Mutineers Timeline, Season Seven

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  • Denotes RP/Journal entry

May 1st, 2523 - Declaration of Independence of 2523 - Some representative of the Independence War Council nailed this to the door of the Parliament in Londinium.

May 5th, 2523 - Santo Independence Forces stage dramatic daylight raid on the Alliance Military Academy. The poorly defended institute suffered dramatic damage and numerous casualties but Alliance Marines were eventually able to quell the attack and round up or kill the attackers.

May 16th, 2523 - Paquin - The Alliance Naval 2nd Fleet was attacked, and severely damaged, forced to tactically retreat. Over 7800 casualties. Independents take control of the airspace over Paquin and Silverhold. Ground forces begin a war of attrition on the ground. Over 16,000 Alliance troops held effectively "captive" on Silverhold via blockade.

May 18th, 2523 - Pericles Station - Several PDF vessels docked at Pericles Station. Battles are now ongoing between Alliance and PDF forces deck by deck. Neither force wishes to destroy or damage the useful station.

May 20th, 2523 - Liann Jun - A series of explosions rock one of the largest Blue Sun agri-processing centers where textured protein is produced and packaged. Food shortages expected to be exacerbated in the Core until the systems can be brought back on line.

May 22nd, 2533 - Harvest - Massive Missile Missile Bombardment from Alliance ships and long range weapons assails the Capital City of Zhongqiu destroying numerous buildings, including the state building, and the starport. Alliance press agents claim much of the attack on Paquin originated from Harvest, and that this will be a lesson that any support of such attacks will be met with swift and serious consequences.

June 07-15, 2523 - Nuptials ––– Something old, something new, someone borrowed, someone blue.
June 15, 2523 - Brand New Day ––– It's the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

July 12, 2523 - Dar Al Tabr ––– We're tasked to convince a Sheikh who owns strategic resources to the join the Independent side.

  • July 14, 2523 - Laid Bare ––– (RP: Rina and Joshua)
  • July 14, 2523 - Taking Command ––– (RP: Rina and Nika)
  • July 14?15?16?- Conflict ––– (RP: Kiera and Arden)

August 07, 2523 - Mind Games ––– We stop to refuel at Grasshopper Station en route to Georgia, find a brutal change of management has taken place, and Joshua gets blindsided by altered humans on the IAV Lacy.

August 21, 2523 - Battle For Boros ––– We take over an Independent covert op on the ground and help kick off the battle for Boros's independence.

September 20, 2523 - A For Alliance ––– We take Independent cargo to Persephone and discover a horrific scientific/medical experiment has been secretly been implemented upon the inhabitants there.

October 05, 2523 - Columbia ––– Basically, Steve summed it up in two lines: We decide to keep Sniffer with us. We arrive on Columbia and take on cargo bound for Namira from the ship authorized to take it there.
October 09, 2523 - Namira ––– We infiltrate Namira and smuggle out important information from their mainframe. Oh, and manage to blow up their production facility of nasty DNA-altering chemical weapons.
November 06, 2523 - Land of the Lotus-Eaters ––– We escape Namira with Dr. Kell Lawrence and vital research but must stop at Pericles Station to make good our getaway. Once we dock, however, we find out something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

December 10, 2523 - Sleeper of Athens ––– We fly to Athens after repairs and downtime on Highgate, hoping to gain help from Kiera's father in our search for a Halcyon cure only to be betrayed at the last minute from an unexpected quarter.

February 04, 2524 - Bridge to Heaven ––– Exeter arrives at the Amenoukihashi and eludes the automatic defenses long enough to dock. There they encounter the hostile, if polite, forces of the ship's robot crew. Deemed unsuitable for colonization due to genetic abnormalities they are offered the opportunity to make a noble sacrifice and add to the ship's biomass.

February 05, 2524 - Taking Heaven ––– We gain control of the ship only to find others have come to do the same.
February 05, 2524 - Heimdall ––– Defending the Bridge, in more ways than one.
February 08, 2524 - Business as Usual ––– That's what it's all about.

February 08, 2524 - Big Damn Heroes ––– Series Finale


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