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The Kolvir Musketeers were created by King Random in 5286. Member's backgrounds may vary but they are extremely well trained. They serve many roles. They act as personal messengers. They are tasked with guarding specific places in Amber including the Throne Room, the Library, the Tombs, and other important sites. They do not act as Pattern Guards.

The Musketeers may be part of other units and have other duties. They active duty rotation varies.


  • General of the Kolvir Musketeers: Baroness Doria of Amber.
  • Colonel of the Kolvir Musketeers: Sir Garry Gavno.

Colonel Gavno demanded that all Kolvir Musketeers receive Rasak training and Prince Benedict and Baroness Doria both agreed and convinced the King. This made them at least on par with the Elites and as such all of the musketeers are listed as Elites as well. They can perform protective services for the royal family. In practice the KM and the Protective Elites are separate and some principals have both. There is a developing rivalry between the Elites and the Musketeers.


The KM have a variety of duties.

  • The Primary duty is the protection of locations on Mount Kolvir. The Tombs. The North Stair. The East Stair. (Where Bleys and Corwin fought their famous battle). Faiella's Wood. Calicalic. The Grove of the Unicorn.
  • The secondary duty is protection of the ruling family. While the royal family all have Elites assigned to them members of the ruling family need a few extra guards.
  • The Kolvir Musketeers have police posers rather then military powers.


One of the points of pride among the members is their dueling. It is considered a part of their training as well as their notoriety.


Musketeers use clockwork nail guns. Rifles and pistols.


They wear a version of the Ranger Suit.

  • 2 Chaos Vitality 5 transfer
  • 2 Double Speed 5 transfer
  • 4 Endless Stamina 5 transfer
  • 2 Combat Reflexes 5 transfer
  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 2 Danger Sense 5 transfer
  • 4 Regen 10 transfer
  • 2 N/N Forms Street clothes, Formal outfit, Camo, Blackout or Funeral Wear, duty uniform.
  • 2 Shadow Path
  • 4 Ability. Transport like trump to 6 places:Throne Room, Library, Courtyard, Assigned Principal, 2 at wearers choosing.

Musketeer forma2.jpg MusketeerDaywear1.jpg

Musketeer pistol.jpg

Kolvir Musketeers dueling blades[edit]

Tot-21 each Mithril Blade(Original Created by Arloxedra and Paid for by Random)

  • 7} Double Speed 2 -Transfer 5
  • 7} Combat Reflexes 2-Transfer 5
  • 4} Deadly Damage
  • 1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow if lost.
  • 1} Alt Form-
  • 1} ability-Return to hand

x3 Horde


  • Baroness Doria of Amber
  • Captain Garry Gavno[[1]]
  • Lieutenant Darcy Rozaro [[2]]
  • Sergent Malica Fin Digby [[3]]


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