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There is a need for many things in Amber. Budgeting for luxuries in Amber is an ancient tradition. House Roseque has prospered in times of peace and war by serving the needs for luxuries.



House Roseque arrived in Amber with Queen Dybele, the mother of Florimel. They come from her home world, Ositrios, but like many of Dybele's people they refused to speak of her home world. The original Duke was Suraza, an expert in perfumes. Dybele was a woman who was often sick but recovered spectacularly.

They are not natives of Ositrios. Their world is called Roseque by outsiders but extremely few have traveled there

Over the centuries the House made its way into shadow and came back to Amber in great abundance with luxury items. In time of war the House Roseque could be depended on tl acquire items unable to be found. They developed certain lines of trade and profited greatly.

Roseque was known for great parties of excess. They made allies of individuals and houses. Being luxury merchant they made friends with the royals as well.

Black Road War[edit]

The Roseque are luxury merchants and run a massive number of wagons in their caravans.

During the Black Road War they shifted to running wagons of arms like arrows, going to shadows and buying them buy the millions.

They ran caravans of food so often that they became known as Rose Chow wagons.

They ran caravans into combat zones up and down the road after its hindrances were removed.

They guarded their wagons magically using the sigil on their world as well as substantial Magery.

During king Eric's reign Duke Gasean was enobled. The first 4 fiefs were spread among the four ruling lines.

Duke Gasean was killed during the war. So was Sastea's son Wentren and Fuiosa daughter Vuiose. Nearly all the members of the royal lines fought, earned titles, end distinguished themselves not just as merchants but as warriors.

Current House[edit]

Currently there are 4 ruling lines of House Roseque. These are based on the 4 children of Duke Rasaia, born 3800. These are Duke Gasean, Baroness Sastea, Baron Fuosia, & Baron Euquie.

In over 1200 years the number of people leading these lines has varied. The life span of people from Ositrios is around 110 years. The aging in Amber effect has given the Roseque long life.

The Gasean line of has had 5 generations leading the House. The current Duke is Foutera, the grandson of Gasean.

The baroness of the line of Baron Sastea is led by Baroness Sastea herself. She has had two children. One died.

The Fuosia line has had four generations. The current Baron is Baron Feriota.

The Euquie line has had 2 children. One of the children passed away. The current baron is Baron Diousa.


House Rosque has developed 8 basic lines of supplies it is famous for. Roseque Emporiums are well known across the Golden Circle worlds. Its a joke that if one becomes a Golden Circle world one gets a Roseque Empirical as part of the deal. It isn't far wrong. They also sell to merchants for resale.


There are a number of main lines of perfumes that are perrenial favorite. From common scents to exoticexotit ones


House Roseque is the main source of exotic fabrics and clothing. They run outlets in most major cities. They provide high end fabrics for furniture. Every noble house wants fine fabrics and while some other providers it is the House Roseque they go to.

They also import exotic fabric from other shadows into Amber. Diaga right weave furs.

House Rose sue also is one of the few sources for the many Pocai furs. Dozens of the various fur types are brought to Amber.


Many realms have specialty alcohols the import or export. Roseque does both.

Among the things they sell are rare wines for which Amber is known

Roseque also knows the location of shadows with different time ratios. They deal with many brewers, vintners, and distillers who want to age their produce in shadow. Usually the deal includes a deal for House Roseque to sell the aged results.

High Quality[edit]

  • The three best known high quality alcohols are The Whiskey of Amber, Amber Green Gin, and Green Water Rum. While there are several imitators that produce product of near perfect imitations connisuers know the difference.
  • The Whisky of Amber. The best and most authentic is Dungeon Brown Bourbon, made in the Dungeons of Amber

Green Gin.A gin made in the highlands above Jal. It was known to have been developed by Oberon himself and his facility is still used.

  • Green Water Rum. Is a brand originally made by Caine at his harbor in the edge of the Green Water. Since those days its production has moved to several places in the Green Water and connisuers claim they can tell the difference. However they all must maintain Cannes seal of approval. Its joked that his seal of approval is merely a day he and his favorites hold AA party at the distilleries.

Smoking Materials[edit]


Uralas is illegal in many realm but common in others. Roseque Deals in many forms of Ural but does not bring it to shadows were its illegal.

  • Roseque deals in fine Dreanan and Trasdean Ural in 100 Leaf single stick as well as Mixx single stick.
  • Bulk leaf is always available.
  • Cured flowers
  • Powdered Urala.


Tobacco from many realm are available in many forms.

  • Leaf in many preperation. Pipe leafs.
  • Rolled cigars
  • Cured for chew.
  • Dried and toasted cigarettes.
    • Roseque storefronts do not deal in packed cigarettes. They do important vast quantities of them for other merchants.

Gems & Jewelry[edit]

Roseque has storefronts as well as personal representatives dealing in Gems & Jewelry. The value of the merchandise can vary wildly.


Roseque supplies most well-known loose gems. They frequently have fire stone as well as,other magical quality stones


Many Roseque storefronts are known for exotic jewelry. They deal in street traffic as well as personal representation showings.


Roseque hosts frequent art showings as well as selling a few pieces in their storefronts.

A Roseque Gallery showing is built around art showings but also present other products for sale such as jewelry.

Exotic food stuffs and other rare goods are offered at gallery shows and arrangements for sale can be made.

Food Stuffs[edit]

New & Unknown[edit]

The more rare, the more exclusive, the better the House Roseque likes it.


The House Roseque has 15 fiefs spread across Amber. It owns many warehouses, retail spaces, and estates across shadow.

  • The Electrum is a well known fief in the Green Water. It is known for exclusive and hedonistic parties of excesses held a few times a year. The Spectrum is also the home of Duke Gasean.


Currently there are 4 ruling lines of House Roseque. These are based on the 4 children of Duke Rasaia, born 3800. These are Duke Gasean, Baroness Sastea, Baron Fuosia, & Baron Euquie.

In general the people Roseque's home world are not particularly long lived. But from Duke Gasean and his siblings the have enjoyed the Aging in Amber effect. The 4 of them moved to America and eventually gained fiefs That have become lavish pleasure palaces. They then lived long lives.

Line of Duke Gasean[edit]

  • Duke Foutera.
  • Lord Buhjia. Baron of the Court
  • Lady Youhio.Baron of the Court

Line of Baroness Seatea[edit]

  • Baroness Seatea
  • Lord Terias.

Line of Baron Fuosia[edit]

  • Baron Feriota
  • Lord Gioty. Baron of the Court
  • Lord Termna. Baron of the Court
  • Lady Edeoui.
  • Lord Efogi.Baron of the Court
  • Lady Diousa. Baron of the Court

Line of Baron Euquie[edit]

  • Baron Diousa
  • Lord Foinia. Baron of the Court

Sigil of Roseque[edit]

This power belongs to the Dukes of Roseque. The rank is newish but the sigil has belonged to the rulers of a sorcererous line that was elevated to the Duchy of Roseque by King Oberon.

The Sigil may be walked by any of the line of a Duke. The current Duke is Fortera. When title passes the new Duke pay 6 pips to gain control of the sigil but his power will not be complete till he assays the sigil.


  • 2 Shadow of the Realm-Sigil of Roseque.
  • 2 Restricted. Only a holder of the Sigil of Roseque can enter or leave by traveling the Roseque shadow paths though they can lead others.
  • 2 time flow 8 to 1 to 1. Wielder can change this quickly.
    • 6

These pips must be paid by an incoming Duke to take possession of the realm. Payment comes on top of as saying the sigil if the new Duke has not already done so.


  • 10 basic: Frame:1 Major, 4 minor.
  • 20 Advanced: Frame:2 Major, 6 Minor.
  • 30 Master. : Frame:3 Major, 8 Minor.

The sigil is a minor one but does include adding the world of Roseque to the Dukes personal shadow.

  • The power of the holders of the Sigil is to detect differences in quality and chemical make up in natural items. Strength, longevity, purity, and other characteristics can be determined. Personal taste may influence these things but mostly the ability reflects the main elements.