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A large force of lizard-folk sacked a human outpost near the edge of the nearby swamp (Dire Fens). The party was asked to investigate and stop the attacks. They journey by sea to a small refugee village on the shore of the swamp, where they met a lizardman who fled his tribe. The lizardman tells them an evil tribe of powerful lizard-folk (the Black-Scales), led by a strange shaman and his new Scaled God, had come to dominate the other three lizardman tribes (the Red-Spines, the Yellow-Tails, and the Green-Backs), and forced them into the war with humans.

The party journeys to the Red-Spine village, offering to help the Red-Spines throw off the yoke of the Black-Scales. The Red-Spine Chieftain asks them to get rid of some orcs who had invaded Red-Spine Territory recently. The party destroys the orc outpost, and the Red-Spines ally with the party. Next the party journeys to another Tribe, the Yellow-Tails. The Yellow-Tail shaman tests the party with a series of riddles, which they solved, and the Yellow-Tails join the alliance.

While attacking the orcs, Darithe donned a magic mask found during their last adventure, which they find is cursed. The lizardmen direct them to a hermit who lives in a place called the Rotwood, a strange part of the swamp devoid of living vegetation and overgrown with huge, strange fungus and mushrooms. The hermit, Nabu Shum-Iber, turns out to be a retired adventurer suffering a curse that makes him a half-man/half-vulture beast. He trades removal of Darithe's cursed mask for her magical cloak of concealment.

The party then returns to complete their mission with the Lizardmen. They manage to arrange a secret meeting with the Green-Back shaman, who recommends that one of them should challenge the puppet chieftain to single combat, as his champion. Violet issues the challenge, and fights the Green Back Chieftain in single combat, without armor or weapons. Violet manages to strangle the puppet chieftain to death, winning the challenge. The Green-Backs then join the alliance.

An assault is planned on the Black-Scale Village, where apparently there are still human prisoners from the recent raids being held, and where the dreaded Black-Scale Shaman resides. The advice is that if the Shaman can be killed or captured, the Black Scales will lose their will to fight. The three tribes march with the party to the Black-Scale Village, and the battle is joined. The losses are horrendous on both sides. But in the end, the Black-Scales are almost completely obliterated and the human prisoners freed. Their shaman escapes, however, disappearing into the mists.

The party and former prisoners journey to the nearby temple of the Scaled God, where they think the shaman retreated to. Almost immediately they are attacked by magic spells from within. They fight a number of undead animals that guard the temple rooms before finally encountering a human spellcaster. Many of the party and former prisoners are slain in the resulting battle, and the ones that live (Violet, Fariya, Gabriel, and Darithe) are captured, waking up in iron cages, stripped, bound and gagged. The group manages to escape.

Maps & Figures[edit]

Avis Armois players 01.jpg Markels map 3.jpg Deadmarsh.jpg Red spine village complete.jpg
The City of Avis Armois Markel's Map (updated) The Village of Deadmarsh Red-Spine Lizardman Village
Green back village.jpg Black scale village no fow.jpg Orc camp no fow.jpg Ruins no fow.jpg
Green-Back Lizardman Village Black-Scale Lizardman Village Blood-Axe Orc Camp Lair of Nabu Shum-Iber
Akazash.png Ishti.png Laeg.png Ulna.png
"AKAZASH" (Tuath) "ISHTI" (Tuath) "LAEG" (Tuath) "ULNA" (Tuath)
Scroll letter 001.jpg Scroll letter 002.jpg
1st Letter from Temple 2nd Letter from Temple

Adventure Log[edit]

Month Day Hour Notes/Event
Dimune 15 n/a Fariya Detects Magic on items found in Tunnels and heals party. Fariya and Gabriel spend day examining items.
Dimune 18 n/a Wissam tells Fariya that Shaheer will be arriving within a fortnight.
Dimune 19 n/a Darithe encounters Dregs and Fergasse in the Market District.
Dimune 21 n/a Gabriel receives a letter from Boulen indicating his old teacher is arrived in Avis Armois.
Dimune 25 n/a Gabriel visits Boulen.
Dimune 30 n/a Fariya and Wissam greet Shaheer upon his arrival in the City.
Dace 1 n/a All gather at Nalencampa's for dinner. Shaheer and Boulen convinced that a third party or group is seeking the Rings, setting their organizations against one another.
Dace 3 n/a Violet meets Archbishop DeMarre at Seld Dieudonné; news reaches the city that Arme Navarro and Abbateurs have fallen to a large host of Gnolls and Lizard-Men
Dace 4 n/a Artigas asks party if they will investigate why lizardfolk have suddenly taken up arms against humankind.
Dace 5 n/a Group meets Serala, a seafaring adventurer who has a boat. Serala agrees to join party and take them to the outpost closest to the Lizardfolk tribes. Party visits the Library of Seld Dieudonné to research what might be learned about the lizardfolk tribes and the Fens in general.
Dace 6 n/a Chevalière Du Serna & Artigas lead a large force north to the Oozing Mounds to retaliate against the Gnoll clan there.
Dace 7 0800 Party departs Avis Armois in Serala's boat, heading across Bloodwater Bight to the village of Deadmarsh in the Dire Fens
Dace 7 1900 Party arrives on the shores of the Fens and makes landfall at Deadmarsh; visits the "Dancing Fishes" tavern owned by Omer
Dace 7 2000 Gabriel meets Anton, local shipwright; Fariya follows Paula out after a crash of dishes from the Fens, only to find a Goblin named Maggot riffling through their boat. Anton tells them to move the ship to his hut where he will watch it; Maggot will take them to the lizard-folk who live on the south shore.
Dace 7 2130 Party meets a lizard-man, Acaozzashk, that lives on the south shore with its family. It tells them about the arrival of the Black-Scale tribe. It gives Fariya a talisman of bone and instructs her to present it to the Red-Spine Shaman.
Dace 7 2200 Party retires for the evening, sleeping in their boat.
Dace 8 0800 Party rises and decides to press inland upriver.
Dace 8 1800 Party looks for place to make camp. Hear drums further inland, and encounter a party of armed lizard-folk, who demand they drop their weapons. Party complies, and lizard-men escort them inland.
Dace 8 2000 Party arrives at lizard-man village; presented to Chieftain and Shaman. Chieftain demands that party help the tribe by eliminating an encampment of Orcs that have invaded. If they are successful, the tribe will assist them. Party retires in tent provided by tribe.
Dace 9 0700 Party rises; lizard-folk have brought their boat to village. Party guided by several lizard-men to orc encampment.
Dace 9 1300 Party arrives at orc encampment. Gabriel uses raven figurine to scout camp. Group decides to wait to observe the movements of the camp.
Dace 9 1700 Orcs perform a change of watch, light bonfires around camp.
Dace 9 1730 A patrol emerges from the camp moving east and south along the shore of the river. Party ambushes orc patrol; all but one Orc is killed; wounded orc flees to camp, party retreats to west
Dace 9 1745 Party meets with lizard-men guides; guides seem to indicate that party must finish engagement with orcs and destroy the encampment in order to complete the deal with their leader. Imply that more orcs will arrive as reinforcements if they wait.
Dace 9 1800 Party begins assault on encampment; Gabriel has raven deliver a skin of oil, which lights several tents on fire; Violet and others begin assaulting the encampment. Gabriel invokes a Flaming Sphere which sets much of camp on fire. Party slays many orcs until finally the remaining soldiers flee. Orc leader is killed in combat with party. Darithe is felled by an arrow, but healed by Fariya.
Dace 9 1900 Party and lizard-man guides begin journey back to village
Dace 10 0400 Party arrives back at Red-Spine village; chieftain and shaman confer with party; party appears to have won over the Red Spines to their cause. Shaman indicates that they will still be too weak, and that they must try to win over the Yellow Tails to the west and/or the Green Backs to the east.
Dace 10 0500 Party retires to sleep. Darithe is unable to remove her mask.
Dace 11 - Party rests; Darithe begins to feel weak and tired.
Dace 12 0800 Party journeys east in search of the Yellow-Tail tribe.
Dace 12 1300 Party attacked by huge, gilled humanoids. Markel, Violet, and Gabriel grievously wounded. After discovering a few items in the pool the creatures attacked from, party continues on.
Dace 12 1700 Party makes camp for the night.
Dace 13 0700 Party rises and breaks camp. Continue marching east.
Dace 13 1100 Party stopped by band of lizard-men; forced to drop weapons, then guided to the east.
Dace 13 1500 Arrives at the village of the Yellow-Tails; meet what they presume to be some kind of leader living in a wooden structure atop a low hill. Sent away with a party of lizard-men guides.
Dace 13 1730 Arrive at a desolate areas; guides send them ahead. Find a small lake. A voice tells them they will be tested, and must pass tests given by the "spirits". Party has to answer four riddles. After doing this, they reach center of lake, where Yellow-Tail shaman greets them and agrees to help them with Black Scales. Group returns to Yellow-Tail village to speak with chieftain, rest, and heal.
Dace 14 n/a Party rests and heals at Yellow-Tail village.
Dace 15 n/a Party returns to Red-Spine village with Yellow-Tail Chieftain, Shaman, and entourage. Overnight in swamps without incident.
Dace 16 n/a Party reaches Red-Spine village. Great feast prepared for two tribes. Party given symbol to show to Green-Back Shaman.
Dace 17 0700 Party departs Red-Spine village, heading up-river to Green-Back village. Snows most of day.
Dace 17 1500 Party reaches Green-Back village. Gabriel & Serala create illusions of a water-troll and then a manticore to attract the attention of the lizard-folk. Darithe, Fariya, and Markel approach from the south. Darithe delivers the symbol to the hut of the shaman and sneaks back to the others without being seen. Party manages to escape the area without discovery.
Dace 17 1630 Party moves upstream of Green-Back village and finds old shrine used by Green-Backs for spirit worship before arrival of Black Scales. Markel and Fariya explore shrine area and find totem similar to those at Yellow-Tail shaman area, but larger. Party makes camp for the night. Darithe is exhausted, pale, and cold.
Dace 18 0700 Party wakes. Darithe's weakness is worse. Party is packing up camp when they hear something moving in the mist. Green-Back Shaman, Thasassakosh, appears and talks with them. Explains how Black-Scale shaman installed current Green-Back Chieftain, and issues with overturning rule of current chieftain. Tells them to visit Na-Bu, a hermit that lives in the Rotwood, who might be able to help remove the cursed mask from Darithe, and then to return to help the Green Backs.
Dace 18 0800 Party sets off for the Rotwood, moving upriver.
Dace 18 1100 Party reaches the border of the Rotwood. All living vegetation disappears, leaving only rotting plants and all manner of fungus growing on them.
Dace 18 1300 Party reaches ruins of an ancient cluster of buildings. Party members experience [terrifying and disturbing visions as they explore. Attacked by a ghostly monster. Fariya severely wounded and knocked unconcious. Gabriel and Serala also injured. Party saved by appearance of the hermit, Nabu-Shum Iber, who causes the creature to flee. Nabu takes party to his home in the ruins.
Dace 18 1400 Darithe makes a trade with Nabu - her magical cloak for his removal of the mask. Nabu performs a ritual, and successfully removes the mask from Darithe. Nabu invites party to spend evening with him and share a meal. He speaks of the evil powers that hold sway in the Fens, indicating that the ones he is aware of are not behind the rise of the Black Scales and their mysterious Shaman.
Dace 19 0800 Party takes leave of Nabu and returns downriver. Just before they exit the Rotwood, they encounter a terrifying entity in the form of a Black Stag, which questions them briefly before saying that their goals serve its purposes for the moment and then disappearing.
Dace 19 1200 Party reaches Green-Back shrine. Set up camp to await Thasassakosh, who does not appear before nightfall.
Dace 20 0700 Thasassakosh arrives. Tells group he will convene the trial-by-combat ritual of Haaasskasss in order to overthrow current Green-Back Chieftain. Asks Violet if she will fight.
Dace 22 0700 Party journeys to Green Back Village. Violet and Serala approach and are brought before Green Back Chieftain, Kissathisiss, as well as the shamans of the Green-Back, Yellow-Tail, and Red-Spine tribes.
Dace 22 0800 Violet engages in ritual combat with Kisassthiss, chief of Green-Back Tribe. Violet is victorious, killing Kisassthiss. Kisassthis' Black-Scale bodyguards rush Violet, but are overwhelmed by the collected shamans and Green-Back tribe members.
Dace 23 - Party rests. Red-Spine tribe arrives & joins army.
Dace 24 0800 Yellow-Tail tribe arrives & joins army. Army marches to Black-Scale Village.
Dace 24 1500 Army arrives at outskirts of Black-Scale village.
Dace 24 1600 Forces are deployed; attack begins.
Dace 24 1630 The battle is over. The Black-Scale shaman flees during the battle, turning into a vaporous mist. All but two Black-Scale Warriors are killed, including the Black-Scale Chieftain. Prisoners from Arme Navarro are freed. Prisoners indicate there may be more of their companions taken to the Temple of the Scaled God, somewhere to the east.
Dace 24 1800 Lizard-man tribes depart. Party and prisoners set up camp for the night in the village.
Dace 25 0700 Party rises & sets off for ruins further upriver.
Dace 25 1400 Party reaches large structure at fork in river, surrounded by purple flowers. Markel and Darithe approach to investigate, but become drowsy and pass out in flowers. Fariya casts Unseen Servant to remove flowers, but is struck by a magical bolt coming from the top of the ruins. Violet sprints to top of ruins but finds no one. After remaining flowers are cleared by Fariya, rest of party and prisoners climb to top of ruins.
Dace 25 1415 Party enters ruins, finding a hallway that runs around interior, with double doors leading inward, and statues in the corners. As they move about, magic mouths appear, taunting them to follow into the ruins. Darithe checks for traps, disarming one. Unseen Servant is used to trigger a Fire Trap, and later a Gas Trap. Party finally enters southernmost doors, finding a spiral stairway leading down.
Dace 25 1530 Party reaches a room with double doors leading south. They open them with Unseen Servant, to find four huge skeletons of Dire Raptors. Violet is badly wounded before Fariya turns the skeletons so powerfully they crumble to piles of bones.
Dace 25 1600 Darithe examines both doors out of room for traps, finding none. Western door is opened, revealing a hallway with a floor lined with Tuath Glyphs.
Dace 25 1615 Gabriel deciphers glyphs and leads group into hallway single file. At the end, he finds a lever, which he pulls. Party enters eastern door into a room filled with glowing lights of different colors.
Dace 25 1630 Party takes northern door into long room of tables and shelves filled with strange substances, scrolls, and paraphernalia. Group takes door to east.
Dace 25 1645 Party enters room with many crates and chests and a cage, with a relief sculpture of the dragon from first level.
Dace 25 1700 Party proceeds south through archway into a room containing a skeletal boar, which attacks. Party manages to kill the creature. Room has relief sculpture of huge bird with outstretched wings on wall.
Dace 25 1715 Party moves south, finding a door. Behind it is a room filled with rotting animal corpses, being consumed by a horde of strange beetles. Party closes door and moves north again to room with tables and shelves, this time taking western door.
Dace 25 1730 Party finds another room behind western door, also filled with crates and chests. Room has a large relief sculpture of an octopus on west wall. Fariya opens a crate, finding alchemical flasks and glassware. Party moves south.
Dace 25 1745 Party finds a room filled with large casks. A defaced relief sculpture is on the eastern wall behind them. Party takes hallway south.
Dace 25 1800 Party opens a door to find a room filled with wooden debris and a zombified boar, which attacks. Party manages to slay creature, but Markel is wounded.
Dace 25 1830 Party retraces their steps, checking for secret doors. Violet discovers a secret opening in the mouth of the dragon relief sculpture, hiding a lever inside.
Dace 25 1845 Party enters through secret door. Proceed down hallway beyond, checking for traps.
Dace 25 1915 Hallway turns, revealing stairs leading down. Party descends.
Dace 25 1945 Party reaches bottom of stairs, entering a hallway lit by torches for part of its length. Party proceeds down, checking for traps.
Dace 25 2000 Party hears sounds of spell being cast both ahead and behind them. Party trapped by Web spell], which immediately burns, killing Radgert. Party engages and finds a dark-skinned man at end of hallway casting spells. Markel, Gabriel, and Brice are affected by Scare spell and cannot fight. Remaining characters attack and pursue spellcaster, who flees further up hallway.
Dace 25 2015 Party enters room containing undead wolves and spellcaster, continuing to fight. Zombie-wolves slay Marc and Davy; Violet and Fariya wounded and rendered unconcious. Spellcaster severely wounded, but Darithe paralyzed by a spell, and Serala slain by zombie wolves.
Dace 25 2030 Gabriel, Markel, Grifo, and Brice confronted by dark man. Markel, Grifo, and Brice fall to Sleep spell. Gabriel paralyzed and rendered unconscious.
Dace 26 00:00 Violet, Darithe, Gabriel, and Fariya awake bound and gagged in hanging cages in a pentagonal room. Room has a huge pit in the middle, on which a statue of the bird-woman they have seen earlier perches. Room is lit by two torches, and Darithe notices a lever is set into the wall near the door leading out. Violet manages to free herself from her ropes, but cannot escape her cage.
Dace 26 00:15 The dark man enters the room, questions party about where they acquired the Ring of Fire and the Ring of Thought. Mentions that he has dispatched word to his "master" about his finding the rings and that the groups fate will be decided within 24 hours. After he leaves, Gabriel and Fariya manage to free themselves from their ropes.
Dace 26 00:45 Fariya climbs down the rungs of the pit and finds a filthy cavern at the bottom. She manages to scrounge up a few items to provide them makeshift weapons and holy symbol. Darithe manages to pick the lock to her cage using the broken pieces of the locks from the other cages.
Dace 26 01:15 Group climbs down into pit to explore. Stumble across a grievously wounded man, Esker Manyblades. Group heals Esker best they can and continues exploring.
Dace 26 01:30 Group discovers a small bubbling spring that seems to be bringing water into the cavern, and nearby a small whirlpool that appears to be draining water from it. As they move to explore more, they are confronted by a huge, undead lizard-like creature. Bizarrely, it does not attack them. They find what appears to be its nest, which contains many bodies of humans and lizard-men. They are able to scavenge clothing, some armor, and a few weapons from the area.
Dace 26 02:00 Group moves back to the bottom of the pit to rest. They hear the lizard-thing in the caverns, but it does not disturb them.
Dace 26 14:00 Group rises and heals themselves as best they can. They climb back up to the prison room to confront the dark man. Opening the door out, they find his dead body in the entranceway to the prison, apparently the victim of a trap that they managed to set by pulling the lever in the room. Fariya and Gabriel recover the Ring of Fire and Ring of Thought, respectively.
Dace 26 14:15 Group enters a pentagon-shaped room with five exits and statues of hooded figures at the points, with much dried blood on the floor aggregating around one door. They enter that door to find a foul pentagon-shaped room used as a temple or ritual chamber, with Markel's dead body on a stone alter, and Griffo Masse's body nearby on the floor. Fariya sets the room ablaze to purge it.
Dace 26 15:00 Group investigates the next door, finding another hallway with the green, 8-sided design on the floor they saw on the first level before the mountain doors. Opening the door on the opposite side, they find a pentagon-shaped room with a statue, bookshelves, a desk with scrolls, two chests, and a strange pentagram design on the floor. They find a spell book, presumably the necromancers. In two chests in the room they find all their gear except for their weapons and armor. Fariya takes some of the books from the shelf.
Dace 26 15:30 Group investigates the next door, finding another hallway with the blue, wavy design on the floor they saw on the first level before the octopus doors. Opening the door on the opposite side, they find another pentagon-shaped room with a large statue of the fish-woman from the entrance floor, and several pools of water. There is a small cot and two sacks in the room; the sacks contain clothing that looks cut for the necromancer.
Dace 26 16:00 Group moves through the open double doors in the statue room and finds the place where they made their final stand against the necromancer and the zombie wolves before they were captured. They find a pile of armor near the southern exit, including all of their garb, armor, and weapons. Violet finds a suite of plate-mail that fits her and exchanges it for her damaged banded mail.
Dace 26 17:00 Group investigates laboratory on next floor up, taking several items. They use barrels of lamp oil and brandy to make the building flammable. They light the fires as they leave, setting the structure ablaze. Violet hangs the iron symbol of the Flowering Cross, the holy symbol of the Holy Faith, on the doors of the first level before they leave.
Dace 26 18:00 Group makes camp for the night. Esker and Darithe hear something flying overhead, but they are not attacked.
Dace 27 08:00 Group moves on to the ruins of the Black-Scale village, meeting the two Yellow-Scale warriors who were left to wait for them. They guide them back upriver to the Green-Back village. Group rests for several days.
Dace 30 - Group departs for Red-Spine Village. Overnights there.
Dace 31 - Group arrives in Deadmarsh. Overnight there.
Accen 01 - Group departs Deadmash by boat sailing for Avis Armois.
Accen 03 17:00 Group arrives back in Avis Armois.


Surname Given Name Occupation Location Notes
Orellana-Alcalde de Peña Nalencampa Retired/Sage Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city)
?? Brais Groundskeeper Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city) with Amais, teleported party to front of Nalencampa´s estate
?? Amais Cook/Housekeeper Avis Armois (Alcalde Estates, West of city) see Brais
Artigas Guilleme Master, Fenwalkers Avis Armois (Westshore) Recruited Markel to Fenwalkers
Lacan Thaïs Wayward Daughter Avis Armois Rescued from Kem´s Hideout
du Serna Arsène Lionel Soldier Avis Armois (Seld Dieudonné) Chevalière; Captaine of the Black Lions (City Garrison)
el-Nagi al Bajj Shaheer Fariya's Instructor in Magic Jhon Member of the Cabal of The Seven Rings
el-Jabour ibn Edris Wissam Shaheer's agent in Avis Armois Avis Armois (The Embers) Has a room at The Bird of Paradise Inn
Aphier Boulen Gabriel's Instructor in Magic Aven Bentois Member of the Order of the White Staff
Lapointe Clothilde Landlady for party rooms Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Widower, husband (Gaston) was well-known weapons master
Felippi Venusto Priest Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Head Priest at St. Antelmo di Sennuli
al-Dajani Sallah Priest Avis Armois (The Embers) Mullah of the Blue Mosque
Soki Othio Child Avis Armois (Bronzechapel) Youngest son of Ilvikir Soki (age ~10); now resides at Bronzechapel residence with Madame LaPointe and characters.
DeMarre Averro Archbishop Avis Armois (Seld Dieudonné) His Excellency; Archbishop of Armois Province and Lord High Protector of the City of Avis Armois
? Omer Tavernmaster Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Huge male human, owns the the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
Noh ? 'Inland Trader' Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) One of two male halflings met at the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern (wearing dagger)
Noh ? 'Inland Trader' Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Two of two male halflings met at the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern (unarmed)
? Pearl ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Female halfling met at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Anton Shipwright Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Inebriated male human shipwright met at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? ? ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Male Half-Orc at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Maggot ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Male Goblin; found ransacking Serala's boat outside the "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
? Jade ? Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Female human serving woman at "Dancing Fishes" Tavern
Didier ? Healer Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Omer indicates Madame Didier heals the sick in the village.
"The Master" ? ? ? Mentioned in letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens
Khut ? ? ? Author of the letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens
Nybrixus ? ? ? Mentioned in the letter that Nalencampa's agents found in the Dire Fens; an agent of "The Master", a peer or possibly competitor of Khut
Acaozzashk - None Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Lizard-Man that lives in Deadmarsh Village. Fled from Red Spines Tribe.
Shum-Iber Nabu Hermit Dire Fens (Deadmarsh Village) Deformed and cursed bird-man of the Rotwood; former adventurer, now a hermit of considerable magical ability. Removed cursed mask from Darithe in return for her magical cloak.
Thasassakosh - Shaman Dire Fens (Green-Back Village Great Shaman of the Green-Back Tribe
Ysskathass - Shaman Dire Fens (Yellow-Tail Village) Shaman of the Yellow-Tail Tribe
Hssthaass - Shaman Dire Fens (Red-Spine Village) Shaman of the Red-Spine Tribe (dead, killed in battle with Black-Scales)
Kissathisiss - Chief Dire Fens (Green-Back Village) usurper Chief of the Green-Back Tribe (dead, killed by Violet)
Zithasskhut - Shaman Dire Fens (Black-Scale Village) Powerful shaman of the Black-Scale Tribe, who led them to their current village and who can summon the Scaled God
Zathhrass - Chief Dire Fens (Red-Spine Village) Chief of the Red-Spine Tribe
Silisskass - Chief Dire Fens (Yellow-Tail Village) Chief of the Yellow-Tail Tribe
Lortie Brice Guardsman Dire Fens (Black-Scale Village) Guard from Arme Navarro, taken prisoner during raid (dead)
Guilloux Marc Guardsman Dire Fens (Yellow-Tail Village) Guard from Arme Navarro, taken prisoner during raid (dead)
Bain Davy Guardsman Dire Fens (Black-Scale Village) Guard from Arme Navarro, taken prisoner during raid (dead)
Masse Grifo Guardsman Dire Fens (Black-Scale Village) Guard from Arme Navarro, taken prisoner during raid (dead)
Flore Radgert Seamstress Dire Fens (Black-Scale Village) Seamstress from Arme Navarro, taken prisoner during raid (dead)
- The Dark Man Necromancer Dire Fens (Temple of the Scaled God) Human necromancer impersonating Zithasskhut (see above); (dead)

Adventure Notes[edit]