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  • Class: Warrior
  • Level: 5 (Myrmidon)
  • Experience Points: 40,750​/64,000
  • Total Hit Points: 30
  • Combat Bonus: +3
  • Armor Class: 3 + parry (AC 4 Bracers, Dex + Two-weapon fighting style)
  • Movement: 9" (Light 6/6) or 12" (Unencumbered 3/3)
  • Money:

awarded xp[edit]

0 +6100 Arsii's treasure + 1150 wyverns + 3500 chimerae + 10,000 city quest


  • Strength 13 (+1)
  • Intelligence 10
  • Wisdom 07 (-1)
  • Dexterity 15 (+1)
  • Constitution 09
  • Charisma 13 (+1)

Special Abilities[edit]


  • Stealth +1
  • Trap-making +0
  • Contracts +0


  • Common
  • Goblin

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Multiple attacks on lesser foes: I receive a number of attacks per round against lesser foes (<= 1/2 my level) equal to my level
  • Immune to fear: I am unaffected by all normal and magical fear-based effects
  • Morale Boost: I boost the morale of my followers
  • Style - Two-weapon specialist: I can parry with my off-weapon for an AC bonus (like having a shield) and take advantage of either weapon when it makes sense, or in normal cases I roll damage as with a 2-handed weapon (1d10)


Drarrk is a bald, copper-skinned, barrel-chested goblin standing around 4' tall. His face, torso, and arms are covered in a latticework of grey-ink tattoos and white scarification patterns. His large ears slant backwards from his skull and bear an assortment of jewelry covered in grime to dull their gleam when exposed to light.

While he doesn't call himself by the name, he's known as 'the Pact-Binder' by knowledgeable others amongst the goblins of Husbaleve, as a leader of the Moongazer tribe of goblins that formed early relationships with the Others. Drarrk has been in deep hiding following multiple mostly-successful assassination attempts against the elders of his tribe by Xuag and his allies. Now that Xuag has been defeated by the Warlord Barstuhl, Drarrk hopes to piece together the survivors of his tribe, scattered amongst the goblins, and to even bring unification to the goblin tribes of the surrounding lands.


  • necklace, 1300 gp
  • armband, 1000 gp
  • armband, 800 gp


  • 2478 gp + 1000 gp gem in addition to coinpurse below
  • two quivers of 20 silver arrows


Item Location Notes
dual +2 Longknives Right Hand 1d10x2+3 Damage, 1 Encumbrance
dual +2 Longknives Left Hand 1d10x2+3 Damage, 1 Encumbrance
Bracers of Defense AC 4 Arms
shortbow Back 1 Encumbrance
shortbow Back 1 Encumbrance
2 throwing daggers in bandolier Body 1 Encumbrance
girdle of giant strength Body
thieves' tools Belt
tinder box Belt
quiver of arrows Belt 20/20 arrows
purse Belt 58 gp, 20gp gem, 100gp gem, 500gp gem
backpack Back 1 Encumbrance
potion of gaseous form Backpack
water skin Backpack
iron rations Backpack 1 week's food
50' rope Backpack
grappling hook Backpack
stakes (3) and mallet Backpack
flask of oil x2 Backpack
empty large sacks x3 Backpack
(slingbag) Shoulder (1 Encumbrance), typically carried by henchperson
trap-making parts Slingbag


  • squad of 10 orc archers (36 gp/month, leather/shortbow/sword)
    • Gralf, goblin sergeant
  • squad of 10 mixed goblin/human heavy foot (36 gp/month - paid at human rate, chain/shield/sword)
    • S'karz, goblin sergeant


- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve