House Ganth

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House Ganth has been a middle level noble house based in North Riding with estates in Green Vale. Its ruled by Baron Rowensa Ganth and his wife Baroness Louisa Ganth

House Ganth engages in fishing, cargo hauling, and smoking and preserving fish. It also has a respected horse farm providing horses to the Military. It has a cottage industry making arrows fletched for the military. While the house has been prosperous for centuries it has had little to do with the politics of the Kingdom beyond the North Riding.

Recently, it was revealed that Yalla Ganth[[1]], the daughter of Alagina Ganth, who was raised without an acknowledged father, was in fact a child of Benedict of Amber. Her mother Alagina Ganth was involved in the Alagina of Chaos Event and Benedict/Hendrake breeding program.

The sudden inclusion of Yalla in the royal family of Amber has been a huge jolt to their family,