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Fort Garland1.jpg The Jeweled Amber game.

Raphael's Narrative[edit]

This small town in southern Colorado just south of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range is located in a 'Shadowrun' Type Shadow, commonly referred to as Change World but officially called Shadow Garland. I visited this World and Town after I left my home in southern Arizona in an 'Apocalypse' Type Shadow, now commonly referred to as Plague World. I arrived in this Shadow and this small town unknowingly and at a time only 6 months after The Change took place; a Mystical Event that changed many people into Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and other Magical Beings, as well as unleashed Magic back into the world again and gave many people Magical Powers.

It wasn't long before things got ugly, what with all the local bands of thugs and criminals wanting their little slice of the pie and the Big Crime Syndicates and New Governments wanting to claim all the territory they could... and for some reason, Fort Garland was in everyone's sites. I became known quickly and got involved in local events, willingly, and then Local and National Politics unwillingly. I was elected to become one of the Mayors of FG for as long as I stayed; I accepted, thinking I could do more good with some Authority rather than none. We fought off the Syndicate and the Broncos (the Armed Forces of the Government of New Colorado) with lots of help from all of my new friends... but the struggle wasn't over.

A new threat from the West had arrived; a sizeable, organized and well equipped Military Force from the Nation of Pacifica led by a female General trying to prove she could run with the Big Boys and a psychotic Druid at her side. The Mayors of FG met with them and their Officers and realized they were taking over the area whether anyone liked it or not, and they were well armed and equipped enough to do it. We, the Mayors and advisors, met afterwards and talked about why everyone was so interested in the area; Christine had a Theory and a story to back it up... I listened.

It was soon discovered, by me and my new companions, that there was a Source of Power high in the southern part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just north of FG, so we went there, in a flying car named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang owned by my friend Zachary Hepplewhite. I found the Source of Power at the bottom of Lily Lake just above the Tree Line in a Glacial Valley surrounded by high granite peaks; it was an Inscription of Power, which I soon discovered was a Low Order Version of the Pattern of Avalon. I named it 'The Sigil' but later officially became referred to as 'The Ft. Garland Sigil of Avalon' but usually its called 'The Sigil of Avalon' or just 'The Sigil'. I was the first to Assay the Sigil, followed by my companions; we gained its Imprint and some of its Powers.

When we returned to Fort Garland things had gotten worse; the Pacifica Military had fully set up and taken over most of town. Many were about to be relocated to help in the War Efforts, most were afraid they were going to die if they left or be killed if they tried to stay. A plan was made to get as many out as possible, and with the help of H&TE, it came to pass that all the Orcs of Fort Garland (most formerly from Denver) and all the Dwarves of Fort Garland (including the Arco Boys and the Indian Hills Clan) left town in two different directions and ended up in other Worlds away from their old world at war.

After a year of traveling with Zachary and Hepplewhite's Circus, the Arco Boys and I were 'Summoned', literally, back to Fort Garland... well, Castle Garland specifically. It was then that we learned of that Fortunadus had dropped a Total Warrior Constructed Castle on top of the Sigil and establish a Power Base with CHAD and H&TE. It seemed they had taken over all of Colorado and perhaps some surrounding areas as well. Fortunadus needed our help with guarding the Sigil, said it would be better politically if 'locals' did the job... it sounded a bit weak to me, but I went with it. Later I discovered that the Sigil was a bit resistant to Fort's people, but less so with me and mine. We all Assayed the Sigil repeated, established the Guardians Guild of Garland and helped to grant some stability to the local political situation.

History of Fort Garland[edit]

The Origin of the Change[edit]

~Conversation between Raphael, Christine and Rodak - Excerpt from Game Play - Edited~

Christine says, "I don't know you, Rafe, so I'll tell it like I would to a 10 year old. In a pandemic there is a hypothetical Patient Zero. That person has the disease the longest, is the vector of the spread, that everyone caught the disease from.. Well, I think patient zero for the Change was here near Fort Garland. North of here, but close. Up in the hills. "

Raphael replies, "I understand Pandemics, Disease Vectors, and the concept of Patient Zero all too well... I was raised by a Surgical RN and I was an Army Medic and NBC Specialist as well. So, I get your analogy of the Change, but how is this important now? And how did you arrive at this Theory?"

"How did I arrive at this... I had been working here in Fort Garland for about 5 years, in conjunction with SLV Physicians out of Alamosa. Two months before the CHANGE happened a hiking party out at Zapata Falls campground got sick. They had been hiking all over the Huerfano River area; California Peak, Twin Peaks, Lindly Peak, Blanca Peak, Ellingwood Point. I went and looked them over... They had body bruises, gum inflammation. Hair loss. Goiters.. They looked fucked up as heck. We got them to San Luis Valley Health, a regional hospital in Alamosa. They were untreatable and looked nasty as heck. Experts came, It was nasty as hell."

"Then...a month later everyone who had been anywhere in contact with them got sick. Some were puffy, some slim. Strange. But no one died.. We started isolation protocols the minute we got them off the mountain but people got sick anyway. We couldn't isolate against a magical sickness...People says the CHANGE happened on a certain day.. But that's not the case. It took about a week to get everywhere. But we had it for a month before everyone else. Whatever caused the Change is up in the mountains north of Fort Garland. That first group became Orcs. Blister was the dad. He may have been the first Changed."

"Well, that explains a crap ton. And Blister; First Changed... no shit. Well, all of this is quite interesting, but I still don't see how this is important in the now. Aftercall, the Change has already wreaked its Viral Magic upon the world. Or do you think there is something powerful out there that could still be used in other magical ways? And perhaps this is why Colorado, and others, are so interested in the area? And who all knows about The Change being brought on by a Magical Disease and coming from this area?"

Christine says, "Who knows? I think the most I knew of magic before the Change was watching Penn and Teller at the Garden once. Since then it's been just trying to keep our heads above water. You getting here was the most magic in once place we had seen."

"So, unlikely many know the origins of The Change. Good. And that area you mentioned up around Blanca Peak is some pretty rugged country, just from the looks of it down here. But I'm sure there's a reason you brought it up.” Rafe looks from Christine to Rodak. "So... what gives? With all that is going on here in town and with all the interest from the surrounding Nations, why bring this particular subject up now?"

Rodak looks at Christine who nods, Rodak sighs, then says, "The vote split over whether to talk to you about this. Carl and Marko want you to help stabilize this place and having this on you mind might cost us your help. But Christine and I think its worth it. Very few people know about our belief that The Change started here. But the vampires at the capital of Colorado know. A few in Washington must. Our first Mayor, Kevin Longear, set up the Mayor System. Convinced Locals to come here rather them Alamosa or Walensburg, or Pueblo or Santé Fe. He said Fort Garland was going to be very important. That it had ah... magic waters. The Ute Creek runs through here but its hardly magical. But he had been talking like that for decades I hear. Then Blister and his family Changed... And the world Changed. Kevin set up the Mayor System for a month, then disappeared into the mountains. Christine and I think he knew something and finding him now... is important. Maybe important to the world."

A Newly Changed World Still Changing[edit]

~Information Raphael gained by hacking into Colonel Sunday's Computer~

Reaching onto the computer, pushing past its own limitations he feels like he is accessing all the computers within the region. Many seem military while many are home computers. He feels tablets and phones. The Change didn't destroy these things, but with half the people of the world disappearing great gaping holes in the structures of all companies made the Economy crash. Governments crashed. Local wars started.

As he peeks around he finds one nearby; its collection of files is vast. Its encryption is topnotch. But the feeling of the Technopath slips past them. He finds a computer nearby belonging to an aide to the General; Colonel Sunday. It has descriptions of forces east and west, north and south. It seems the East is controlled by what held together as the old Federal Government, now called the Old Fed. With the exception of Louisiana and a few counties surrounding it, and the Conch Nation in Florida most of the East Coast still is run by Washington DC.

Canada is split in 5 parts, at best. West Waters, First Nations in the north, and Quebec. West Waters includes British Columbia & Alberta and is allied, if not joining Pacifica. Yukon, NWT, Nunavut are all First Nations and Alaska is mostly with them and Pacifica. A country unofficially called Hudson claims to be the center of Canada and is trying to reunite it. It has Manitoba and Ontario, and technically the east water territories that Quebec claims and that hate Quebec. Everyone hates Quebec and Quebec hates everyone that doesn't speak French. It also has the distinction of the highest number of Elves. No one that goes into Saskatchewan has come out alive in months. They have a high concentration of Orcs. Hudson is allied with the Old Fed, for all the good they can do them.

Air Travel is incredibly difficult. Dragons treat airplanes as toys or targets.

As for The States, Rafe understands them better. Pacifica, Colorado, New Kansas, Texas, Conch Nation, Louisiana, The Free State of Jones. The Dark Horde.

It further dictates that Pacifica seized the nuclear launch facilities at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming... the Silos in South Dakota as well because the Orcs of Saskatoon have already seized the North Dakota nukes. The Hudson crowd is terrified they will launch on Ottawa. Pacifica is going to try to take Amarillo. The Old Fed will take Louisiana and East Texas. They agree to meet in the middle.

Mexico and Central America is a mess and has appealed to join the Old Fed. South America is in hot wars with each other. The Old Fed and Pacifica both have no idea where the USA Sub Force is after The Change. They have been running silent. The rest of the world is less organized than North America.

Fort Garland, Western Hemisphere 2.jpg

First Nations is the top of the world and is too cold for anyone to care about. However there are several active volcanoes. One near Prudhoe being called Port Prudhoe because of the heat in the 40s. There is also a Russian Fleet that out of necessity docked at Nome and is in negotiations, at a distance with the Old Fed. The gist is that they are founding a new principality.

North America is greatly divided with Old Fed and Pacifica being the most organized. Colorado is apparently crumbling under the attack from Pacifica and from the Northern Orcs. Louisiana is centered at New Orleans and is an 'End of the World So Lets Party' kind of place. Something is going on in Bermuda.

Conch Nation is most of the Caribbean but is poorly organized. Roughly allied to the Old Fed. Mexico requested Annexation from the Old Fed and is trying to control Central America.

There is a city somewhere in South America called Clusterfrak. Its a neutral city and the warring gangs of South America give safe passage to anyone waving the Clusterfrak flag. South America is a terrible mess.

New Chapter, New Leadership[edit]

Soon after the Exodus of Dwarves and Orcs from Fort Garland, led by Raphael de la Varga, an Outsider named Fortunadus Enright, a Thrice Crowned Bard, a Leader within CHAD, and a friend and business partner of Raphael's took over the protection of the Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon.

With the help of Hazarda and Timothy Elhue, as well as some other powerful CHAD Members and some CHAD Forces, Fortunadus created a new Power Base and initiated a Power Shift; he now Governs over a large area surrounding Ft. Garland, perhaps even all of what was formerly known as the State of Colorado... and could possibly now include several former US States surrounding the area.

Changes continue...

Leaders of Fort Garland[edit]

Current Mayor[edit]

  • Mayor Kevin Longear, Human, Ute Tribe Native American.
    • Manager of the Fort Garland Museum and Pike's Stockade at the time of the Change.
    • Established the Mayor System as people from surrounding small cities began coming to Fort Garland. Population rose from 433 to 5000 in the first few weeks after The Change. People claimed to have been 'drawn' to Fort Garland.
    • Kevin disappeared soon after establishing the Mayors System.
    • Found by Rafe in Coyote Shape with a pack of coyotes in the mountains near The Sigil
    • Returned to Fort Garland and took over as Mayor under the short-lived Military Takeover.
    • Most likely still Serves as Mayor under the New Regime.

Civic Leaders[edit]

  • Carl - Provision Master
    • Human, Native of FG
    • Runs the Grocery Store.
    • Oversees incoming supplies from scavengers and trade.
  • Marko Doyle - Gate Master
    • Human from Seattle; Hipster.
    • Expert in Improvised Structures.

Previous Mayors' Council[edit]

  • Mayor Rodak - Civilian Liaison
    • Leader of the FG Arco Boys
    • Dwarf, originally from TX
    • Runs the Arco gas station
    • Dwarven Mechanics
    • Local Bank & Banker
    • Pre-Change Military Service
  • Mayor Marko Doyle - Gate Master
    • Human from Seattle; Hipster.
    • Expert in Improvised structures.
  • Mayor Carl - Provision Master
    • Human, native of FG
    • Runs the Grocery store.
    • Oversees incoming supplies from scavengers and trade.
  • Mayor Christine Corelle; MD - Civilian Liaison.[[1]]
    • Human, FG Resident 5-10 years
    • High Level Druid/Alchemist/Chef, Low Level Mage
    • Medical Doctor, runs local Clinic
  • Mayor Raphael - Temporary
    • Human/Mesobian
    • Magical Instruction and Diplomacy
    • City Defender
  • Mayor Hank Adler - City Defense.
    • Orc, Male. Came from Denver, Leader of the Denver Orc Tribes.
    • County Sheriff.

Former Mayors[edit]

  • Blister. Former Orc Leader. (Deceased)
    • First person affected by The Change.
    • Fought Curious at the dog fights and lost.
    • Involved in regional crime Pre-Change
    • Location Unknown (disappeared one day; assumed dead.)

Notable Characters[edit]

The Elves[edit]

  • Junior's Boys
    • Three Elven Snipers/Archers
  • Junior - ?

The Humans[edit]

  • Woody; Human, Business Owner, old hippie turned young
  • Old Bruce; Human, Business Owner, 80ish but spry
  • Broheim; Human, Bartender
  • Granger; Human, Tech Guy
  • Two Man Band, Plays Dr. Demento Songs at Broheim's Bar (All-Gon Pizzeria)

Previous Notables[edit]

The Dwarves[edit]

  • Rodak; Dwarf, Male, Company President
    • Fighter.
  • Fitz; Dwarf, Male, Retired Professor, FG Arco Boys
    • Cleric/Sage/Dwarven Mechanic
  • Wrecker; Dwarf Trucker, FG Arco Boys
    • Pre-Change Military Service
  • Candy; Dwarf, Female, Trucker, FG Arco Boys
    • Biker, Scout
  • Gunner; Dwarf, Male, Dwarven Weapon Smith, Arco Boys
  • Argile; Dwarf, Arco Boys
  • Kip; Dwarf, Arco Boys
  • Pipil; Dwarf, Arco Boys
  • Runner; Elf, Male. Mountain Guide, FG Arco Boys

Arco Boys

The Orcs[edit]

UPDATE: ALL Orcs have left the Fort Garland area following Hank Adler. H&TE took them to a Shadow that was more 'Orc Friendly'.

  • Hank Adler; Orc, New Leader of the FG Orcs
    • From Denver; Pre-Change Criminal?
    • Former Leader of a Denver Orc Faction
  • Reggy; Orc, Pre-Change Friend of Wrecker
    • From Denver, Pre-Change Military?
  • Tickle; Orc, Armorer
    • From Denver
  • Smits; Orc Leader(?)
    • From Denver
  • Telepathically Linked Orc Siblings
    • Alpha; Orc, Male, Linked Telepath
    • Beta; Orc, Male, Linked Telepath
    • Delta; Orc, Male, Linked Telepath
    • Gamma; Orc, Female, Linked Telepath

Dignitaries and Others[edit]

  • Tom Lonnagan; Human Ute. Called Tom Longwang.
    • History Professor, Amateur motorcycle racer.
    • Envoy for Texas to Fort Garland.
  • The Sisters of the Saint Cabrini Shrine
    • Mother Clera; Human, Very High Level Cleric
      • Leader of the Shrine. Former Mother Superior; Roman Catholic Church
    • Father Dana; Elf, High Level Druid
    • Sister Mary Elayne; Elf, Druid
  • Councilman Eugene Smaldone
  • Garth Jones; Vampire, President of Colorado
  • Cleveland Jones; Vampire, Senator
    • Deceased/Destroyed; Swimming pool of Holy Water
  • Victor Price; Drow Mage.
    • Muscle for the Smaldone Crime Family in Colorado.
    • Location Unknown.

Running Sheet Harold James Tobin

Businesses of Fort Garland[edit]

  • Arco Station near the West Gate
    • Located at the Intersection of Highways 159 & 160
    • Only running Gas Station in town ?
    • Current Proprietor: ?
    • Former Proprietor: Rodak of the Arco Boys; Dwarf
    • Arco Boys
  • Woody's Campground & Woody's Storage Yard
    • Located on the west side of town next to Ute Creek
    • Proprietor: Woody; Human; old hippie turned young by The Change
  • Old Bruce's BBQ
    • Located across from the Arco Station
    • Proprietor: Old Bruce; Spry 80s-ish Human
  • Broheim's Bar & Dog Pit
    • Located around the corner from Old Bruce's
    • Bartender: 'Broheim'; Human
    • UPDATE: Dog Fighting has ENDED, but the Dog Pit is still open as a Dog Park for dogs to socialize while their owners drink.
  • The Foundry
    • many forges and work spaces
  • The Clinic
    • Run by ?
    • Formerly run by Dr. Christine Corelle; MD
  • Del's Diner - Closed
    • Soon to be the Southeast Command Post and Watch Tower
  • Castle Garland Liaison Office (NEW)
    • Liaison Officer can set up meetings with Castle Leaders and Personnel, Guardians' Guild Leaders & Personnel and by extension, the Adventurers' Society.
    • Teleport Arch to Reception Area of Castle Garland (Limited & Monitored Access)

Gates & Walls of Fort Garland[edit]


  • West Gate - Hwy 160 near the Ute Creek
  • South Gate - Hwy 159 south of Ice House Road
  • East Gate - Hwy 160 past the Cemetery on the hill
  • North Gate? - Hwy 19?


  • South/East Wall Section
    • Contains both the South and East Gates
    • East Wall runs North-South from the top of a hill past the Cemetery, crossing Hwy 160, the train tracks and Ice House Road to end just south of that road
    • South Wall runs East-West, south of and parallel to Ice House Road, from the end of the East Wall to about three blocks past Hwy 159 and the South Gate

Sangre de Cristo Mountains[edit]

Located North of Fort Garland

Fort Garland3.jpg

Lily Lake[edit]

Located above the Tree Line in a Glacial Valley surround by granite peaks

Castle Garland1.jpg

Castle Garland[edit]

  • A Total Warrior Constructed Castle
    • Magically created/summoned by Fortunadus Enright after Rafe told him about the Sigil

Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon[edit]

  • Located at the Bottom of Lily Lake
  • An Inscription of Power; a Low Order version of the Pattern of Avalon
    • Commonly referred to as 'The Sigil of Avalon' or just 'The Sigil'.

Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon.jpg

Original Expeditionary Team[edit]

  • Raphael, The Poodle Boys, Slugger, Curious, Wrecker, Reggy, Fitz, Christine, Runner, Carl, Marko
    • Plus Zachary & Bluto.
  • Kevin (previous mayor of FG) showed up in Coyote Form.

Guilds associated with Fort Garland[edit]