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The Rainbow Mound...Thieving Trollkin Bastards..[edit]

sidequests and heroquests[edit]

useful stuff[edit]

Apple Lane[edit]

  • They grow apples
  • Apple lane info and NPC's
  • Wyter...thanks to Max
  • The Idiot Girl was a young daughter of the first apple farmer, who drowned in her father's cider vats. As time went by, her father's memorial sacrifices changed into local custom, and as her story grew into a myth she became a minor hero of Voria and then a local daimon and the wyter of Apple Lane. Every generation she appears anew as an orphan girl, naive and childlike beyond her years, and makes her home in the Temple of All Gods. The clan chieftains and the temple's matrons are among the very few people who know the truth about her.
  • Her Awareness is Innocent Eyes; being ignorant of lies and deceit, they see all things as they really are. Her Defense is Unquestioning Peace, an all-permeating aura of serenity and niceness that makes everyone and everything just plain reluctant to violate her people and territory. (This is why White-Eye's trolls seem so oddly restrained, almost shy, in their marauding, among other things.) Her Blessing is Ignorant Bliss, a forgetting of pain and sorrow so deep it actually erases the wounds that cause them, physical or otherwise.


  • Chalkline Proxenus Yelmalion
  • Road Scholar Dolwynn Flewynn A hunter and secret Orlanthi
  • BandosOrendal the Giant Storm Bull ex mercenary
  • Baron Greystone. Rothar Foe-Smiter. Praxian Bison rider
  • Kwll. Palmir Humakti, former mercenary
  • MonstermashSlim Dusty Lhankor Mhy wild sage, dusty traveller of the road, keeper of lists and asker of impertinent questions.
  • Equipment
    • You will have a lantern each with an extra flask of oil. 5 torches . 10m of rope per man. 5 bronze rings. I mirror. Three days food and cider in a small barrel. A spare blanket for each man. Two spare spear shafts 2m long. 10 Ironwood stakes. A saw. 2 wood axes. 5 sacks and panniers on each mule, packed with straw. A bundle of firewood. A Tarpaulin. A hammer.


  • Orkal and Belkar
  • Gort
  • Norag troll god of cold. Inora


  • Jarenst Apple lane farmer's son and member of the fyrd. undecided Orlanthi leaning to Yelmalio. Now a bound spirit.
  • mules


  • 2d6+6
  • or
  • 90 points

Guild credit[edit]

  • Battle magic POW x 100L
  • Weapon skills STR x 100L
  • Sages INTx 100L

Previous Experience[edit]

  • Appendices of the rule book.

Rune Magic[edit]

  • 1 free point of rune magic
  • Sacrifice for as much as you want.

Magic items[edit]

  • 1 minor object.



  • Riding and Lance wont be used. What ever previous experience gives you in riding you can take as extra and spread in any skills of your choice.
  • Dodge skill DEX x 2 instead of Defence.
  • Communication
    • CHA primary, INT and POW secondary
    • Primary Characteristic: 1-4 -10%; 5-8 -5%; 9-12 - 0%;13-16+5%; 17-20 +10%; +5 per block of four thereafter.
    • Secondary Characteristic: 1-4 -5%; 5-12 0% 13-20 +5%; +5% per block of eight thereafter.


  • Three good 1H spears palmir, gort
  • A gold torc. Rothar
  • A very fine dagger of Tarsh design Dolwynn
  • A siz 11 open helm in good condition, but minus any straps. Local design with Colymar runes
  • A copper arrow head.
  • 5 1pt storage crystals. Dolwynn

  • from King Eft
  • Gold carp statue 2" high, 6" long. Group
  • 4 Aluminum ingots 1-kg each Group
  • A Dragonscale, gold inscriptions in Auld wyrmish. Big as a hand. Rothar
  • A vase of 12 obsidian figurines on cords, miniature copies of the plinth atop the mound. Everyone
  • 3 silver links of a large chain. Alloy Proxenus mindlink matrix.
  • A necklace of 27 smooth black pebbles. Each pebble gives all a persons water requirements for one day.Dolwynn
  • An ancient short bladed knife, made from an iridescent shell, dt pearls Palmir can sense when there is food about in rivers and pools.
  • 6 river pearls threaded on a braided cord of human hair. each peal enables someone to breathe underwater. Rothar.
  • A strange set of leather armour, fit for a newtling. Gort
  • 3 pouches found by Palmir
  • 1) Contains 15 lunars, 20 bolgs, a set of dice, and a small carved beetle
  • 2) Contains 57 bolgs, 2 wheels, and a gem.
  • 3) Contains a wrapped handful of moist, mushroom goo, that sparkles magically.
  • end tale loot
  • A semi precious stone on a cord 6L
  • A very good cut diamond 282L
  • A good sapphire worth ? failed roll.
  • A lead broach depicting a praying mantis with gem eyes 180L Slim
  • Cash
  • 549 bolgs
  • 1658 clacks
  • 255 wheels
  • 1050 Lunars
  • potions
  • Three doses of a foul smelling potion that will increase your dex +1pt for two hours.
  • Fungal spores. Inhaled they work as a mobility spell. two doses in a small lead snuff box.
  • An oily stinging salve that must be wiped on your face. It works as a glamour spell against trolls. 3doses.
  • strange salts that must be mixed with water. They will instantly revive an unconscious person, how ever injured. They must still be healed.
  • scrolls
  • two lead books and a lead scroll, all in darktongue. Slim
    • One lead book is about Troll myths, it will add +10 to your Uz lore skill, but will take three weeks of study.
    • The other lead book is about how to increase Str by 1pt per two weeks of practice up to a Str of 15.
  • Lead tablet +10% mace, maul attack and parry.
  • Lead tablet map Palmir carrying.

  • whiteyes loot
  • 21 bronze spearheads
  • 4 axe heads
  • 63 arrow heads
  • 7 bronze daggers
  • A bronze shortsword
  • 4 bronxe ingots 1kg each
  • 8 lead ingots
  • A sling bag containing 53 bolgs. ??
  • 3 cowskins
  • A bale of 8 sheepskins
  • full keg of troll beer
  • apple lane stuff
    • Spirit carving,tin offering bowl, red cloak,vingan helmet, bronze eating bowls, lightbringer game pieces
  • A chariot wheel
  • A wooden pillar, carved, twice the thickness of a spear, 1m long
  • A milking stool, engraved with the name 'Narly moo'
  • A box of broken china plates and bowls.
  • 4 stoppered cow horns with liquid inside
  • A drinking horn from some sort of bull. Orendal will recognize.
  • A shepherds stick.
  • A horses bridle
  • An ornate empty quiver.
  • 11 sacks
  • 8 back packs
  • 9 flagons of cider.
  • A woven mat, relatively new, with an abstract design of colored diamond-shapes. Of a decent size to use in a tent or hut, and easily rolled and carried upon one's mount.
  • a bronze bedpan with naughty ulerian engravings.
  • A lunar senior NCO's pack tent with all the trimmings 20 years of knowhow brings
  • Sack of loot returned by shuffle
    • heirloom jewelry
    • excellent jewel
    • superb gem
    • excellent gem
    • two good gems
    • four good gems

stuff for gm[edit]

  • Gringle's tin of light. Mostali.


  • yallabaloo
  • Flesika, protector of amphibians
  • Ambiphos the great wanderor, silver age newtling hero


Character spot hidden move quietly Listen Hide Swim Dodge Jump Siz/Dex SR Atk/par missile
Proxenus 60 30/15 45 35 65 43 30 2/0=2 65/65 40
Dolwynn 95 45 70 50 30 75 30 2/1=3 80/50 60
Rothar 60 65 35 35 25 54 40 2/1=3 70/70 40
Orendal 60 30 40 90 25 61 25 1/2=3 70/50 35
Slim 50 30 45 35 30 53 35 2/2=4 75/65 65
White Auroch 65 90 45 90 70 70 70 2/1=3 75/70 75