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Economics & Trade[edit]

Slavery is legal within the Jhonian Empire, and a significant amount of the economy of Jhon is dependent upon slave labor. Slaves are used for almost every form of menial or physical labor, leaving Jhonian citizens to enjoy lives of leisure or at least trades that require training and skill. Slaves are primarily acquired either by conquest of new lands into the empire, or by slave traders, who trade goods and services for new slaves in other lands that are willing to engage in such commerce. The Empire has not conquered any new lands in some time, so now most slaves are acquired by slave traders, who find most of their new prospects in the Forbidden Isles, the small city-states and principalities of the Wild Coast, and the western shores of the Athernian peninsula, especially the coasts of Bakuland and Ûgozh.



Ajuhar-al-Sahir: The grand Capitol of the Jhonian Empire, seat of the Amir-al-Emir, and home of the Grand Mosque of A'Salam, Ajuhar-al-Sahir is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the entire lands. It dwarfs the large western cities of Avis Inia and Tras Veniri, and the splendor and wealth is beyond anything in Issyria or Iruzhin.