Hands of Blue

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Agents for the Blue Sun Corporation. It is unknown how many such operatives exist in the 'Verse. Their presence is rarely recorded, but they seem to leave a wide swath of death in their wakes. They do not appear to be directly part of the Alliance, but their influence in the Alliance is strong.

  • Encountered on Osiris when Mike Carter's cure was taken from Hospital
  • Encountered on Osiris when Arden returned to meet Dr. Samson. Tortured Rick Allen to get information. Disappeared with Parliament showed up.
  • Encountered on IAV Trafalgar dealing with Reavers in Operation Zoo.
  • Drake indicates they appear to 'clean up' on botched intel jobs.
  • Agent "Zed" claims to be a double agent, working with something called the Libertores. She also has fallen for Rick Allen. "Zed" claims that she was Joshua's secret adviser who sent him away from the Academy.