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The ancient hamlet of Grrosieek had survived thousands of years as a tiny protected vale between 4 warring worlds. Its family wielded a calming power that made it a poor target for attack. It often provided a place for refugees as well as a place for combatants to negotiate in peace.

This lead to a long nervous life for the residents of the village. At some points in its past armies have ravaged the village but usually the impulse fades away, they become disoriented and forgetful, and return to the worlds of their origin. There is a reason for this effect.

When the Jeweled Road was created it was swept up in the forces of change. It was swept up for a reason.


Grrosieeks is a fortified Tavern on a Waymet in a segment of the Jeweled Road near the crossroads of Rabsan, Tragaldir, Gargak, and Dongle. The tiny Jeweled Road path leading into Adagalasck comes into the Waymet avoiding contact with the 4 warrior realms.

The road in front of Grrosieeks is 40' across, a spur off a secondary siding. The Waymet is 600' long and 300 deep. It is a very small Waymet by the measure of such things but is only a small part of a more firmly sanctified vale.

The region is generally cold with frequent stormy and snowy weather that often overcomes the general weather protections of the Jeweled Road. A river runs around the upper rim of the waymet that is well stocked with fish and crosses under the road, and unusual occurrence.

Grrosieeks is famous for the family who has traditionally ruled the tiny valley that had a strategic position on the paths between the warlike worlds. The family had the power to cause anyone in the valley to go to sleep. Thus the armies that used the valley to enter other realms paid heavy tolls to the Grrosieek family. The Grrosieeks provided provender as well to the troops and their beasts.

The Hamlet of Grrosieek consists of a main tall building which is a three level tavern and and extensive underground caverns. There are numerous small residence, barns, smoke houses, rending sheds. stables, chicken coops.

After the Coming of the Jeweled Road[edit]

When the Jeweled Road was created the ancient crossroad of the Vale of the Grrosieeks was dragged into it. The nearby path into Adagalasck was drawn in as well and turned into a Jeweled Trail.

Since then the newly worldly connected Grrosieeks have been making an untold fortune on travelers.

War of the Road[edit]

While many regions along the Jeweled Road have experienced disruptions and war the battles raging around Grrosieeks have been particularly brutal. Four already feuding region and a tumultuous Squiggle had grown extensively worse. While the Vale itself is protected by the family Grrosieeks ability to induce sleep this has not stopped the regions from fighting over pathways.

Recent opening of Adagalasck and the change in the political situation within has caused its new ruler,King Julian, to begin negotiations to end the war. So far they have been unsuccessful but the fear that may lead and army out of Adagalasck keeps the realms negotiating and has turned the war into something of a cold war of attacks and assassinations.

Grrosieeks Family[edit]

The family Grrosieeks has held the vale the hamlet resides in for over a thousand years in local time, and possibly much longer.

There is a peaceful, calming effect in the vale that has rubbed off on its residents and strongly manifests in its family bloodlines. One reason for the vale's peace is the existence of a artifact of great power though its location is secret. Also, because of the existence of the artifact 5 Masoja Dufirosim, and their lesser order followers, live in a secluded part of the vale, far from its center.

Current Family[edit]

While there are several dozen of members of the Grrosieeks several are notable

  • Ongala Grosieeks-Pater Familis.
  • Tonat Grosieeks-Bar Manager (Son of Ongala)
  • Dredle Grosieeks(Daughter of Ongala)
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Grosieeks
  • Sebel Grosieeks-(Great Grandfather of Ongala) Avasa Dufirosim of Blending.

Conclave of the Dufiro-Nendil[edit]

The Convlave of the Nendil developed around 5 Masoja Dufirosim who gathered around the artifact of calming the Grrosieeks possess. They are close friends and have removed themselves from the politics of the Dufirosim and the many realms they interact in.

Each of the 5 Masoja lead a large collection of like minded entities. Many are creatures who achieved a race that they are unhappy about afterwards. Each of the Majosa and Avasa have Spirit and Elemental supporters.

  • Creeslelica, Masoja Dufirosim of Health
    • Ugad, Avasa Dufirosim of Cleanliness
    • Tren, Avasa Dufirosim of Shifter
  • Trebida,Masoja Dufirosim of Life
    • Health
    • Cleanliness
    • Truth
    • Blending
    • Vision
  • Nusa, Masoja Dufirosim of Knowledge
    • Knowladge
    • Truth
    • Guard
  • Umasta, Masoja Dufirosim of Change
    • Colors
    • Truth
    • Vision
    • Speed
    • Growth
  • Hranat, Masoja Dufirosim of Guard
    • Guard
    • Conflict
    • Rage