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Gortuck, Sheriff of Caer Shadowfast

CN Male Half-Orc

Rogue 3/Master Inquisitive 4/Spellthief 2

This wily Half-Orc orphan grew up in the slums of Sharn, quickly learning to use the preconceptions of others to his advantage. Observant and intelligent, he relied on his wits to survive, either out-talking any threats or pretending to be too dumb to take responsibility.

In his teenage years, he was able to wander the streets of Sharn proper, marvelling at the towers, soarsleds, and other sights taken for granted there but rarely seen in the poor districts. It was here that he tripped over a book, worn with age and slightly damp. A tale about the exploits of the world famous Master Inquisitive Sherlock Holmes.

Gortuck marvelled at this man, someone so brilliant that he could solve nigh impossible cases with clues almost imperceptible to the normal man, and with minimal, or even non-existent, use of force. Gortuck read and reread the book till the binding fell to pieces, knowing that that's who he wanted to be.

In time, he was able to earn his way into a place in the Sharn City Watch. His natural brilliance was both a blessing and a curse, earning him respect from many colleagues but resentment from others. His efforts also made him tremendously popular with the citizenry, even with the Watch's reputation for corruption. He turned down several offers from government officials to join the Dark Lanterns, believing he could do more good outside the crown's direct influence.

In time, he began unraveling a huge ring of bribery and money laundering extending throughout the Watch, the Dragonmarked Houses within the city, and even the civilian government. Despite avoiding both attempts on his life and trumped up charges, he never the less found all his efforts to bring the crimes to light for judgement stymed. Eventually, he was forced out of the Watch, and worked as a P.I. for some time throughout Breland.

Though he still strives to emulate his hero, he has long since learned that their worlds simply do not work the same, and is not above knocking someone around to get the job done. Upon meeting Ryan (now revealed as Ethan), he found a kindred (but older and thus more experienced) soul and has hopes of learning more from him in the future.

He and Lindsey had become lovers in earnest after they retired from the Watchmen, but her transformation into a Vampire really broke his heart. Even as he tried desperately to find some way to save her, events spiraled out of control, and the Lindsey he knew is long gone. His friends are very worried he might do something foolish out of love, and he's since become quite obsessed with finding her, letting his duties as Sheriff laguish as a result.

Hints for role playing: If Sherlock Holmes and Sheriff Black Bart (Blazing Saddles) had a child, it'd probably be something like Gortuck. Unfortunately, his heartbreak has started turning him into something more akin to the Punisher crossed with Batman.

Shadows over Cyre