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This topic has several distinct parts

Benedict & Linta : The beginning in lust and battle.[edit]

Benedict of Amber fought against the denizen of the Black Road during the Black Road War in the realm of Avalon, a shadow of a realm Corwin once ruled. In that Avalon his forces fought Hendrake Hellmaidens lead by Lintra Hendrake, a princess of House Hendrake

In the course of battle and negotiation Benedict and Linta had intercourse. She then returned to Chaos where she was nursed into pregnancy and her fertilized embryos were held in stasis in the possession of Darnuthas rasaka afuras, a minor Hendrake lord. She returned to Avalon where she died in battle against Benedict. While members of the line call themselves as the Line of Lintra the reality is that while the fertilized eggs were hers, she did not carry the children to term of give birth to them. That was done by Alagina Ganth of Amber.

Darnuthas rasaka afuras and Alagina Ganth Kidnapping and birth[edit]

Darnuthas rasaka afuras, a Lord of Chaos of House Hendrake, developed the program to turn the fertilized embryos into a line of Chaosoans able to assay the pattern of Amber.

Alagina, daughter of Baron Rowensa Ganth,House Ganth, was kidnapped by Darnuthas rasaka afuras while attending school in Diega. The evidence is that he seduced her and that she fell in love and went willingly with him to Chaos. Once there his real intentions were revealed and he magically manipulated her to produce a strong magical trio of children. A fourth fertilized egg was allowed to remain in her in a state of stasis.

As she was nearly to term he took her into a shadow just outside the Chaos Sway, Homeworld in the Khatovar Shadow systems. He took the name Erin NoFather, pushed her to give birth to 3 children. He then returned her, in a state of confused madness to Amber, bearing a fourth embryo in stasis that she many years later brought to term after the stasis failed.

In time Erin NoFather became known as the Dominator. The 4 daughters were as follows;

  • Doria, known as Dorotea Senjak. Ruled beside the Dominator and on her own as Lady'. Eventually, Lady of Charm. Then 'Lady, Captain of the Black Company.
  • Desri, Known as Credence Senjak. Soulcatcher of the Ten Who Were Taken
  • Maylon, known briefly as Sylith Senjak, before being taken to Chaos by Darnuthas rasaka afuras and left under the control of members of House Hendrake.
  • Yalla, known in magical records as Ardath Senjak, but retained as a fertilized egg in stasis for 40 years till Alagina became surprisingly pregnant after Patternfall. It is believed in magical circles that the repair of the pattern and the subsequent wave of Order removed the chaos-based magic keeping the embryo in stasis.

The Dominator & Lady & the Ten Who Were Taken Two Daughters[edit]

Two of the children, Doria & Desri, were raised on Homeworld in the Khatovar shadow systems. Doria eventually being taken to wife by Darnuthas, known as Lady. Desri eventually became one of the Ten Who Were Taken as Soulcatcher.

Unaware of their heritage the sisters lived a long time, rose to power and conquest. Their adventures are detailed elsewhere. In the end the Dominator was entombed, Lady created an empire which she abandoned for the Love of a mortal, Croaker of the Black Company. Her sister, enslaved by the Dominator and then by her sister was involved in the long story.

In time the Dominator was destroyed and thought dead. But he was only deeply damaged.

Eventually Doria and Desri were brought to Amber and much to their surprise, accepted by the family despite issues.

In time Darnuthas rasaka afuras found his way to Amber and in a series engagements between Benedict, Doria, Desri and Maylon was firmly destroyed.

Maylon & the Breeders Line of Lintra Hendrake[edit]

The breeding program was created by Darnuthas rasaka afuras and was officially shut down by the Duke of Hendrake after Patternfall.

While Lintra's genetics were part of 4 daughters only one was raised in Chaos, and it is she who founded the Line of Lintra.

Maylon, born on Homeworld but transfered to Chaos, was raised in the House Hendrake to further the breeding program. AS the breeding program began, deep in the time-extended depths of Chaos. While her sisters fought on Homeworld, Maylon was embroiled in deep Chaos wars that even rumors of never crosss the Abyss. She grew into a mighty creature.

In time, secretly, Maylon gathered all of the material and equipment and moved it all deeper into chaos to Maylon Way

  • Maylon bore two children;Voya and Gaolus.
  • Voya was raised publicly in House Hendrake and was bonded to a Lord of House Helgram. For him she bore Dara. Soon after she disappeared and magical sources suggest she is dead.
  • Dara She was set to bear a child by an Amberite, a child eligible to hold the throne of Amber if it was conquered. She met and mated with Corwin and bore Merlin. Becoming disillusioned by Amber and the breeding program that created her, she decisively turned her back on Maylon, she mated and married Gramble Sawall and bore two children to him;Despil and Jurt.



  • Gaolus, a daughter of Maylon, was part of a more cynically overseen program. She was merged and transformed in to an Axlotl Tank,[[1]], the female form of the Bene Tleilax.

Her last conscious act before her mentality was destroyed was to pronounce a death curse. However, she had been raised in such a manner that all communications occurred in the tone, volume, accent and style of a single sentence. So when she uttered her death curse, not matter what she had intended, the only words she knew to make was the single sentence, a planned death curse with a single purpose. (Deep big time evil chaos behavior on Maylon's part.)

As an Axlotl breeder, Gaolus produced Ganril, Falris, Vek, and two unnamed males . Ganril and Faris were deemed viable breeders and were treated similarly to their mother and were merged in infancy into Axlotl Tanks. Vek and his two brothers were not.

  • Ganril bore Gilva and Reestfa
  • Falris bore Shaz Far and Rhonda

Breeding Program Ended[edit]

At some point something occurred deep in chaos that caused 3 Amberite death curses to occur simultaneously.[[2]] Many potent powers in Chaos descended on Maylon Way and forcefully revealed its secrets. Maylon was put on Trial and sentenced to extensive torture and repeated deaths.

The end results of the program was:

  • 3 Axlotl tanks with Amberite and Chaosian genetics. Gaolus, Ganril, and Faris. Currently kept in the Vaults of Hendrake.
  • Vek Hendrake and two unnamed brothers. The existence of these three were an embarrassment since it was clear that the circumstances in Maylon Way had led to Vek and one of the unnamed brothers killing the third. Vek was left alone and managed to survive. The whereabouts of the other brother is unknown.
    • Vek: When the program was ended by the Duke of Hendrake, Vek and his surviving brother were an embarrassment. The unnamed male disappeared and his whereabout are unknown. Vek was mostly forgotten and left to his own devices in Hendrake Way. He grew up in the kitchens, the gladiatorial pits, the bards hall, and eventually learned magical powers and gouged out a surprised niche in Hendrake politics. As a soldier of Hendrake he fought at the Battle of Patternfall. He was taught sorcery in an attempt to have him destroyed by the Logrus. Much to the surprise of his instructors he completed the Logrus and fled into Shadow, living on the line of acceptance as a Lord by Hendrake and as the target of Hendrake's foes.
  • Gilva Hendrake, Daughter of Ganril, was given to a Minor branch of Hendrake and raised to be a well respected Hellmaiden.
  • Reestfa. A creature who somehow achieved Transcendental Illumination as a toddler. The Transcendentally Illuminated being is frequently seen in Chaos and realms of the Chaos Sway. Her whereabouts are unknown. It is known that she assayed the Logrus without permission. She claims no affiliations.
  • Shaz Far, Given to the Battle Lords of Chaos who have created him as an Avatar of Warfare A mighty warrior and a gleeful blood-letter.
  • Rhonda was raised in a Black Zone world where she was raised in the vampiric form.
  • Maylon served her punishment and after her release she became embroiled in the politics of Chaos, a dark and malevolent pressence in the none to cheerful lands of Chaos. A political schemer.

Yalla Ganth and House Ganth The Forgotten Daughter[edit]

During the years after Patternfall Maylon Hendrake researched the Amberite bloodline extensively and created the Heirs and spares document.

Part of the information discovered In the Heirs and spares document from Maylon Hendrake was the bloodline inclusion of Yalla Ganth, [[3]] the young granddaughter of Baron Rowensa Ganth of the minor House Ganth

Yalla Ganth is a loose end at best in the Bendict & Lintra liniage. Yalla was a fertilized egg tucked away in Alagina Ganth when she was returned to Amber. it is suspected that she represented a possible long term part of Lord Darnuthas' ambitions as a power in Amber.

When Darnuthas was destroyed and the program was shut down the residual embryo was forgotten. When the Patternfall occurred many things were shook lose including the frozen embryo. The chaos-created fertilized embryo was released at a time when Alagina was normally fertile during the Repair.

Soon Alagina became surprisingly pregnant. After giving birth she went into a nearly silent state and has not been seen publicly. She has been treated and investigated by sorcerers at the highest levels.

Raised on the Household property in Green Vale and North Riding. Yalla is in many ways a typical Amberite noblewoman of the reign of King Random. Educated at North Riding Girl's Academy, as well as receiving private tutoring. She was excellent in academics and was active in many social groups though not as a leader. She was surprisingly strong and acrobatic. She attended Fantalin for a 3 year course and was 21 years old when it was discovered that she was of the Blood of Amber and Chaos.

Further Embryos[edit]

There are rumors that other unfertilized embryos exist in the vaults of Hendrake.