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This page describes some of Heywesh Tal's plans & secrets, as well as some of my (Heywesh's player) plans & secrets. This page exists because Into the Light is a friendly game. I fully expect that players reading this will use the information to improve play.

Heywesh's secret name[edit]

S'Roveed, "I ruin families"

How is Heywesh Tragic?[edit]

Heywesh is trapped between several dysfunctional relationships.

On the one hand, there is his father. Heywesh deeply desires his father's approval, but it does not appear likely that Mxura will ever head in that direction.

On the other, there is his wife. Heywesh does not merely care for Lura. If that was the case, things would be quite good: a platonic friendship qualifies as relatively functional for Ven marriages. However, Heywesh has confused caring for Lura with controlling her. She is his sweet and innocent possession worthy of protection and happiness (so long as he is the one making her happy).

As almost an escape from these, Heywesh is a rather idealistic senvu. He has taken his school's philosophy as his personal ethic, and venerates the Suaven of Duels and everything he represents. The problem here is that Ven law is simply not robust enough to be taken as an ideal in and of itself.

We thus see Heywesh trapped not only by his loved ones, but by his ideals. How he escapes from this, or if he even tries to, will be what makes him tragic. For the Ven, there is no escape.

Notes on Other Characters[edit]

OOC opinions on how the characters will interact[edit]

  • Tomasz Mwrr. To say that Heywesh trusts Tomasz is going too far, but he's the least paranoid about his cousin. He's a known quantity, and has a decent reputation.
  • Niassa Steele. Heywesh's initial opinion will be based on how she & Tomasz interact.
  • Ryandual Yvarai. If, right now at the beginning of play, I had to bet which PC Heywesh would dislike the most, it would be Ryandual. He seems the most opposite.

Discovered Aspects[edit]

Specific Plans[edit]

In Character[edit]

  • Become as good of a swordsman as possible.
  • Get The Oath & the ability to use it. Doing so will help him build his domain
  • Find out what happened to the first set of Ven colonists.
    • Figure out how to avoid it happening to Heywesh.

Out of Character[edit]

  • Bring Mxura Tal into the game.
    • Done with a well-timed wisdom roll or style point.
    • Good story potential for both Heywesh and everyone.
      • There's now another Marquis doing something on the Black Isles.
  • Eventually found a Temple to his patron Suaven.
    • This will occur to Heywesh if he is able to explore Senvu ethics rather than pleasing his wife or father.