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Game Meta-Page: Game-Specific Information

This is where GMs and players can put information on the specific games they're playing, either on the PBP forum, or on a chat room on (Games played elsewhere may be included, but ask first.)

How to use this page:

  1. Start by making a main page:
    • Think up a unique name for your game's pages
    • Create a new Wiki page with the name <game name>:Main_Page
  2. Create a link to the main page on this page, followed by a quick description of the game--including whether new players are being accepted.
  3. Link to the other pages of your game from the main page.
    • Be sure the other pages' titles are of the form <game name>:<new page title> to avoid page clashes.

Notes on This Page

This page is for information specific to one game, or possibly a small group of games that share information. Settings you are explicitly asking other people to add to or play in go in the 'Generic Backgrounds' section (off the main page); House rules that you want other GMs to try out and comment on go in the 'System Supplements' section.

The Games

Freedom City Duo: For Phantom Stranger's Shoot for the Stars & Son of Kirk's Teen Freedom, two games coexisting in setting. Freedomcityduo:Main_page

The City of Last Things: For comrade pointdexter's Unknown Armies game.The_City_of_Last_Things

The Chicago Chronicles: A play-by-post game using The World of Darkness supplements, Mage: The Awakening, Vampire: The Requiem, and Werewolf: The Forsaken, all tied together around the city of Chicago.TheChicagoChronicles:Main_Page

Shadow of a Doubt - An Amber Diceless RPG campaign, started in June 2006 in the Bay Area. GM Madeline Ferwerda. AmberShadowOfADoubt:Main_Page

In a Wicked Toronto - A place to put the info for a hopefully recurring In a Wicked Age game held in Toronto by the Toronto Indie RPG group. In a Wicked Toronto

Chancel Amyra - A Nobilis campaign, run by Random Nerd, played over IRC.

Emberverse - A group of friends playing a table top campaign that uses Hârnmaster rules to play out "the Change" outlined in S.M Stirling's Dies the Fire.

Orlanth's Willing, and The Creek Don't Rise: A PbP game of Colymar rebels using HeroQuest Core Rules, Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, and Sartar Companion from Moon Design. And The Creek Don't Rise