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Avis Armois players 01.jpg Markels map updated.jpg Deadmarsh.jpg
The City of Avis Armois Markel's Map (updated) The Village of Deadmarsh

Adventure Log[edit]

Month Day Hour Notes/Event
Dimune 15 n/a Fariya Detects Magic on items found in Tunnels and heals party. Fariya and Gabriel spend day examining items.
Dimune 18 n/a Wissam tells Fariya that Shaheer will be arriving within a fortnight.
Dimune 19 n/a Darithe encounters Dregs and Fergasse in the Market District.
Dimune 21 n/a Gabriel receives a letter from Boulen indicating his old teacher is arrived in Avis Armois.
Dimune 25 n/a Gabriel visits Boulen.
Dimune 30 n/a Fariya and Wissam greet Shaheer upon his arrival in the City.
Dace 1 n/a All gather at Nalencampa's for dinner. Shaheer and Boulen convinced that a third party or group is seeking the Rings, setting their organizations against one another.
Dace 3 n/a Violet meets Archbishop DeMarre at Seld Dieudonné; news reaches the city that Arme Navarro and Abbateurs have fallen to a large host of Gnolls and Lizard-Men
Dace 4 n/a Artigas asks party if they will investigate why lizardfolk have suddenly taken up arms against humankind.
Dace 6 n/a Chevalière Du Serna & Artigas lead a large force north to the Oozing Mounds to retaliate against the Gnoll clan there.
Dace 7 0800 Party departs Avis Armois in Serala's boat, heading across Bloodwater Bight to the village of Deadmarsh in the Dire Fens
Dace 7 1900 Party arrives on the shores of the Fens and makes landfall at Deadmarsh; visits the "Dancing Fishes" tavern owned by Omer


Surname Given Name Occupation Location Notes
Orellana-Alcalde de Peña Nalencampa Retired/Sage Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city)
?? Brais Groundskeeper Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city) with Amais, teleported party to front of Nalencampa´s estate
?? Amais Cook/Housekeeper Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city) see Brais
Artigas Guilleme Master, Fenwalkers Avis Armois (Westshore) Recruited Markel to Fenwalkers
Lacan Thaïs Wayward Daughter Avis Armois Rescued from Kem´s Hideout
du Serna Arsène Lionel Soldier Avis Armois (Seld Dieudonné) Chevalière; Captaine of the Black Lions (City Garrison)
el-Nagi al Bajj Shaheer Fariya's Instructor in Magic Jhon Member of the Cabal of The Seven Rings
el-Jabour ibn Edris Wissam Shaheer's agent in Avis Armois Avis Armois (The Embers) Has a room at The Bird of Paradise Inn
Aphier Boulen Gabriel's Instructor in Magic Aven Bentois Member of the Order of the White Staff
Lapointe Clothilde Landlady for party rooms Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Widower, husband (Gaston) was well-known weapons master
Felippi Venusto Priest Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Head Priest at St. Antelmo di Sennuli
al-Dajani Sallah Priest Avis Armois (The Embers) Mullah of the Blue Mosque
Soki Othio Child Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Youngest son of Ilvikir Soki (age ~10); now resides at Bronzechapel residence with Madame LaPointe and characters.
DeMarre Averro Archbishop Avis Armois (Seld Dieudonné) His Excellency; Archbishop of Armois Province and Lord High Protector of the City of Avis Armois
? Omer Tavernmaster Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Huge male human, owns the the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
Noh ? 'Inland Trader' Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) One of two male halflings met at the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern (wearing dagger)
Noh ? 'Inland Trader' Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Two of two male halflings met at the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern (unarmed)
? Pearl ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Female halfling met at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Anton Shipwright Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Inebriated male human shipwright met at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? ? ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Male Half-Orc at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Maggot ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Male Goblin; found ransacking Serala's boat outside the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Jade ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Female human serving woman at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
Didier ? Healer Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Omer indicates Madame Didier heals the sick in the village.
"The Master" ? ? ? Mentioned in letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens
Khut ? ? ? Author of the letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens
Nybrixus ? ? ? Mentioned in the letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens; an agent of "The Master", a peer or possibly competitor of Khut
Acaozzashk ? None Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Lizard-Man that lives in Deadmarsh Village. Fled from Red Spines Tribe.

Adventure Notes[edit]