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Matrin Maximus Moody :: Fixer[edit]

Moody 500x280.png

"I mean, is it really a problem, or is it just lookin' that way cause you're lookin' at it straight-on?"[edit]


Physical d8 | Mental d6 | Social d10

Trained Skills[edit]

Influence d8

  • Flattery d6

Know d8

  • Criminal Culture d6

Move d10

  • Sudden Firefights d6

Notice d8

Operate d6

Sneak d10

Survive d6

Trick d10

  • Distractions d6

Untrained Skills d4[edit]

Craft d4 | Drive d4 | Fight d4 | Fly d4 | Focus d4 | Labor d4 | Move d4 | Shoot d4 | Throw d4 | Treat d4


Prodigious Fiction d8 - Is it really a lie if everyone believes it?

☑ SFX, Hinder - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX: Born Liar - Spend 1 PP to roll your Trick skill and add it to your total once per scene.
☑ SFX: Blather - Step up or double Trick for an Action when you just keep talking. Take or step up an Annoying Complication after the roll.

Big Plans d8 - Always working the best angle.

☑ SFX, Hinder - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX: Milk Run - Spend a Plot point to turn a Complication into an Asset [implied: for the next roll].
☐ SFX: Did I Forget to Mention That? - Gain 1 PP when an important detail of your plan “slips your mind.”

Things Just Don't Go Smooth For Ya, Gambler d8 - Life sure seems to be a string of mishaps, mistakes, and misappropriations. But you’re still here, ain’t ya?

☑ SFX, Hinder - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX: Risky Business - If you replace your Skill die in a roll with a d4, you get a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if you successfully set or raise the stakes.
☑ SFX: Trouble Magnet - Step up one of your Complications to reroll a die. On your next roll, both 1s and 2s count for Complications.

Signature Assets[edit]

twitchy instincts d6 "It ain't paranoia if it keeps you alive." (bumped to d8 for the first scene on Hera)

cowardice d6 "The first one to cover is the last one to get shot. Not my fault Joe was bigger than me."


Moody solves problems. Good thing, given how many he causes.

His kind are a dime a dozen on the Rim; fast-talkers who'll sell you on a used fluctuator just good enough to get you out into the Black before it coughs up its last breath. The trick to survival is talking faster'n your mark can think, and hightailin' faster'n everyone can shoot.

In the Unification War, Moody had a plum job at the space port on Hera where he'd sell Alliance traders some parts of questionable manufacture and then sell the Browncoats information on the ship's flight plan and how long it had before its internals gave out. Just helpin' out a ship in distress. Needless to say, Moody found himself on the Rim not long after a few too many of those offerings of assistance.

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