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Before Episode One[edit]

Timeline: Reavers of the Rim begins less than a year after the end of the Unification War, before the byword Reaver is even a whispered threat in the inner systems.

Trigger Event: The Raven's Eye, a space station and shipyard in orbit around Highgate in the Blue Sun System, is breached by an unknown cluster of ships whose opening salvo fuses the station's magnetic docking locks, preventing any ship in hard-dock from easily departing.

Those ships powerful enough to do so, blast free, heedless of the inevitable damage to the station and subsequent loss of human life, but with rare exception these ships, themselves damaged in their violent departure, are picked off before they can escape.

As the assailants from the invading fleet breach the station, a sparse handful of resourceful souls steal a Dakota Class Light Freighter hung in dry dock awaiting repairs and not sealed in place by the fused mag clamps on the outer shell, tearing away from the station under cover of debris left behind by the violent departure of larger vessels. The stout little ship is surprisingly agile, dodging potential hazards as it flees the system.

Its register lists its original wartime designation as the Duizhang De Duzhu (Captain's Wager), but it's designation when it is stolen is the Jiangshi (Blood Ghost). It is owned by Ke Jian of the Hóng Tiān'é (Red Swan) tong.

  • The Raven's Eye orbited Highgate's southern pole on the other side of the planet from Adelai Niska's Skyplex, which focuses its orbit nearer the planet's north pole.

Opening Scene: Forward six months. The thrown-together crew that fled the Raven's Eye together in an appropriated ship has had time to get to know each other and their peculiar little vessel - which seems to have been heavily retrofitted to accommodate work somewhat less legal than its original mission design. The tong boss who owned her before them was plainly a smuggler or worse. But for all she doesn't look like much, she's a gorramn fine ship.

And now her crew has its first legitimate job.

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