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Sheeba Harnel

Count Blitz (deceased)

LE True Lycanthrope (Human seeming) Aristocrat 4/Fighter 5

Count Blitz is a 112 year old True Lycanthrope whose family has long and loyally served Karrnath since the days of Galifar. His family made a pact with Yeenegho The Arch-Demon as part of their need to achieve greater power in the Karrnath state, so they have remained true werewolves for most of the nation's existence. Count Blitz is the last of his father's line since Thranish Inquisitors killed all of his children during the Last War and he is no longer fertile. Count Blitz thus feels the need to carry on his lineage through his nightmarish experiments with human/Infected Lycanthrope DNA. What he doesn't know is that his family is a bit more extensive than he believes and has continued in a certain Dragonmarked House. Once he discovers this, he will do anything to aquire her along with the other few remaining members of his once great noble house. While an outlaw in Karrnath, the Bliztschlargs are still important nobles, even if a small house with minimal breeding and one of Kaius' main supporters (for obvious reasons- they know each other's secrets).

For such an old man and one not used to fighting, Blitz is a nightmare in combat. He wields a massive Werewolf sized blade of Human Slaying while also regenerating three times as quickly as a normal Werewolf due to his experiments. The warrior is as strong as a Hill Giant in his true form. His monocle also can cast Charm Person and Suggestion 3 times per day as a 12th level caster.

Mid-Level Bosses[edit]

Wilkinson d'Orien Lawful neutral human male Rogue 6/Blade of Orien 3/Dark Lantern 3

Besides being Fleet Admiral Ramirez's private bodyguard and secretary, Wilkinson also is the top agent within the Dark Lantern, with more successful mission than anyone else within the organization. Wilkinson is a silent, none-descript man in his forties. He isn't usually seen anywhere near Ramirez, as he instead prefers to hide in the shadows, springing into action first when his master's life is in danger. He's usually dressed in a fairly unimaginative suit, and he hides a number of throwing daggers beneath his clothes.

Minor Villains[edit]

Black Root CE Gender Neutral Treant 3rd Level Child of Winter Druid (Destroyed)

Black Root is a nightmarish corruption of the Mourning that was transformed from a noble and decent Treant into a horrific creature of evil. Using Mandragora seeds to Dominate individual villagers, it prepared for the destruction of the outlying towns of the land in order to begin transforming the Mourning into home for a vast army of evil Treants. He met his grizzly end at the hands of Trent Carlyle.

The Ghoul King CE Male Ghoul (Shifter) 8th Level Berserker (Destroyed)

The Ghoul King was formerly a shifter mercenary with delusions of granduer. A cannibal due to his low provisions, the Lion shifter developed a taste for raw flesh that he passed along to his soldiers. Later, the Ghoul King was transformed to become like his appetites by the Mourning. The monstrous warrior proceeded to form a bandit gang from the undead remains of his former men before ravaging a village and lone travelers in the hopes of attaining a great reputation for himself. The Ghoul King was finally destroyed by Siber.

Jarda St. Croix Chaotic Good Human Male Rogue 2/Fighter 4/Monk 1 (Deceased)

Jarda St. Croix has been in the spy game a tremendously long time. The former lover of Mihoshi, he recognized that she was rapidly on the verge of self-destruction and had her memories wiped of the more unpleasant times in the Royal Eyes. An extremely capable and dashing agent, the man foiled an attempt by Vice Admiral Ramirez to have the Ruling Triumviant killed by Thaliost terrorists. Jarda has never been able to prove the man's act of warfare and his murder is an attempt by the Vice Admiral to cover up loose ends. His death will be a major blow to the Royal Eyes, not only for killing one of their most capable agents but the fact that the man's death will galvinize many in the agency to devote an incredible amount of resources to hunting down his killer despite their normal mission of gathering information. Jarda was a devoted ladies man and quite a few of them will have very personal reasons to hunt down his killer.

Red Hawk Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf Fighter 6/Drunken Master 2

The son of a Valenar Elf and a Cannith artificer, Red Hawk isn't the smartest tool in the shed but he's perfect for the kind of jobs that the House expects of him....which is to say beating up people and making sure they don't get back up. Almost uncontrollable, Red Hawk is nevertheless quite good at his job. He's only one of a small part of the Dragoons that are Merrix III's personal legbreakers.

Lupin Kriegers: (12) (destroyed)

LE Male Infected Werewolves (Human) Fighters 3

The Lupin-Kriegers are a special division of Count Blitz's "Black Spiral" membership that exist in addition to his Emerald Claw groupings. All of them are Fanatical Die hards of the Emerald Claw and he keeps them under his control due to his powers as a True Lycanthrope. They are ruthless and murderous creatures that can assume Hybrid-Wolf Form in addition to regenerating any non-magical, fire, or silver based damage.

What members will be most horrified to find upon meeting the Lupin-Kriegers is their quarters (which our heroes are about to pass into). Their quarters are filled with human beings bought from the Slave Markets in Stormreach or captured from their pirate raids. They eat them and shred them with the places absolutely bathed in blood. Count Blitz keeps the Lupin Kreigers somewhat pacified with heavy use of Suggestion spells from his monacle and thus they are different from average members of their race in alignment.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the Breeding Pens where Elven, Half-Elven, and Human women are kept in cages with many of them pregnant with the Lupin Krieger's spawn as part of the Count's plot to breed more.

Shadows over Cyre