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~Always On-Duty. Always Vigilant. Always in Pairs. Always the First Line of Defense.~

"Well, back home to Fort Garland, of course."

A Member of the Guardians' Guild speaks the words and then he magically arrives in the Summoning Chamber in the depths of Castle Garland; it is nearly time for his Guard Shift. He makes his way down the hall to his private room, unlocks the door with his key and finds the gear he left here last time still where he left it; he dons his armor and weapons belt, sheaths a short sword on his right hip but leaves the 'frog' on the left open. Lastly he pulls on a tabard bearing the Coat of Arms of the Guardians' Guild before he exits the room, locking the door behind him.

He heads back towards the Summoning Chamber then enters the room on the right closest to the Chamber; the Sigil Guards' Office. When he enters the large well furnished office, a pair of Castle Guards sit to either side of the door, Members of CHAD; both stand as he enters, nod to him, then sit back down on their tall bar stool looking seats. Before him, an Officer of the Castle Guard sits in a heavily padded chair behind a heavy wooden desk; he does not look up from what he is working on. A large tome lies open on the edge of the desk furthest from the seated officer; a Sign In Roster for Guard Shift. The Sigil Guard walks over, takes up a pen off the desk and signs in next to his pre-printed name a little over halfway down the page. He sets the pen down and looks to the Officer who is now looking at him; the two nod to each other silently... the Officer goes back to drawing in his sketch book, the Sigil Guard makes his way to the magical door leading to the Sigil Chamber.

Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon.jpg

As he enters the Sigil Chamber with its natural-looking cavern ceiling complete with stalactites, its smooth stone floor looking like shaved-off bedrock, and its glowing blue Sigil in the center of the Chamber illuminating the whole place with an eerie light, he is once again amazed by it all. But mostly he is still amazed that the entire chamber is filled with breathable water that does not impede movement nor make his clothing or gear wet; though he could feel the cool water on his skin and a slight sense of pressure and wetness, it was more like being in an environment of cold damp air. He looks to the glowing Sigil for a moment, reveling in its beauty and power, then nods his head respectfully to the Sigil before turning around to face the two other Sigil Guards sitting at a small table near the magical door. The two of them stand, almost in unison; one stretches and yawns, looking tired, the other draws a green bladed long sword and approaches the newly arrived Sigil Guard; she switches the sword to her left hand, lowers the blade to cross her body horizontally at the chest level, grips the green blade with her right hand in an overhand grip about a foot from its tip then thrusts the sword towards the newly arrived Sigil Guard.

"Your Shift Begins. The Sword is yours. You must Bear it until the next Guard arrives. You are the Summoner. Always On-Duty. Always Vigilant. Always in Pairs. Always the First Line of Defense."

"My Shift has Begun. I accept the Sword. I will Bear it until the next Guard arrives. I am the Summoner. Always On-Duty. Always Vigilant. Always in Pairs. Always the First Line of Defense."

The newly arrived Sigil Guard extends his arms at chest level with palms up and accepts the Sigil Guard Sword. He then accepts the proffered sheath from the former Shift Leader, sheaths the Sigil Blade then slips it into the 'frog' on his left hip, securing it snuggly. The tired Sigil Guard yawns again and waves a silent goodbye as he heads for the magic door; his 48 hour Shift ended, he exits silently. The other Sigil Guard smiles and stretches before she sits back down at the table to open a lunchbox, withdraw an apple then takes a big bite. The new Shift Leader walks the perimeter of the chamber, looking into all the dark areas, looking at the slight pulsing pattern of the Sigil's glow, watching the water's currents for changes... all as he has done before. This is not his first rodeo.

Guild Coat of Arms[edit]

A Heater Shield of Azure that bears two Gauntleted Fists of Argent below a Chevron of Vert; the Fist on the Dexter holds a Sword with a Blade of Vert pointing to the Sinister, the Fist on the Sinister holds a Dagger with a Blade of Argent pointing to the Dexter below the Sword's Blade.

The Shield is draped (top and sides) in a Lily Garland, has a Rampant Griffin of Vert to either side facing inward, and atop the Heater Shield is a Visored Helmet of Argent facing to the Dexter bearing a Plume of Vert at its Crest.

A pair of Ribbons across the bottom, one atop the other, reads:

“Always On-Duty. Always Vigilant. Always in Pairs.”

“Always the First Line of Defense.”

Notes: The Chevron in Heraldry: Represents the 'roof of a house', derived from the French word 'chevron' meaning rafter. It signifies protection. It was awarded to a coat of arms as a 'reward to one who has achieved some notable enterprise.' The Lily in Heraldry: Traditionally, it is said to signify perfection, light, and life. The Griffin in Heraldry: Symbolizes watchfulness and courage - and also guards treasure.

Personal Notes: When I chose the design and elements, I did so for my own reason and without fully knowing the meaning and significance of it all... so I looked it all up and that is what you see in the Notes above. However, I chose the Lily Garland to signify Lily Lake and Fort Garland, obviously. hehe. The griffins I chose because I personally like griffins. And the Chevron I chose because it signifies my time in the military. And the colors I chose for a couple of reason, mostly personal. But I was surprised to find they had different names when used in heraldry. Cool.

Leader & Member Roster[edit]

Guild Leaders (9)[edit]

  • Raphael (Founder), Fitz, Colette, Rodak, Argile, Pipil, Carl, Kevin, Marko.

Adventurers' Society Members (14)[edit]

Raphael#&, Slugger, Fitz#&, Wrecker, Reggy, Colette&, Runner, Gunner, Candy, Kole, Olive, Elmer, Dr. Len, Gadget

  • Many of the Adventurers' Society were Changed into Other Races during The Change caused by the Sigil (with a few exceptions)
    • Those Changed will have Racial Abilities and Magics
  • All of the Adventurers' Society have a Basic Imprint of the Fort Garland Sigil
    • All are trained in Sigil Basics
    • All can Shape Change (Most: 5 Forms)
    • Most know Low Order Sorcery
  • Over half of the Adventurers' Society have spent a month in special training at Deselduia
    • Raphael, Slugger, Fitz, Wrecker, Reggy, Colette, Runner
  • Most of the Adventurers' Society has spent a full Season in training with Hepplewhite's Traveling Circus
  • Most of the Adventurers' Society are trained motorcycle riders & truck drivers
  • All of the Adventurers' Society have some Combat Training in Unarmed and Armed techniques
    • Some have Military or similar training

Arco Boys Members (60+)[edit]

The Arco Boys of Arco Station consists mainly of three groups: The Original Arco Boys; Truckers from Texas, The Original Fort Garland Dwarves; Residents of FG that joined with the Arco Boys, and The Original Indian Hills Dwarves; Residents of Indian Hills Suburb of Denver that joined with the Arco Boys and moved to FG.

  • All of the Arco Boys were Changed into Dwarves during The Change caused by the Sigil (with a few exceptions)
    • All will have Dwarven Racial Abilities and Dwarven Magics (with a few exceptions)
  • All of the Arco Boys have a Basic Imprint of the Fort Garland Sigil
    • All are trained in Sigil Basics
    • All can Shape Change (3-5 Forms)
    • Some know Low Order Sorcery
  • All of the Arco Boys have spent a full Season in training with Hepplewhite's Traveling Circus
  • All of the Arco Boys are trained motorcycle riders
    • Most are trained in Racing and Stunts
  • All of the Arco Boys have some Combat Training in Unarmed and Armed techniques
    • Some have Military or similar training

Original Arco Boys (7)[edit]

  • Rodak Arco&: Encampment Gaffer
    • Leader of the Arco Boys, Mechanic, Truckdriver, Retired Military
  • Argile&: Civic Leader, Backup Racer
    • Truckdriver, Retired Military, Retired Investor
  • Pipil (Pip)&: Prime Racer, Security
    • Truckdriver, Retired Military, Retired Professor
  • Kip#: Prime Racer, Security Chief, Guardian Sword Bearer
    • Truckdriver, Retired Military
  • Chuck: Encampment Electrical Engineer
    • Truckdriver, Electrician
  • Rock Hound: Encampment Geologist & Hydrologist, Backup Racer
    • Truckdriver, Retired Driller, Retired Geologist
  • Tanker: Multi-Fuel Specialist & Transport Coordinator, Backup Racer
    • Truckdriver/Hazmat, OSHA Specialist, Retired Military/NBC Specialist

Fort Garland, Colorado Dwarf Clan (17)[edit]

  • Andy: Civic Leader, Fish Hatchery Operations
    • Also runs the Boat & Bait Shop at the Lake with his new wife; Nancy and her kids.
  • Nancy: Boat & Bait Shop Manager
    • Carpenter
  • Tayven(17-Elf), Troy(16-Orc), Tobias(15-Hu-Mage) & Teran(14-Dw)
    • Nancy's four kids help her at the Shops
  • Danny: Encampment Civil Engineer & Chief Dirt Mover, Prime Racer
    • Heavy Equipment Operator, aspiring Civil Engineer
  • Jimmy: Farm Ops Manager
    • Farmer of Self Sufficient Farms
  • Tommy: Head Mechanic at Specialty Mechanic Shop
    • Also Head Mechanic for all Moto Show bikes
    • Motorcycle Mechanic; Master Level
  • Joey: Baker at Steakhouse, Tent Camp Vendor
    • Baker & Pastry Chef
  • Davey: Encampment Plumbing Engineer
    • Retired Plumber, Retired Plumbing Inspector
  • Vicki: Tailor Shop Manager
    • Seamstress, Taylor, Weaver, Sorceress
  • Bobbie Sue: Waitress at BBQ
    • Teen-aged girl fresh from High School, Sorceress
  • Scrounge: Finder and Collector of All Things
    • Retired Combat Vet, PTSD, Homeless
  • Kimberly: Camp Performer
    • Accountant, Bookkeeper, Sorceress
  • Priscilla: Camp Performer
    • Phlebotomist
  • Darwin: Camp Performer
    • Day Laborer, Alcoholic

Indian Hills, Colorado Dwarf Clan (40)[edit]

  • Lawrence Johnson: Civic Leader
    • Former Corporate Leadership & Teamwork Training Manager
    • Former Leader of the Indian Hills Clan before joining the Arco Boys Clan
    • Trying to make a Career out of being just a Civic Leader at Arco Station.
  • Richard: Prime Racer
    • Motorcycle Racer; Track & Off-road
  • Harold: Prime Racer
    • Retired Science Professor
  • Martin: Prime Racer
    • Professional Courier
  • Mark: Prime Racer
    • Draftsman, aspiring Architect
  • Chris: Prime Racer
    • Property Maintenance Supervisor
  • Paul: Prime Racer
    • IT & Networking Specialist
  • James: Prime Racer
    • Retail Store Manger
  • Robert: Prime Racer
    • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Vincent: Backup Racer
    • Homeless, Jobless, Recovering Addict
  • Shawn: Backup Racer
    • Phone Center CSR
  • Seth: Backup Racer
    • Sanitation Worker
  • Scott: Backup Racer
    • Metal Sculptor and Artist
  • Steve: Backup Racer
    • Retired Military, PTSD Survivor
  • Benjamin: Backup Racer
    • Ex-Drug Dealer
  • Diane: Waitress at Diner
    • Waitress & Server
  • Jean: Waitress at Diner
    • Widowed Homemaker, Sorceress
  • Vicki: Waitress at Steakhouse
    • Office Manager for Big Firm, Sorceress
  • Julie: Waitress at Steakhouse, Sorceress Guild Leader
    • Flight Attendant for Major Airlines, Sorceress
  • Betty Jo: Waitress at BBQ
    • Waitress at BBQ
  • Brian: Clerk at Grocery Store
    • Musical Artist; Amateur but still quite good
  • Lug: Mechanic at Arco Service Station
    • Mechanic
  • Wrench: Mechanic at Arco Service Station
    • Mechanic
  • Dozer: Mechanic at Arco Service Station
    • Mechanic
  • Jack: Mechanic at Arco Service Station
    • Mechanic
  • Boris: Combat Performer/Manager
    • Body Builder, Artist
  • Doris: Combat Performer/Manager
    • Body Builder, Model
  • Hans: Combat Performer
    • Body Builder
  • Frans: Combat Performer
    • Body Builder
  • Sheryl: Combat Performer
    • Female Police Hand to Hand Combat Trainer, Police Officer
  • Peggy: Combat Performer
    • Dancer, Martial Artist, Sorceress
  • Natalie: Combat Performer
    • Martial Artist, Retired Government Agent
  • Kermit: Combat Performer
    • SCA Fighter
  • Fozzy: Combat Performer
    • SCA Fighter
  • Rolff: Combat Performer
    • SCA Fighter, Amateur Musician
  • Dillon: Combat Performer
    • Convenience Store Clerk, D&D Nerd
  • Dean: Combat Performer
    • Retired Movie Stunt Performer
  • Missy: Head Cook at Steakhouse, Sorceress Guild Leader
    • Cook, Brewer & Distiller, Sorceress
  • Sissy: Prime Racer, Sorceress Guild Leader
    • Homemaker, Alternative Medicine & Herbal Remedies, Child Care
  • Fixer: Master of Fixing, Repairing and Frankensteining
    • Don't ask... seriously.

Fort Garland Citizen Members (?)[edit]

  • Carl$
  • Mayor Kevin$
  • Marko Doyle$
  • Others (?)


  • & denotes Guild Leader
  • # denotes Bearer of a Sigil Guardian Blade.
  • $ denotes Unofficial Membership; has NOT signed the Charter or Summoning Book, but HAS Walked the Sigil.

Guild Benefits & Resources[edit]

Castle Garland Services & Equipment[edit]

  • Private Secured Room on Secured Level of Castle; The Guardians Level
    • Permanent Room by Choice, Key to the door, Secured storage when away, never shared
  • Access to the Sigil and Summoning Chamber (Transport to and from the Castle)
  • Access to most of the Castle (minus other's private rooms and CHAD Restricted Areas)
  • Access to Training; Martial, Magical and Other
  • Access to Knowledge; Castle Library (Librarian?) and Castle Personnel
  • Access to Medical Services and Personnel
  • Access to Daily Meals, Special Order Meals & In-Castle Catering for Meeting & Events (advanced notice must be given)
  • Access to Weapons and Armor (limited)
  • Access to Troops (limited)
  • Access to a Teleporting Arch to Liaison Office in Fort Garland?

Fort Garland Services & Equipment[edit]

  • Access to Castle Garland Liaison Office
    • Liaison Officer can set up meetings with Castle Leaders and Personnel, Guardians' Guild Leaders & Personnel and by extension, the Adventurers' Society.
    • Access to Teleport Arch to Reception Area of Castle Garland?

Arco Station & Retreat, Alamond: Services & Equipment[edit]


  • Guardians' Guildhall #
  • Town Hall & Community Center #
    • (Restricted Access to Guardians ONLY.)
    • (Usually used as Transport & Return Location for those Serving Guard Duty.)
  • Arco Service Station #
    • (Multi-Fuel Station & Mechanic's Shop)
  • Clinic #
    • (plus Pharmacy & Surgical Bay)
  • Grocery Store #
  • Hardware Store #
  • Diner #
    • (Bfast, Lunch & Dinner 24/7)
  • Bar/Pub # (24/7)
  • Campgrounds #
    • (Multiple Locations, some with Tiny Cabins for Rent)
  • Fabrication & Repair Shop #
    • (Restricted Access; No Visitors/Outsiders. Permission Needed from Rafe or Rodak ONLY)
  • Specialty Mechanic's Shop
    • (Limited Access to Visitors/Outsiders)
  • Butcher's Shop
  • Department/Clothing Store
  • Tailor Shop
  • Laundromat & Laundry Services
  • Car Hop Malt Shop & Diner (Burgers, Fries, Etc.)
  • Steakhouse
  • Bowdark's BBQ
  • Bar & Grill
  • Drive-In Movies
  • Salvage / Junk Yard, Towing Service & Repairs
      • A # indicates Primary Structure/Service (first to be built/operated)

Services at the Lake[edit]

  • Docks & Marina
  • Boat & Equipment Rentals Shop
    • Bait & Tackle Shop as well
  • Outdoor Equipment Shop
  • Campgrounds #
    • (Multiple Locations, some with Tiny Cabins for Rent)

Available Equipment[edit]