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Picture of Hong Kong's skyline
Hong Kong seen from Victoria Peak at twilight


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Campaign Details[edit]

Our Heroes[edit]

Damion Gyllenband, book-smart sorcerer

Canard Chance, Sorcerer turned into a Witcher

Ki "Moon" Jiang, Pampered Princess of the Guoanbu

Alexander Bishop, former White Council Warden turned man of faith

Tien Lung, Celestial Dragonspawn

Sun Ching, Buddhist Monk who is a Kinetomancer

Themes and Threats[edit]

  • This City is Neutral in all Foreign Affairs (Theme): In the ongoing conflicts in the Supernatural world, Hong Kong is considered to be neutral ground for all parties, per decree of the Jade Court. No fighting between major factions is supposed to occur here. This makes it a popular place for supernaturally attuned trying to avoid the attention of the White Council or the western Vampire Courts. And it makes it a center of espionage for the same groups.
  • East Meets West (Theme): In addition to being the meeting point of eastern and western culture in the mortal realm dating back to the British Colonial Era, Hong Kong is also the central point where the borders of the Fairy Realms and the Chinese Heavens and Hells in the NeverNever, and where the Eastern Jade Court is at its most public.
  • Something is About to Upset This Uneasy Peace (Threat): Tensions have been growing in the back alleys of Hong Kong in recent months amongst the supernatural communities; and everybody’s on edge. People know something is coming, but nobody knows what. It’s even been observed by mortals, though they blame the international situation and the global economy.

Notable Locations[edit]

Name: Precinct 44
Description: Hong Kong Police Force unit that handles 'unusual' crime
Theme: Supernatural hunting cops
The idea: The Precinct where the screw ups and politically inconvenient are sent to kill their careers
The Aspect: The Thin, Blue Line between here and the supernatural
The Face: Inspector Ricky Rui-Kuang

Name: International Finance Center
Description: A major commercial development in downtown Hong Kong
Threat?/Theme?: Money, money, money
The idea: Core of the business district
The Aspect: This is a corporate town
The Face: William Hunt, Vice-President of Digital Gold International

Name: Lan Kwai Fong
Description: Traditional expat hangout in Central HK. Dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants catering to wealthy Westerners are folded into this compact neighborhood.
Theme: Westerners exist in their own world, separate from the real city.
Aspect: Insulated from Reality
Face: Harrison Byvale, wealthy English playboy

Location: Lo Fu Ngam (Tiger's Den)
Description: A neighborhood in Kowloon, near central Hong Kong. Lots of public housing and sandwich housing.
Theme: Behind closed doors
Idea: People come and go, too many faces to remember. Some people hide here.
Aspect: A good place to hide
Face: Yahg Tin Leng.

Location: Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple
Description: A block with a famous temple, lots of old stores and full of superstition.
Idea: People of faith come here, people with information too.
Aspect: Sometimes answers are here
Face: There are too many. (accepting sugestions)

Location: Hak Nam
Description: A big slum in Hong Kong, is known as the City of Darkness (title of a photographs book published in 1993)
Idea: The darkness is home for various nasties.
Aspect: Evil is rising
Face: Azaneali, Black Court Spawn.

Name: Hong Kong University
Description: #1 ranked institution of higher education in Asia, #21 in the world, according to Reuters. A world-class research institution.
Threat: Someone or some group with a clue about the supernatural is pouring money into the Physics Department.
Aspect: A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing
Face: Prof. Sun Yuen Fung, anti-supernatural weapons researcher

Name: St. Judes Church
Description: A small Catholic Church that caters to Hong Kongs supernatural community.
Threat: The priest that runs the church is oranizing the local community to protect themselves from the mystic predators that seem to be flooding into the City as of late.
Aspect: Faith is good, but the Lord helps those that help themselves.
Face: Father Augustus Chang, member of the Eye of Toth

Name: Master Cheung's Flying Star Services
Description: Located in the Argyle Center office building in Mong Kok
Theme: Feng shui is all-important in Hong Kong. The telephone directory is full of practitioners. Some of them even know something.
Aspect: Luck of the Dragons
Face: Kok Wing "Henry" Cheung, focused diviner, master practitioner of Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui

Location: Tsing Shan Monastery, a ~1500 year old monastery at the foot of Castle Peak
Theme: We've seen and weathered many storms. This one is nothing special.
Aspect: The world can reveal many strange things, but we have our place in the world
Face: Win Lok Chan - Abbot who is a True Believer

Location: St. Joseph's House. A Jesuit residence with guest rooms for guests of the Hong Kong diocese
Theme: A place from those who do the Lord's work can go forth
Face: Father O'Cearbhallain, tuned in priest

Location: Lingnan University. A liberal arts university with roots going back to the 1888 in the New Territories (near Castle Peak)
Theme: A place of learning that is out of the way, so we can talk about things others don't.
Aspect: We've been around longer then most people realize, and we remember even more.
Face: Professor Cai Shui-Ming, Professor of history. He writes to make a living, but a lot of his research does not pay all that well, but it is a labor of love and his mission.

Location: Castle Peak. One of the peaks in Hong Kong, but not part of a county park. Part of it is used as a military firing range:
Theme: There are some strange things that go boom
Aspect: Here is where Hong Kong practices defending itself from anything.
Face: Colonel Lin Kai. Director of special projects. Some of the things he tests has pretty strange specifications and threats they are intended for. He does not always understand it, but he will do his duty, for the people of Hong Kong, whether they know it or not.

Location: Beltway Tower (East Building #2)
The central offices of the Ministry of State Security in Hong Kong
Idea: Central hub of major Hong Kong espionage, intrigue and enforcement.
Aspect: We know things, so you don't have to.
Face: Dong Jiang, Top Level Security Chief.

Location: The Peninsula
Luxurious hotel located in the Southern Kowloon District just north of Victoria Harbor.
Idea: A 90 year old super luxury hotel with a history of Power Playing guests.
Aspect: All Order will be shattered.
Face: Sung Cheng, Businessman/Developer and Proxy of Ao Guang (The Dragon of the east; bringer of disaster).

Faces of the City[edit]

Name: Tara Raith
Is the Face of: East Meets West
With the High Concept: White Court Ambassador
And the Motivation: My desire above all else

Name: Fan Fa Rong
Is the Face of: East Meets West
With the High Concept: Jade Court Nobility
And the Motivation: I have no wish to be involved with the affairs of foreigners

Name: Wei Dian Nu
Is the Face of: This City is Neutral in all Foreign Affairs
With the High Concept: Scion of the Jade Emperor
And the Motivation: Serve the Emperor's Will in all things

Name: ?
Is the Face of: Something is About to Upset This Uneasy Peace
With the High Concept: ?
And the Motivation: ?

Name: Ricky Rui-Kuang
Is the Face of: Precinct 44
With the High Concept: Tuned-in cop
And the Motivation: Make it to retirement

Name: William Hunt
Is the Face of: The International Finance Center
With the High Concept: Corrupt Corporate Executive
And the Motivation: Pure profit

Name: Dong Jiang
Is the Face of: Beltway Tower
With the High Concept: Top Level Security Chief
And the Motivation: Creating complete order in all Southern China

Name: Sung Cheng
Is the Face of: The Peninsula
With the High Concept: Businessman/Developer proxy of Ao Guang
And the Motivation: Doing whatever it takes to please the Lord of Disaster, Ao Guang

Name: Harrison Byvale
Is the Face Of: Lan Kwai Fong
With the High Concept: Wealthy English playboy
And the Motivation: Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse

Name: Prof. Sun Yuen Fong
Is the Face of: Hong Kong University
With the High Concept: Anti-supernatural weapons researcher
And the Motivation: Keep getting grant money

Name: Master Kok Wing "Henry" Cheung
Is the Face of: Master Cheung's Flying Star Services
With the High Concept: Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Master
And the Motivation: Protect the dragon lines from supernatural villainy

Name: Azaneali
Is the Face of: Hak Nam
With the High Concept: Ambitious Black Court Spawn
And the Motivation: Vengeance, the Black Court always payback their enemies in kind.

Name: Yahg Tin Leng
Is the Face of: Lo Fu Ngam (Tiger's Den)
With the High Concept: Self-appointed protector spirit?
And the Motivation: Those who seek peace won't be found.

Name: Win Lok Chan
Is the Face of: Tsing Shan Monastery
With the High Concept: True Believer
And the Motivation: Tsing Shan is a sanctuary that protects Hong Kong

Name: Father O'Cearbhallain
Is the Face of: St. Joseph's house - Residence managed by the Hong Kong Jesuits
With the High Concept: Tuned in priest
And the Motivation: Hospitality is doing God's work

Name: Colonel Lin Kai, Director of Special Projects, HK Police testing facility
Is the Face of: Castle Peak HK police and military testing facility
With the High Concept: Clued in cop
And the Motivation: I love my job. I get to make all the cool toys.

Other Prominent Characters[edit]

Amanda Raith, Damion Gyllenband's girlfriend, former scion of the White Court, now an undergraduate Physics student at Hong Kong University

Relevant Facts[edit]