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The party arrives in Avis Armois, each for their own reasons. They meet at the Broken Oath, an in in the North Wall district of the city. They have all heard stories and rumors regarding the disappearance of first merchant caravans, and more recently people from the surrounding regions. The most likely suspect is One-Eyed Kem, an infamous bandit leader who has escaped capture for many years, and supposedly has a stronghold or hideout somewhere within the Dire Fens. The group decides to investigate, each for their own reasons. Their journey into the Fens is fraught with dangerous encounters, but eventually they find a cavern complex that appears to be Kem's hideout - but it seems abandoned, with signs of battle and wreckage and blood everywhere. Eventually, the group encounters Panteha, a female manticore, who apparently happened upon Kem's hideout, killed all inside for food, and has been raiding the countryside since for her meals. The party kills the creature after a pitched battle, rescuing Thais, a Sister to Violet in the Wayward Daughters. The group finds a secret passage, in which the body of Kem lies - he fled the battle with the monster and died of thirst and starvation in his treasure room. The group finds directions to a barge and makes their way back to civilization and eventually returns to Avis Armois.


Avis Armois players.jpg Markels map notes.jpg The Caves End.jpg Abbateurs arme navarro.jpg
The City of Avis Armois Markel's Map (w/ Artigas' notes) The Caves of One-Eyed Kem Village of Abbateurs & Tower of Navarro

Adventure Log[edit]

Month Day Hour Notes/Event
Calude 5 - Thaïs leaves Avis Armois to patrol Fens to the west
Calude 7 - Archbishop DeMarre posts bounty for Kem
Calude 8 - Player Characters arrive in Avis Armois & take room & board @ Broken Oath (North Wall)
Calude 9 8:00 Characters meet in common room
Calude 9 9:00 Characters journey to Fenwalker's Hall (Westshore)
Calude 9 10:00 Characters journey to the Inn of the Fallen Star (Longnose)
Calude 9 11:000 Characters journey Market square to meet Brais & Amais
Calude 9 12:00 Characters appear on dirt road at unknown location; exploration reveals it to be mansion west of city; characters meet Nalencampa
Calude 9 13:00 Characters return on foot to city. Spend afternoon making purchases for exploration
Calude 9 17:00 Characters assemble for dinner at Broken Oath; Violet given letter asking for meeting in Outer Docks at midnight
Calude 9 23:30 Characters set out for meeting. Encounter Possa, Nardo and others. Possa offers alternative bounty on Kem. Makes a deal with party, provides parchment with clues on where Kem's hideout is. Characters return to Broken Oath.
Calude 10 7:00 Characters gather in Broken Oath & depart. Stop by Fenwalkers hall to pick up map that Artigas has annotated.
Calude 10 18:00 Characters reach bridge over Greater Bleakwater. Make camp for the night.
Calude 11 7:00 Characters rise and cross bridge over Greater Bleakwater. Enter Bloodthorn Forest.
Calude 11 12:00 Characters encounter weeping creature on path through Bloodthorn Forest. Creature attacks party with spells and claws. Party defeats creature in battle.
Calude 11 17:00 Characters reach Lesser Bleakwater & ruined bridge. Characters cross bridge, Gabriel falls in. Characters establish camp for the evening.
Calude 12 00:00 Markel & Darithe see strange lights. Party investigates and encounters spirit of Tjar. Tjar joins with Gabriel to show them path towards Kem's hideout, asking that they return with proof that Kem has been punished for killing Tjar.
Calude 12 08:00 Characters arise and journey into Fens led by Tjar.
Calude 12 12:00 Party reaches limit of Tjar's range. Tjar departs. Characters encounter huge black willow tree surrounded by dead bodies. Fariya retreives staff and coins from beneath tree.
Calude 12 15:00 Party sees spear & clothing in the swamp. They are attacked by huge, flightless vultures as they investigate. Markel is gravely wounded and near death.
Calude 12 16:00 Party makes camp for the night.
Calude 13 07:00 Party awakes. Fariya heals Markel.
Calude 13 09:00 Party begins march.
Calude 13 12:00 Party reaches outskirts of the Oozing Mounds, begins to climb.
Calude 13 15:00 Party reaches saddle point with 7 paths; takes the descending path with the red-veined rock.
Calude 13 18:00 Party makes camp for the night.
Calude 13 22:00 Eruption destroys campsite; Fariya falls into mud, dragged to safety; party searches for goods, but some equipment is either destroyed or fell into mud sinkhole.
Calude 13 23:00 Party sets up new camp for remainder of night.
Calude 14 08:00 Party wakes and prepares to set out.
Calude 14 10:00 Party reaches large crater with cave along slope; bodies of two dead creatures lie outside entrance. Gabriel uses Phantasmal Force to test for guards, but nothing happens.
Calude 14 10:30 Party enters the cave.
Calude 14 10:45 Darithe triggers a pit trap, falling in and taking damage. Fariya heals Darithe.
Calude 14 11:00 Party lures a giant spider into combat. Spooked by Gabriel & wounded by Markel & Fariya; spider flees.
Calude 14 11:15 Party returns to central chamber; barricades tunnel leading south where spider fled; Markel constructs snare to generate noise if something attempts to break through.
Calude 14 11:30 Party investigates tunnel leading north; finds room with dead human body, six cages/kennels, four of which have dead bodies of dogs in them. Party searches for secret doors but finds nothing. Fariya says a prayer for dead human and searches body but finds nothing. Violet inspects cages but finds nothing.
Calude 14 11:45 Party investigates tunnel leading east, finds room filled with webs and debris, cooking implements, large built-in cooking fireplace, broken tables, casks, tuns, and urns in disarray.
Calude 14 12:00 Party investigates tunnel leading west, triggers a crossbow trap, but no one is injured. Room beyond is filled with chests, crates, barrels, and urns. Party disturbs a nest of bats.
Calude 14 12:15 Darithe thoroughly checks storeroom for traps. Party inventories goods in storeroom. Gabriel checks storeroom for secret doors but finds none. Darithe discovers urns contain saakh oil (valuable); Violet pries open "fragile" crate & finds fine Anidan pottery. Violet opens unlocked chest and finds fine dwarven-forged weapons. Markel & Darithe take some of the weapons.
Calude 14 13:00 Party returns to large chamber and disassembles barricade & removes snare. Group proceeds down southern tunnel to mud pool.
Calude 14 13:15 Darithe climbs across mud pool. Finds wood & iron cylinders with chains attached on far side.
Calude 14 13:45 Violet wades across mud pool and sets out cylinders for others to cross.
Calude 14 14:00 Party traverses western tunnel. encounters wounded spider and attacks. Spider killed by Markel's arrows. Party finds human forearm with ring, broken weapons.
Calude 14 14:15 Party returns to junction, enters southern tunnel. Finds wrecked barracks, filled with debris & signs of battle. Party moves across to northern tunnel, which leads to another archer's roost looking out over the mud-filled cavern.
Calude 14 14:30 Party returns to junction, enters eastern tunnel. Leads to another mud-pit cavern with exit on far side. Party crosses the pit, climbs tunnel on far side.
Calude 14 15:00 Party enters room filled with piles of bones and rotting corpses, lair of Panteha. Party fights Panteha, wounding the creature severely. Creature flees into tunnel leading south. Party gives chase, running through mud-pit room filled with bodies and gore.
Calude 14 15:15 Party finds Panteha holding armored woman hostage. Party attacks, killing monster. Violet and armored woman gravely wounded and near death.
Calude 14 15:30 Gabriel, Markel & Darith investigate bookshelf in lair & find secret door leading to tunnel; Fariya binds Violets wounds. Darithe returns to attend to wounds of armored woman. Woman is Thäis, member of Wayward Daughters. Thäis neutralizes poison in Violet.
Calude 14 19:00 Party cleans lair & sets up camp for the evening there. Violet and Thais moved to lair via stretcher. Gabriel & Markel skin Panteha's carcass. Watches are set for the evening.
Calude 15 07:00 Party rises for the day. Gabriel inventories books, opens chest to reveal mens clothes. Thais tells her tale of how she came here. Thais, Violet, and Fariya perform healing.
Calude 15 07:30 Party investigates tunnel behind bookshelf/secret door. Finds room with chests and dead body. Spend rest of day exploring barracks and kitchen. Clean barracks, take baths, rest for rest of day.
Calude 16 07:00 Party rises for the day. Spend day loading goods onto barge. Spends night camped by river to set out next morning.
Calude 17 07:00 Party rises for the day. They steer the barge down river, taking the Lesser Bleakwater branch to Tjar's grave. They make camp at the broken stone bridge to wait for night.
Calude 18 0:00 Party see's Tjar's lights and goes to his grave. Presented with Kem's head, the spell binding his spirit is broken, and Tjar's apparition dissipates into the air.
Calude 18 08:00 Party rises and poles barge back upstream towards Greater Bleakwater.
Calude 18 17:00 Party makes camp for the night along Bloodthorne side of river. Attacked by huge black owls. Violet gravely wounded.
Calude 19 07:00 Party poles barge back upstream towards Greater Bleakwater.
Calude 19 11:00 Party reaches junction of Greater & Lesser Bleakwater rivers, takes Greater Bleakwater downriver.
Calude 19 17:00 Party reaches bridge over the Greater Bleakwater between Mistwood and Bloodthorn. Makes camp for evening along Mistwood side of river.
Calude 20 07:00 Party rises and resumes journey downriver.
Calude 20 15:00 Party reaches village of Abbateurs and Navarro Tower. Make arrangements with Skelly the dockmaster to have contents of barge loaded for transport to Avis Inia. Take rooms at the village Inn (Sign of the Lame Dog).
Calude 20 17:00 Party calls on Capt. Druzel of the Garde Navarro.
Calude 21 07:00 Party departs Abbateurs via carts to Avis Armois.
Calude 21 15:00 Party arrives in Avis Armois. (End of Adventure)

NPC's & Encounters[edit]

Surname Given Name Occupation Location Notes
Gaffé Yves Innkeeper/Owner Broken Oath, North Wall, Avis Armois
?? Nalencampa ??? Estates, West of Avis Armois
?? Brais Groundskeeper Estates of Nalencampa, West of Avis Armois with Amais, teleported party to front of Nalencampa´s estate
?? Amais Cook/Housekeeper Estates of Nalencampa, West of Avis Armois see Brais
Artigas Guilleme Master, Fenwalkers Fenwalkers Hall, Westshore, Avis Armois recruited Markel to Fenwalkers
?? Thaïs Wayward Daughter Avis Armois Rescued from Kem´s Hideout
?? Kem Bandit Dead aka One-Eyed Kem, died in his lair
Rozru Snizovn Innkeeper Inn of the Fallen Star, Longnose, Avis Armois
??? Possa Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Nardo Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? "The Asp" Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Tjar Bandit The Dire Fens Associate of Kem; has been missing for years; we found his spirit at a tree at night then we released him
Druzel Bruno Soldier Abbateurs & Arme Navarro Day Captaine of the Tower
??? "Skelly" Dockmaster Abbateurs & Arme Navarro Made arrangements for land transport of goods & storage of barge
Lafitte ??? Soldier Abbateurs & Arme Navarro Chevalière; Master of the Tower (Maître du Arme)

Adventure Notes[edit]

Currently: Returning with loot, Kem´s head, Thais and the gold ring to Avis Armois. Kem´s head we will give to Possa for him to collect the reward (500 gold crowns) from the Archbishop.

We went to find One-Eyed Kem´s lair plus the man himself. Possa gave us this information: “Take the hidden north trail; at the lesser Bleakwater you must find Tjar; only he can take you to the fallen knight – his sword points the way. When you reach the red rocks, take the low path.”

  • Violet needs to find Thais in town - she seems to have had a sudden change in her daily routine, which doesn´t sound too positive. (But Master Artigas, head of the Fenwalker´s Guild knows Thais well). We found her spear and surcoat in the Dire Fens, then the woman herself in Kem´s Hideout.
  • Darithe wishes to make inquiries at the Fenwalker´s Guild (in aid of Markel, yes?)

Current Leads:

  • Markel wishes to find a Sunken City in the Dire Fens, has a map leading to it in fact.
  • Gabriel was commanded to visit Nalencampa to the west of town. Nalencampa´s servants Brais and Amais sent the group there from the market. Nalencampa said that Gabriel and Fariya are but pawns in a wider game.
  • Fariya is investigating the murder of a Jhonian merchant to the west of town, as is Gabriel. A gold ring set with a jasper stone inscribed with Jhonian writing, was taken when the merchant's caravan was raided.