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A common language spoken throughout the Athernian peninsula across boarders by common folk.


Spoken primarily by the nobility of Athervon.


Used heavily in Tras Veniri, and by the noble houses of Veniri.


Language of Anida; very popular on the southern coast of Athernian peninsula.

  • Suño/Siña: polite address, i.e., Sir or Madam
  • cuchua: slang derogatory term referencing female genitalia
  • idejo: slang derogatory term questioning ones bloodline, i.e. bastard

Vox Mercanti[edit]

The closest thing to a Common tongue that has spread across the entirety of the lands; people who speak Vox Mercanti can be found as far away as Chandrahaar and Issyria. It has not penetrated into Nihar deeply, however.



Many dialects


  • mufadil: favorite one
  • aif-sulalatan: half-breed
  • dhuíj: whore, prostitute
  • wásihf: teacher, instructor
  • múdhr a’bír: "safe-holds" - vaults used by Jhonian conquerers to weather insurrections and rebellions
  • A'zurvan: The Jhonian name for Athervon
  • Sabir/Sabin: an honorific title in Jhonian - roughly equivalent to the Athernian Messier/Madame.
  • Makal: an informal greeting in Jhonian; a shortened form of the more formal A'salam a-Makal
  • A'salam a-Makal": A more formal Jhonian greeting; literally, "the Peace of A'Salam"; the appropriate response is A-Makal A'Salam, or "A'Salam's Peace"
  • Sáwd´ihr: "shape-shifter"; used for were-creatures and other things that change shape; sometimes used as a general term for a monster
  • Sah: vulgar slang term for "understand?", usually used at the end of a command, instruction, or statement of fact.


The ancient language of Is’ri-a


Spoken across the Forbidden Isles. Many dialects, some quite different from each other.


Many dialects defined by clan/tribe.


Language of the Woegir people, of the central are of the Barbarian Kingdoms. Speakers include the Great Bear Clan, the Two-Axe Clan, the Snow Owl Clan, and the Grey Face Clan.


Language of a number of tribes to the north-east of the Grey Mountains, including the Fox Clan, the White Stag Clan, the Snow Lion Clan, and the Grey Spear Clan


A “dead” language of the ancient humans that the Vulkul and Athernians decend from. Very few speakers, very hard to learn how to speak. Reading and writing easier.

Ia'l (Elvish)[edit]

Language spoken by the original Elves who settled the Lands. Language has evolved into a number of dialects, which have become further from mother-tongue with time and distance.

Sun Elvish[edit]

Many sub-dialects.

Mist Elvish[edit]

Wood Elvish[edit]

Snow Elvish[edit]

Dark Elvish[edit]

Ghürnhrm (Dwarvish)[edit]

Each clan will speak a mild dialect or colloquial form of Ghürnhrm but all can understand one another.

Zradi (Gnomish)[edit]

Comon language of Gnomes; dialects exist between far-flung regions.

Âzhaghû (Black Speech)[edit]

Common tongue used by most humanoids.

Istkaash (Dragon)[edit]

Known by very few non-dragons. Difficult to find someone who can teach it.