up for an ambush
  • Lampblacks: We're not with them, so we're against them
  • Red Sashes; They like their flashy Iruvian fighting too much, and Mal's taken a little too much delight in showing them it's not all that
  • Wraiths: As someone who spends a lot of time in Silkshore, the Professor has had ample opportunity to cross paths with the Wraiths. There's a mutual dislike. If only they could figure out who he was.
  • The Wraiths
  • Cyphers, something about trading in our own secrets has made us not very popular with the messengers of secrets.
  • The Lost: They protect the poor and downtrodden, and no matter our circumstances now, several of us used to be part of the ruling class. Some of us (*cough* Pris) still retain many of the attitudes of the ruling class as well.

Important NPCs[edit]

Friends, Allies and Associates[edit]

Fricca Tendrisson, owner of Tendrisson's Sundries in Crows' Foot, she serves as a high-level fence for the crew.

Veleris, a roguishly handsome spy who once helped Pris kill her brothers so that she could collect the family inheritance.

Quellyn, a trusted friend/casual lover of Talon. A witch with a striking Imperial appearance.

Lyza, a tavern owner (Ashlyn)

Marlane, a pugilist and Malice's fellow-fighter in the pits. She's a close friend, a sometimes-lover, and a hell of a lot of fun to fight.

Stazia, an apothecary. Stazia is Zaarin's main source of medical supplies, and they've grown close over the years.

Jeren, a bluecoat archivist and former newspaperman with whom Holtz has a long-standing information exchange arrangement. They meet up for drinks every couple of weeks.

Roslyn Kellis, a young, idealistic Akorosi noblewoman who is sympathetic to the plight of the Skovlander refugees living in the slums of the city. She and Dodger occasionally do favors for one another.

Bryl, a dealer of drugs and, more importantly, information. He and the Professor have helped each other out at times, and often frequent the same stage.

Rivals, Enemies and competitors[edit]

Jerome, a Red Sash swordsman who the Crew embarrassed in front of his lover, Fricca Tendrisson.

Melvir, the Fitzwilliams' family physicker who was put out of work when, under Pris's guidance, the estate fell to ruin.

Nyryx, a possessor ghost that Talon failed to complete a crucial personal deal for.

Harker, a jail-bird (Ashlyn)

Grace, an extortionist. Malice's former friend, it went ugly when she tried to stiff Mal on her share of a deal. Since then, they've been at each others' throats.

Malista, a priestess. Malista distrusts physickers in general, and Zaarin made the mistake of insulting the ability of her faith to save the sick.

Salia, an information broker who pushed Holtz out of business and still considers him a threat to her operation.

Darmot, a thoroughly corrupt Bluecoat who is known to be firmly anti-Skov and is also on the take. He and Dodger have crossed paths a few times with predictably violent results.

Bazso Baz, the leader of the Lamplighter gang tried to recruit the Professor. They'd worked some jobs together years ago, which allowed Morlan to con Baz during the recruitment and make off with some valuable intel.

Amancio, technically a notary public by trade, he is a taciturn, well-connected deal broker with a small office in the Drop. Formerly with the Black Hats, he changed allegiances to the Hive because of all the heat the crew was drawing.


Score Leads[edit]


(Note: you don't have to take one of these, but they are available without spending Downtime actions to Gather Info about other possibilities.)


The Dimmer Sisters have been looking for help in securing particularly high-quality gearwork, such as that used in Hulls, as well as large quantities of leviathan blood.

Master Slane, who runs a traincar factory in Coalridge, has been looking for help in breaking up the unionization of his factory workers.

Clues from Downtime 2

From Quellyn: Quellyn has a client who will pay extremely handsomely for a bectrix, a rare flightless bird said to have spectral abilities. Quellyn also knows that one is currently held in The Menagerie, awaiting sale to another buyer. Quellyn is going to hire someone to pull the job, but you get right of first refusal.

[Note: no longer available after Entanglements]From Amancio: Amancio's chief rival is a Severosi named Barca. He will make it well worth your while for information that would discredit him. Amancio also hints that just murdering him would be fine, too. Put him out of business one way or another, is the takeaway.

From Lyza: There's a Skovlander labor organizer hiding out from strikebreakers looking to kill him. He needs to be escorted from where he is in Coalridge over to the Docks to make his escape. The Skovlanders and unionizers will happily pay anyone who can get him out of town.

From Bryl: Bryl - on hard times - has learned of a large shipment of semi-refined leviathan blood making its way into the city on a particular night. He knows the basic route it'll be taking from the Docks to its storage place in Charhollow. Somebody who hijacked the shipment could sell it for a pretty penny; he just wants to be paid "in kind" for the tip if you take the job.

Words from the Streets[edit]

(These are rumors that the crew hears as they are out and about in Duskvol. Don't necessarily believe everything you read here.)

1. The Billhooks are gearing up for something big. They've called all their guys in and are huddled up planning. Nobody knows what, but it's going down soon.

Update: The Billhooks have gone to war with Ulf Ironborn.

Update 2: The war is going very badly for the Billhooks. They're trying to sue for piece, despite being the aggressor. Ulf does not appear to want to end a war he's winning.'

Update 3: The Billhooks appear to have found a patron of their own. The patron's identity is not yet clear, but they've fought Ulf to a standstill and are regaining some of their lost territory.

2. Paulus Van, the inventor, has debuted a new type of Hull. It's very shiny - made mostly of precious metals - and supposedly allows much greater retention of the animating spirit's self. Immortality at hand?

Update: Van missed a planned meeting with Lord Scurlock. Despite heavy searching, he cannot be found.

3. Something weirder than normal is going on at the Dimmer Sisters' residence. They've trucked in an exceptional amount of Leviathan blood and lots of custom-cut gearing from one of the city's premier machine shops.

Update: Having apparently received the gearing from somewhere, the Sisters have gone uncommonly quiet.

Update 2: One of the Dimmer Sisters was seen leaving their compound in an electroplasmic carriage. Her destination is unknown.

4. Dancing Plague is ravaging the Skovlander refugee community.

Update: The plague is now spreading out from the Skovlander ghettos.

Update 2: The plague has taken such a toll that Skovlander numbers have been significantly reduced, and it is now taking hold in neighboring Districts. City officials and citizens are becoming alarmed.'

Update 3: The plague appears to be burning itself out.

5. The Red Sashes and Crows have gone to War. Things are going badly for the Crows.

Update: Despite some as-yet-unsuccessful peace talks, the war continues. Lines of territory have stabilized and losses are mounting for both sides. The Crows are rumored to be in the market for an ally.