Firefly: Reavers of the Rim - Episode 3

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Episode 3 :: Negotiating a Peace[edit]

The crew takes the first of three jobs that it owes the Companion's guild, to negotiate a peace between various factions in and around the township of Shatterfall on the border moon, Perth, orbiting Highgate.


Shatterfall Township, Perth


Hale Inu Pia ʻUlaʻUla Red Beer Pub
Meeting Hall
General Store
Boatbuild Cove

Miner's Guild



The Fisherfolk

Biodyne Research

Miner's Guild

Companion's Guild


Shen Kiki - Companion's Guild Representative

Marcus MacMahon - Tribal Elder, Fisherfolk

Margaret Hayes - COO Biodyne, Perth

Ding Carlson - Lead Foreman and Master Miner, Miner's Guild, Perth

Hwala and N'hani - Mother/Daughter pair at restaurant

Machta: Village woman on waterfront.

Asper - Lead Fisher

Mweaha, Joliin, Marc, Nalaan, Kwea, Lin, and Kim - boatbuilders/fishers [Lin and Kim = twins]

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