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MYSTERIUM : D&D 5e[edit]

The world is always in peril. Generally this peril is met head on by the Knights of the Golden Lion or by heroic adventurers like the Circle of Five, but it is peril nonetheless and what I am about to tell you in no way diminishes the seriousness of their threats. It would not be very productive to do what we do if the world fell to the likes of Lolth or Demogorgon now would it?

That being said, those Knights and Heroes of the Queen throw temselves against armies of orcs, villains such as the Lich Ulidea and her Undead Coven, and many other dangers like the Dwarves' Iron Movement in Nyaskarr. But even as these heroes move through the smaller towns, perhaps purchasing some supplies, perhaps even staying the night, they do not see the things that move about freely in the dark and hidden corners of such places.

That's where you come in. As a member of the Mysterium, you will be looking into, quite frankly, some freakish things. We are those who go into the small shadowy corners of the world seeking out evidence of them.

Who or what is them you ask? As well you should. They are the ones from Beyond. The Forgotten Ones, the Waking Nightmares, the Ancient Sleepers. The denizens of the Nightmare World of Talgorath. At least that's what we think the name of it might be from its cult that infects the world like a plague.

These ancient things are beyond description, their motives and orchestrations beyond understanding. Chaos and destruction follow in their wake, and madness, oh yes the worse and most terrifying kind of madness. Even the gods are said to fear them, the Gods from Elsewhere, and no one is able to completely remove them from the world.

But we do our best. We destroy their foot in our world where and when we can. We research their movements and actions in hopes to find out what their ultimate goals might be and desperately work to send them back to the Nightmare they come from.

That's what we do. And, now, that's what you do as well.

Cort of Belegrad, Mysterium Recruitment Master

The Setting[edit]

Queen Celesta is the third of her family to sit on the seat of rulership in Luedania and the first to be loved by all of her subjects. Her Knights, the Knights of the Golden Lion named for the giant lions that they are renowned for riding into battle - are very loyal to her and any one of them would die for the Queen who even helped to write their Knight's Code. The Great Heroes of our age were called by the Queen to end the plots of the Drow and Orcs alike, as well as the vile mechanization of the vile dragons and their queen, Tiamat. Even the Orc Clans of the Far North, having taken the North of Luedania after the Last War, respect the Queen and entered a treaty with her for their lands. It was the Queen's mother who discovered the footholds of the Ancient Sleepers in our world and those who would worship them and call on their alien power. The Queen's Eye, also known as the Mysterium was created once these plots were discovered and Queen Celesta has carried the tradition still, especially after her mother succumbed to madness and died in the Capital City of Versales' asylum.

Luedania has known peace for generations, the cities of this country sprawling spires and architecture that mixes the modern era of the land with the elegant woodland design of elven homes and the brick and mortar homes of the dwarven clans. Though som of the petty prejudices between the peoples of the world still persist, in the cities of Luedania especially in the Capital, it is far less than in other less civilized parts of the world. Still the movements and plots of the Forgotten Ones and the Cults that follow them keep the Queen awake at late hours wondering where the horrors from Beyond will show up next.

Area Map 02.jpg

Beyond Leudania

The other reaches of the world are not entirely civilized or as "enlightened" as Leudania. The far land of Orothan still sees wars between the elves, the dwarves, and the goblin lords. The desert kingdoms of Harat are overrun by the Dead Pharaoh, Hanothep. But one must wonder what goes unchecked as the humans and demihumans of the outside world fight their petty wars.

The Cult of Nightmares

The largest and most organized of the cults that worship the Forgotten Ones is the Cult of Nightmares. These cunning and vile fanatics worship and harness the power of the Forgotten Ones ignoring the very fact that when a denizen fromt he Beyond shows it kills indiscriminately enemies and allies alike for the Forgotten Ones have no behavior that makes sense to the waking minds of mortals in our world. The cult purposefully or unwittingly continues to widen the affect of the Nightmare World on our own. To this end, they must be found out and remmoved like a malignant thorn.

The Mysterium and the World at Large

Most of the peoples of the world, human and demihuman alike, do not know of the Mysterium. It is a well kept secret to prevent the average person from having to panick over possible invasion of alien gods from an unfathomable plane. The Mysterium are also given a lot of leeway in operating how it sees fit. The Chief Council of the Mysterium keeps the checks and balances, protecting the organization from corruption or from threatening to pull down the curtain that protects the Mysterium's secrecy. Another reason for the organization's secrecy is to make it more unpredictable to the Cult of Nightmares and the other denizens that follow the Forgotten Ones.

Entry and Recruitment

Many of the members of the Mysterium have had some kind of encounter with the Forgotten Ones, the Cult of Nightmares, or other influences from the World of Nightmares and its denizens.

Some, however, are simply recruited for their unique skills or to fill in a niche that was sorely lacking in the Queen's Eye. Some few don't even encounter the Nightmare World until well after they have trained and been as prepared as a sane mind can be for the goals and missions of the Mysterium.

New Races - Spriggan and the Zelk[edit]


"Hello my big green friends, I see that your people have left you all alone. I know how that is believe me. I also see the smirks on your ugly orc faces and I assure you you won't be laughing for much longer. I do apologize for what is about to come, I"

Steelboot, Mysterium Enforcer, just before mushing two orc guards into jelly

Ages ago, the gnomes were enslaved by their captors the Femorian giants. In a desperate plan to break free, high priest and mages among the enslaved gnomes created the rituals that would make the first spriggan. This ritual gave the gnome warriors incredible strength and size. Eventually the war was fought to a point where the gnomes could at last break the yolk of their giant captors.

As the agesw went on, some of the children of these heroic gnomes inherited the power to change size and strength. Unfortunately, this so-called gift also came with it a short fuse and uncontrolled rage while in their giant spriggan forms. Scholars believe this is because of the giant blood used in the rituals that wormed its way into the gnome natures of the spriggan. As time went on, the parents of spriggan began to feel shame and the spriggan, themselves, became more ostracized among their gnome kin, becoming mercenaries or finding acceptance among those who didn't mind their brutish secret, mostly lesser loved folk like orcs, half-orcs, or ogres.

Sacrificing part of their very gnome nature, the spriggan fell from being heroes to being seen as brutish abominations, their uncontrolled rage and berserk nature in their giant form not helping matters any. In the newer ages, spriggan are loners mostly, or they are the bruisers among their peers, wading into conflict before their fellows catch up to them, still staying clear as not to become part of the bloodbath.

A Lot of Power in a Small Package

As a spriggan, you tend to look a lot like your gnome cousins, albeit a bit stockier and muscular for a gnome. But you have the power to burst into the form of a giant gnome, gaining another six feet of height and your muscles exploding into raw strength. All this raw physical power comes with a price, though. You also lose a bit of yourself becoming a storm of pure rage and brutality. You fight while in this form and do not do much else.

You are torn between two worlds in a way. As a gnome, you are drawn to magic and knowledge just like your kin, but you can never truly embrace or meet your full intellectual potential because of the hitchiker you have in your life in the form of a raging giant. You struggle with learning what you can, possibly finding ways to enhance or even better control the monstrous giant living inside you.

A Hunger for the Fight One thing your fellows can pick up on if hanging around you long enough is hat you differ from other gnomes by being always on edge. You seem to take offense at the smallest things and barely contain your anger over every slight or even the most minor insult even if its in fun. This creates a stressful life while around others to say the least as you try your best not to attack and kill your associates, family, and friends. As a spriggan, you learn to keep a lid on this and let it build up long enough to make your way to your actual enemies where you can unleash your fury.

Spriggan Names Spriggan tend to have the same names as their gnome counterparts, or alternatively they may adopt the names of other races who adopt or accept them.

Spriggan Traits Your spriggan character has the following traits.

• Ability Increase - Your Strength and Intelligence increase by 1.

• Age - Spriggan age much like their gnome kin, reaching adulthood at about age 40 and living slightly longer than gnomes due to their magical strength, reaching 450 to 500 years on average if their anger doesn't consume them and get them killed first.

• Alignment - Spriggan can be of any alignment though their very nature tends to lead them towards Chaos.

• Size - In their gnomish forms, spriggan stand 3' - 4' tall as their gnomish kin, but spriggan are much stockier and weigh in at closer to 70 pounds on average. Also, see Giant Spriggan Form.

• Speed - In gnomish form, you move at a walking speed of 25' (see also Giant Spriggan Form)

• Darkvision - Like your gnomish cousins, you are accustomed to seeing underground and in the dark. You can see in dim light within 60' as if seeing in bright light, and in darkness as if it is dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

• Languages - You speak Common, Gnomish, and Giant.

Giant Spriggan Form When encountering something you find even the least bit offensive or insulting, you must succeed in a Wisdom Check (DC 12) or take your giant spriggan form. Alternatively, you can also take on this form at will by focusing on a target to unleash the form on.

In giant spriggan form, you gain 7' of height and your Strength temporarily increases by 4, and you gain 15 temporary hit points. Your Movement is 40 while in this form and you are immune to any attack that would render you unconscious or asleep. You are also immune to Charisma based attacks as you fly into a blind berserker rage. In giant spriggan form you can use any melee weapon as if skilled but cannot use ranged weapons. Each turn you must attack the nearest animated thing to you if there is such a target and you can detect them. If not you attack the nearest inanimate object. You cannot communicate except by roaring one word at a time and only words that describe your anger such as "Kill!" "Maim!" "Hate!" Furthermore, you do not fall if reduced to 0 HPs while in spriggan form, but take one more turn of actions first.

A counter begins when you change into giant spriggan form at 5. On each of your turns, the counter is reduced by 1. When reaching 0, you return back to your gnomish form. When returning to your gnomish form, you must take a turn to recover and can take no other actions except to defend yourself. Of course defending yourself may just make you angry all over again returning you to giant spriggan form.


The look of disgust. The sheer mistrust in your eyes. It is not new to us. We are used to those avoiding us and trying to avoid speaking with us. But the burden that the Zelk carry, the things we know and see makes your disapproval very small in the scope of the many worlds. If you are ever unlucky enough to see the true horrors in the shadow of this world, then I hope you have one of us with you to protect your life and your sanity.

Azaeli, Zelk Investigator of the Queen's Eye

The Zelk are refugees after a fashion. They have escaped another world in another plane of existence where the Ancient Sleepers fully awakened into their world and brought it to ruin. The Zelk escaped, but they did not escape completely intact nor do they resemble the noble and elegant peoples they once were. The Zelk are forever tied to the Nightmare World and the denizens from its shores. The close proximity to the Forgotten Ones has created a link that is forever a gift and curse upon the Zelk people.

Due to their ties to the Nightmare World, the Zelk have an unnatural "presence" even beyond that of their appearance. Most people feel a slight unease to the Zelk people and will go out of their way to give them a wide berth, not quite meeting their eyes and doing their best to avoid looking or talking to them. Event he Mysterium who a vast number of the Zelk serve, don't completely trust them and the Zelk, for their part, tend to understand even as more of them give in to the calling of the Ancient Sleepers.

The Zelk tend to be taller than the average human but with very sickly, frail and skeletal frames. Their cheeks and eyes are sunken. They have the pointed ears hinting at a sylvan race though they claim no relation to elves in their own world if there were even such a race. The gray skinned Zelk have eyes ranging from purple to green to red. Their hair tends to be black or almost black reds and blues. They also have a third eye that is kept closed most times except when they call on their frightening innate ability inherent in their people. When open, the third eye glows with a baleful light and their other two eyes glaze over as if with blindness. Energy, magic, and foul things are summoned into the world through their third eye, usually reeking havoc on their enemies in the process but also calling like a beacon to the Forgotten Ones who come to that beacon as a moth to flame.

The Ties That Bind The Zelk are connected to the Nightmare World and can feel its presence and influence even when they do not want to like a cold, dead appendage on the back of their necks. Though the Zelk learn to put this in the back of their mind like an unpleasant picture or memory, they still feel the presence of denizens from the Nightmare World and their touch on the world intensely the closer they get to them. When a Forgotten One or a place influenced by the Nightmare World are within half a mile of the Zelk, he or she becomes very uncomfortable and know that feeling, know that something awful is nearby. Zelk can tell the approximate distance of this horror as well as the basic direction if stopping to concentrate.

Zelk Names The Zelk's very lives are devoted to vanquishing the same nightmarish realms they are connected to. This is extended in their customs, rituals, and even in their very names. Often the names of the Zelk are a string of words that invokes a ward against the World of Nightmares.

Male Zelk Names: Algamar, Calthri, Coronos, Dargath, Gilgith, Igramon, Nargath, Slithari, Torr, Xargot Female Zelk Names: Behori, Elorim, Fremeth, Hiltari, Kalori, Lamenath, Priori, Ulani, Zeleem

Zelk Traits Your Zelk character has the following traits.

• Ability Score Increase - Your Intelligence and Wisdom are each increased by 1.

• Age - Zelk mature early in life, usually reaching adulthood at about 16 and they live to be 120 years on average.

• Size - Taller than humans, averaging at around 7' , the Zelk nonetheless are very skeletal and appear to be frail, deceptively so, averaging around 55 lbs on average.

• Speed - You move at a walking speed of 30'

• Languages - You know Common and one other language of your choosing.

Opening the Conduit When you open your third eye, it unleashes the power of the Nightmare World onto those around you. The DM picks a random spell that is one level higher than your current level. The spell is unleashed on an enemy of your choosing. If there is no enemy around, then the spell is launched at a random person within range at the DM's discretion.

The spell acts exactly as the spell description accept that the appearance is that of something unworldly and horrific. Magic Missile by example might appear as tendrils with biting mouth at the end of them erupting from a portal before your third eye and attacking those within range of the spell. A lightning bolt may manifest as an eerie unnatural storm spewing green lightning, and so on. Furthermore, the target(s) of the spell catch a glimpse of the Beyond and are stunned for their next turn.

This power comes at a price, as you unleash your power upon your enemies, you also draw the Forgotten Ones. The nearest Forgotten One as determined by the DM knows your location as a source of power manifested from the Nightmare World and will go towards you. It will know where you are until you take a long rest At that point it will still move to your location where you began resting and will likely reek havoc on the area.

If you use the power more than once before you long rest, the Forgotten One (or a handful of cult members if the Dm prefers) will be able to follow until your second long rest. Though the power does not create a longer tracking time after this, it can draw more Forgotten Ones or cult followers.

New Classes - Gunner and Nightmare Hunter[edit]

Two new classes are offered for the Mysterium Campaign setting.

The gunner is a master of firearms, a sharpshooter who also happens to have a penchant for the art of sigils, magical symbols that can enhance the ammo of the great marksman. The gunner is as much into style and showing off as he or she is into hitting the target without fail. Gunners tend to enjoy a life of drink and gambling when they are not training their guns on their enemies. A gunner may take his marksman job seriously, being disciplined when not celebrating completing the newest mission for Queen and country, or a gunner might be a rogue who enjoys taking whatever he or she can at gunpoint and mowing down those in the way. Alternatively, the gunner might be a scholar or scribe whop happens to also have a penchant for firearms.

The Nigtmare Hunter is the result of the Forgotten Ones' foothold in the world. They are the scarred and tormented who have seen firsthand what the horrors from the Nightmare World are capable of. And they want to strike back, they want revenge, they want to strike back at the horrors from Beyond, but most of all they want to make sure that no one else suffers the way they have at the hands of this indescribable enemy. The Nightmare Hunter is one part investigator for the Queen and one part talented tracker and warrior, especially skilled in fighting the Forgotten Ones and cutting them off from the world. Utilizing a touch of dark magic as well in hopes of fighting fire with fire.


With the advent of dragon powder, it is no wonder that firearms became a weapon, albeit an expensive one. Nonetheless, over the ages those rose as great marksmen through the world's history. It was inevitable that someone along the way would decide to combine magic with these marvels of modern warfare.

Sigils are the result. With a little magic knowledge and a steady hand, the gunner can craft sigils into his or her ammo making the already deadly pistols and rifles even more so. The higher skilled gunner can even craft gun sigils into the weapons themselves making them permanently more powerful to use.

Gunners tend to be sharp of wit and mind as well as fast with their hands, often loving to gamble and game and become frequent visitors to local pubs and entertainment establishments. However, several gunners are also magically inclined and just happen to be just as good with firearms as they are with their magic studies. Still other gunners find a place with honor and duty and join the Knights of the Golden Lion to give their services as expert ranged fighters to the Queen's cause. Gunners can walk many different roads despite their reputations as trigger happy bar hoppers.

Magic and Gun Smoke

A gunner tends to be a learned individual even if just naturally clever and self taught. Gunners are also steady at hand not only for the sake of aiming their namesakes at the enemy but also for the talent required to etch sigils into ammo and weapons, themselves. Sigils are a very precise art that combines a writer's hand with an artist's to produce the correct symbols of magic and to be able to do so at a fairly quick pace during short periods of downtime.

Gunners who continue to study magic may be behind in the schooling of a true wizard but they are also leagues ahead of those who merely "dabble" in magic. The majority of gunners are happy enough to skulk the shadows and jump out to fire mystic gunfire down on their enemies but there are a few who take a path that guides them to a wider field of learning and magical knowledge.

The Best of the Best

Regardless of whether a gunner is good or evil, they all tend to possess a competitive drive for shooting ability and for stylizing their sigils. Gunners often compete with one another often in friendly competitions which show off both the artistic quality of their sigils and firearms as well as their raw ability to hit targets. These competitions are called Shooting Galleries and are popular in larger cities across the world. Evil gunners can easily be slighted by losing such a competition and may call out competitors for a more permanent decision of who is the better shooter. This is often decided in a dual between rival gunners and these duals are almost always to the death. An unspoken code among gunners turns these deadly gunfights into a one on one competition and no gunner, good or evil, lets others interfere or help in a dual.

Creating a Gunner

As you create your gunner character, think about the gunner's approach to the world around him or her. Is the gunner a free spirit out for the next thrill, be it a gunfight or a nice game of cards at a local pub? Is the gunner more serious about the craft of sigils, seeing it as nothing less than a masterful art? Does the gunner have a rival that is waiting for a chance to take him or her down either through a competition or an outright dual? What was your character's reaction to realizing their talent for firearms? And how does your gunner approach magic? Is he or she happy just devoting enough magic to make the guns more effective or does he or she still pursue the mystic arts as well?

How does your gunner character relate to members of the Mysterium? Does the character just feel like a hired gun who is along to provide cover fire when things get rough? Or does your gunner character jump in and investigate clues to the mechanization of the Ancient Sleepers right along witht he rest of the Queen's Eye?

Quick Build

You can make a gunner quickly by following these suggestions. First, put your highest ability score into Dexterity, followed by Intelligence. Second, choose the Mysterium Operative background.

Gunner Table jpeg.jpg


As a gunner, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

• Hit Dice : 1d8 per gunner level

• Hit Points at 1st Level : 8 + Constitution modifier

• Hit Points at Higher Levels : 1d8 + your Constitution modifier per gunner level after 1st


Armor: Light and Medium armor

Weapons: Simple weapons and any firearm weapons

Tools: Sigil Kit, Firearms kit (Draogn Powder, Ammo Pouch)

Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence

Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana, Insight, Performance, and Persuasion


You start out with the following equipment in addition to any equipment your background grants you.

• [a] a pistol or [b] a simple rifle with 40 ammo

• a dagger

• studded leather armor

• [a] scrolls and pen or [b] thieves tools

• a deck of cards


At 1st level, you gain the Sharpshooter feature. Whenever using a firearm, you gain a +2 attack modifier to hit. You also gain a _1 attack modifier for any ranged weapon. At levels 11, 17, and 20 this feature improves, adding +1 to the attack modifiers as well as an increasing +2 to damage using firearms (+2 dmg at Level 11, +4 dmg at Level 17, and +6 dmg at Level 30).

Crafted Weapons

As a writer and crafter of sigils, you are naturally artistic and add crafted accessories to your firearms and some of your other weapons. A pistol grip might be refashioned into an intricate carving, artistic etchings may be made into the barrel or blade of a weapon, etc. Though these effects have no real mechanical advantages, if you compare weapons at a Shooting Gallery or similar competition then you make an Arcana Skill roll to determine how intricate and artistic your weapons compare to your competitors.

Return Fire

At 2nd Level, you learn the gunner feature, return fire. Whenever you are missed by a ranged attack you can make an immediate firearms attack targeting the opponent that missed. You only make one attack even if having the dual weapons feature though the attack can include a sigiled ammo.

Disarm Shot

At 3rd Level, you learn he feature Disarm Shot. If you hit a target you can choose, instead of doing damage, to remove a weapon they are wielding, causing it to fly out of the air. The target will need a full action to recover the weapon that has been disarmed.

Ability Score Improvement

At 4th Level and then again at Levels 9, 12, 16, and 19 you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two abilitiy scores of your choosing by 1 each. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Gunner Archtype

Upon reaching Level 5, you may choose from two gunner archtypes, the Arcane Gunner and the Gunner Scoundrel.

Arcane Gunner

As an Arcane Gunner, you prefer to pursue knowledge and hone your spell casting as well as your mastery of sigils. The Arcane Gunner is generally someone whose first love is magic, knowledge, mysticism and similar interests but happens to also be very good with firearms. As an Arcane Gunner you yearn to prove you are more than steel barrel and dragon powder and want to let your intellect shine through.

Arcane Gunner features include:

• Spell Casting - You acquire a spell book and can learn 3 Wizard spells from the wizard spell list that are equal to or lower than your current level. At levels 10, 13, 18, and 20, you can add 3 more spells of your level or lower to your spell book. When you memorize spells to use, you replace slots of sigils you can add to your ammo.

• Sigil Spell Crafting - Once you reach level 13 and above, you can take a spell from your spell book that has a target and craft it into a sigil that can be placed on ammo. As normal, only one sigil type can be used on a slot of ammo (10 ammo). This replaces a Sigil slot that can be used.

• Arcane Gunner's Wrath - At level 13 and above, you do additional damage with standard ammo equal to your Intelligence modifier. This damage is fire, cold, or poison damage at your choosing.

Gunner Scoundrel

As a Gunner Scoundrel, you prefer to keep magic to your enchanted ammo and weapons and little more. You prefer the life of gambling, drinking, and simple adventuring, leaving the higher thinking to scholars and those who want to pour over dusty tomes. You are one part marksman extraordinaire and one part thief, perhaps being raised on the streets as an urchin before finding your talent with firearms.

Gunner Scoundrel features include:

• Shadowy Living - At 5th level you gain the Stealth Skill if you do not already possess it as no cost and have Advantage on attacks made while hiding in the shadows. You can make firearms attacks from the shadows as well.

• Evasion - At level 10 and above, you can nimbly dodge out of the way of certain area effects, such as an ancient red dragon’s fiery breath or an ice storm spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.

• Higher Stakes - At level 13 and above, you may reroll any damage die that results in a 2 or lower when the damage is from a firearm attack.

• The Artful Dodger - Beginning at level 13, your Dexterity modifier to your AC is doubled when avoiding ranged weapons.


Beginning at level 5, you take a "reload" action as a bonus action instead of a full action.

Dual Weapons / Extra Impact

At level 6, you can either choose Dual Weapons or Extra Impact depending on your preferred firearms style. Dual weapons is recommended for gunners who use one handed firearms while extra impact is more useful for gunners using heavier two handed firearms.

• Dual Weapons - You can wield two one handed weapons during combat as long as at least one of the weapons is a ranged weapon. You do not suffer any penalties for wielding two weapons in this fashion and can make attacks with both weapons on your turn.

• Extra Impact - Your heavy firearms do extra damage when you wield them. You do extra damage equal to your Dexterity modifier as you master aim of the weapon.

Ricocheting Shot

At level 7, you learn the Ricocheting Shot feature which removed one level of cover from targets using cover in combat.

Gambit Feature

At level 11, you gain the ability to use the Gambit Feature. When you make a successful attack, you may reroll the damage die once per target. If your second roll is greater than the first roll then you do double damage, if it is lower then you do half damage (not below 0 damage). You cannot use this feature if the damage die rolled a 2 or lower or the damage die is from a weapon or effect not using a firearm.

At level 17, this features increases to triple damage but if the second roll is lower then you do 0 damage to the target.

SIGILS Beginning at 1st Level, you have the ability to craft sigils, mystical marks that use an enchanted ink that adds mystical qualities to your ammo and, eventually, even your weapons.

You may only craft 1 sigil to a set of ammo (10) though you moght have multiple ammo sets with various sigils. Most gunners carry a bandoleer to carry various ammo types that have been enchanted. It takes a short rest to inscribe 1 set of ammo through during a long rest all of the sigil slots that you have can be added to your ammo. You cannot have more enchanted ammo slots than you have sigil slots at a given time.

1st Level Sigils

Arcane Bullet

This sigil causes the ammo to do bonus damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Enchanted Point

This sigil causes a +1 damage modifier to the ammo.

Grenadier Ammo

This sigil causes the ammo to explode on impact. Those within 20' whose AC is lower than your attack roll are hit for the ammo's damage (one damage roll is used for all targets hit).


This sigil gives you Advantage when using this ammo as it magically "seeks" the target.


This sigil causes the ammo to do an extra d4 of lightning damage to the target.

2nd Level Sigils

Armor Eater

This sigil causes the Ammo to not only do its normal damage when hitting a target but also to reduce its AC by 2 if any of the AC is from natural or worn armor.

Dreamer Shot

This sigil causes the ammo to cause a sleeping effect on those hit with it. When a successful hit is made against the target, the target must make a Constitution Save against a DC 10 + your Intelligence Modifier or become Unconscious. The target can make a Constitution Check against the same difficulty to wake up as a full action on its turn. If attacked, the target automatically awakens.


This sigil causes the ammo to do an extra d6 fire damage to the target.

Freezing Slug

This sigil causes the ammo to do an extra 44 cold damage and the target is also Slowed for its next turn.

Arcane Fire Point

This sigil causes the ammo to explode in arcane fire, doing fire damage. The fire also persists, doing the same damage the second turn, and half damage the third.

3rd Level Sigils

At third level, you have learned to inscribe sigils on weapons as well. A pistol sized weapon can have up to 2 sigils inscribed on it while a rifle sized weapon can have 3. You can remove a sigil from a weapon during a short rest. Only one of a given type of sigil can be placed on a weapon including "Improved" sigils.

Mark the Enemy

This sigil causes the ammo to leave a glow around enemies hit by the ammo. This glow gives anyone attacking the enemy a +1 to hit the marked target.


This sigil causes the ammo to explode when fired into the air, raining shrapnel down on opponents. You make an area attack with a 30' radius. Doing your ammo's damage to any target hit.

Sigil of Calling

This sigil is placed on a firearm, itself. Anytime you wish, you can invoke the name you have given the firearm and it appears in your hand as long as it is on the same world as you or the same plane.

Sigil of Power This sigil is placed on a firearm and causes the firearm to grant +1 to attack rolls when being used and a +1 to damage.


Aside form the normal damage, this sigil causes the ammo to cause a bright flash that Blinds the target for a turn. This only works on seeing targets that have eyes.

4th Level Sigils


This devastating sigil causes the ammo when hitting a target to explode into spinning razors that do an extra 2d6 slashing damage.

Improved Sigil of Power

This sigil is placed on a firearm weapon and causes the weapon to give a +2 Attack Bonus and damage bonus.

Sigil of the Elements

This sigil is placed on a firearm and causes any ammo fired from it to do an extra d8 of either fire, cold, lightning, or acid damage to the target, decided by the shooter before making the attack by verbally invoking the prime element "Fire, Earth, Air, Water". If no element is chosen then the ammo does fire damage.


This sigil causes the ammo to teleport the target when hitting an opponent. The target is teleported in the opposite direction of the shooter a number of feet equal to 2d6X10 (20' to 120'). If this effect would teleport them into solid material or a living creature they, instead, stop short of the object or being and fall Prone.


The Forgotten Ones are generally subtle with their entry into the world. Working mostly through their cults and keeping to the more hidden, lesser known places in the world.

But now and then something horrifyingly terrible and impossible rips through the fabric of time and space and comes full force into the world, leaving chaos, destruction, and madness in its wake. Few live through such encounters, and those who do rarely keep their sanity, reduced to drooling and mumbling victims of the Ancient Sleepers' catastrophes.

But some few do survive and even keep their wits about them, forever changed and hardened by the experience but not a victim. These few rise and decide to take the fight to the horrors from Beyond, to seek out the shadowy corners of the world and make an afront against the forces of the World of Nightmares, the Forgotten Ones, and their cults.

Comfortable In the Dark

As a Nightmare Hunter, you are used to your crusade taking you into the darker places of the world, of being a night owl who stalks the shadows investigating any clue no matter how obvious or dubious of the presence of the Forgotten Ones or their cults. You are part purist priest investigator and part warrior in the shadows. Your arcane knowledge is limited to that which can protect against those from Beyond but your fighting prowess and knowledge of the occult is unmatched.

Though you might have spent your life so far as a loner, working solo in your fight against the unwelcome usurpers and trespassers into your world, you know the value in finding allies who have the same interest. Though you might not be easy to trust and wonder at the motives of the MNysterium, it is a welcome group for finding and eliminating the threats from the World of Nightmares.

Deadly Avenger

You are calm, possibly even cold in your day to day dealings and while you are tracking the horrors you plan to make your prey. But once you are unleashed on them, you brandish your fury and pain from what they took from you and focus it into deadly precision, cutting and defeating those from Beyond with excellent skill and not noticing the things that cause other mortals madness. Perhaps you have come full circle through that madness and no longer have any reason to fear it, perhaps you locked it away somewhere far in the back of your mind and don't choose to acknowledge your horror until your war is done. However you build your mental defenses, you keep the madness and the vile taint of the Others from your mind and soul and push through, hoping only to one day find the heart of your enemy, to destroy it once and for all.

Nightmare Hunter Tabke.jpg

Creating a Nightmare Hunter When creating your Nightmare Hunter character, think about how the character relates to others, how he or she reacts to the unsettling stares from those around them. Is the character unsettled himself or herself at how relaxed they have become around the horrors of the world? Or are they simply obsessed with their vengeance and have little room to focus on other things. Is part of his or her anger the fact that the Forgotten Ones have taken away even their normal feelings and emotions, their ability to feel afraid and horrified? Or does your character fight to keep the emotions that he or she has left and to protect them just as the character protects the rest of the world hoping there will be some mortality and feeling left after the war against the World of Nightmares has finally been won?

How does your Nightmare Hunter character react to the Mysterium? Is finding allies that also work against the Forgotten Ones just too good to be true? Does he or she wonder of a different agenda hidden behind everything else and will they, as a crusader against taint and corruption find themselves investigating the very organization they fight alongside?

Quick Build

You can make a nightmare hunter quickly by following these suggestions. First, make Strength your highest Attribute to better strike at your unnatural enemies, followed by Wisdom so you can strenthen your mind against the unnatural insanity of those from Beyond and strengthen your glyphs.


As a Nightmare Hunter you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

• Hit Dice: 1d10 per Nightmare Hunter Level (1d12 beginning at level 13)

• Hit Points at First Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier

• Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 1d12) + your Constitution modifier per Nightmare Hunter level after 1st.


• Armor: Light armor or Medium armor

• Weapons: Simple weapons, Martial weapons

• Tools: Glyphic kit, holy symbol

• Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom

• Skills: Choose 2 from Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Stealth, and Survival


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

• {a} a martial weapon or {b} two simple weapons

• {a} a light crossbow, {b} a hand crossbow, or {c} 5 throwing knives

• {a} studded leather armor or {b} scale mail armor

• holy symbol of favored god

• explorer's pack

Steel Mind

Through pure face to face survival with the horrors of the World of Nightmares, you have steeled your mind against the madness and fear that the realm and its denizens cause. At 1st level you get a bonus to saves involving fear or madness of +2. At level 9, this bonus increases to +4.

Glyphic Mark

At 1st level you gain your first self created glyphic mark, also just called a glyph. These marks are scarred into the skin and infused with dyes. When active, they glow with an eerie red light. Though the glyphic marks cannot be removed, they can be improved on at higher levels.

1st Level Glyphs

The Mark of Hatred

This glyph grants the following features:

• Attack Bonus: You gain an attack bonus of +1 with melee weapons

• Vengeful Edge: You take half damage from non-magical attacks

The Mark of the Crusader

• Strike the Vile: Your attacks do an extra bonus die of damage to those beings from the World of Nightmares

• Soldier's Recovery: You recover 2 Hit Points each turn

2nd Level Glyphs

The Mark of Irastelle

It is said that Irastelle was the first Nightmare Hunter, the first person to take the horror she had encountered in the presence of a horror from beyond and to harness the desire for vengeance she felt into a symbol that she carved into her skin repeatedly to remind herself of the war she was fighting. Whether this story is true or not, Irastelle did pass down her mark to others and now you etch it into your own skin to help prepare you in the fight against the Forgotten.

This glyph grants the following features:

• Brave the Unknown: You can ignore one mind altering effect of a denizen from the World of Nightmares (per denizen). That same effect cannot be used against you until after you have taken a long rest. This includes charm, fear, and madness effects.

• Strike Back: When an attack misses you, you can immediately make an attack of your own against the attacker if they are within range of your wielded weapon. You only make one attack, despite any abilities that would allow for extra attacks.

A mark of Shields

This glyph grants the following features:

• Circle of Shields: You are surrounded by four circling shields made of eerie green energy. They immediately move to block attacks on you, granting you a +4 to your AC. If you are hit, the shields absorb half the damage, destroying one shield per hit. Your AC bonus decreases by 1 for each shield destroyed. You can renew the Circle of shields after a short rest.

• Deflection: You can sacrifice two of your shields from Circle of Shields to completely deflect a melee attack that would have hit you.

3rd Level Glyphs

The Mark of the Fiery Storm

This glyph grants the following features:

• Lightning Strike: You cause lightning to rain down from above either from the sky or from the ceiling of an enclosure, the lightning is an eerie violet color and you make three attacks with the lightning, each using your Wisdom modifier for the attack. Targets hit take lightning damage equal to 2d4 + your Wisdom modifier. You can use this glyph's power a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier before needing to take a lonng rest to rejuvenate the ability.

• Fire of Vengeance: Eerie blood red fire erupts from your glyph and pours along your melee weapon, not harming the weapon. When you strike with the melee weapon, the target also takes an additional d8 of fire damage. This effect last until you take a short rest and can be activated again any time.

The Mark of the Hunting Beast

It is said that even nature, itself, abhors the presence of the Forgotten Ones and the taint from the World of Nightmares. This glyph is a testament to that fact as you are given the traits of a wild hunting beast to help bring down the Ancient Sleepers.

This glyph grants you the following features:

• Talons of the Beats: You grow long talons in place of your fingernails, razor sharp and ready to spill blood. You can make an attack with each taloned hand a a melee attack with a +1 bonus to your Attack roll. Each talon causes 2d4 slashing damage and if both attacks land on the same target, the target takes an additional 2d6 slashing damage.

• Scent of the Prey: You can make an Investigation check to detect hidden creatures by smell. You can also track a scent once discovering it up to a mile. If the creature is invisible or hidden other than by means that would mask scent, you half your penalty for attacking them and you are not Surprised by attacks by them once you've detected them.

4th Level Glyphs

Mark of the Shade

This glyph grants the following features:

• Shadow Cloak: You gain a +2 bonus to hiding Stealth rolls and you can hide even in areas with no shadows, becoming partially obscured though not truly invisible (others can still try to spot you though it is as if you are hiding in shadows). When interracting with others in any way, this effect is broken. If you make an attack while under the effect of Shadow Cloak, you gain Advantage on that attack.

• Shadow Walk: You can step into a shadow within range of a move action and emerge from a shadow at a place that you know. You can only use this power once between long rests.

Mark of the Saint

This glyph grants you the following features:

• Turning the Forgotten: You can channel energy from both your glyph and your holy symbol to turn a creature from the World of Nightmares just as a cleric can turn undead. Though the creatures is not frozen with fear, destroyed, nor does it retreat in fear, it feels an urge to leave your world and return back to the World of Nightmares.

• The Final Sacrifice: When you are reduced to 0 Hit Points, you can target a Forgotten One or a creature of Evil alignment and cause a pillar of strange green and black flames to engulf them doing 3d10 fire damage. The target can make a Constitution Save to take half damage. This power also destroys this glyph, leaving the vaguest mark on your skin where the glyph was. You can only restore the glyph or replace it with another during a long rest where you are conscious.

Vengeful Fury

You have bottled up your emotions, not daring to let loose or lose control for so long. But now you have discovered how to harness this sorrow, loss, and rage into a devastating attack.

At 2nd Level, you can use Vengeful Fury to unleash a roar at your foe as you attack. If the attack lands, you immediately make another attack (this does not count towards extra attacks) and both of your attacks do full damage if both land. If only the first lands, then that attack does full damage. You can only use this ability once between short rests. At level 14, your vengeful furry attacks do full damage and an additional 2d8 damage of the attack type used.

Unnatural Aura

By 3rd level, your dealings of death to those from another world have caused you to take on a stoic and unwelcome look, but it has also caused your very being to feel unnatural to those around you.

When creatures first encounter you, you can choose to activate this feature or not. If you do then the targeted creature(s) must make a Wisdom Save (DC 10+ you Wisdom modifier) or avoid you (if you are in combat they attack others and try to move away from you) for 1 minute. This feature has no effect on denizens from the World of Nightmares or those under an effect of madness.

Ability Score Improvement

At 4th Level and then again at Levels 9, 12, 16, and 19 you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two abilitiy scores of your choosing by 1 each. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Ward Against the Unknowable

At 5th level you develop the knowledge to create a ward against the denizens from the World of Nightmares. It takes the time of a short rest to create such a ward and you can only create one ward at a time. If the ward is placed at the entrance of an area, doorway, cave entrance, etc. then Forgotten Ones and their ilk will avoid entering that area without even knowing they are doing so. If the ward is placed on a weapon then when successfully hitting a Forgotten One, it will cause great pain, adding an additional d8 of lightning damage and causing the target to move away from the warded weapon for 1 minute. The ward keeps its power for one full hour before dissipating.

At level 11, the damage taken from this ward is increased to 2d8 lightning damage and the ward can lasts up to two hours.

At level 18, the damage taken from this ward is increased to 2d10 lightning damage and the ward lasts up to three hours.

Extra Attack

Beginning at level 6, you can attack twice instead of once, whenever you take an attack action on your turn. At level 13, this increases to three attacks whenever you take an Attack action on your turn.


At level 7 and above, you can nimbly dodge out of the way of certain area effects, such as an ancient red dragon’s fiery breath or an ice storm spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.

Exorcise the Unwelcome

At level 11, you have learned of ways to send your enemy retreating from your world. When you bring a target creature down to half its Hit Points or lower, if the creature is from another world or plane you can command it to return and if your next attack hits the target, it is sent to the world or plane it has come from through a hole ripped in reality. This hole cannot be entered, it forces all except the target out even as it absorbs the target creature.

Hit Die Advancement

Beginning at level 15, your Hit Dice are a d12 instead of a d10 and you roll 1d12 + your constitution modifier for your Hit Points each level.

Embrace the Nightmare

Beginning at level 17, you are no longer effected by madness effects arising from denizens or influences of the World of Nightmares. And when you bring down a denizen from the World of Nightmares to 0 Hit Points, you regain the use of an expended glyph power,

Sever the Nightmare

At level 20 you gain the ability to sacrifice a glyph which immediately leaves the area of your body it exists on as if it had never been there. You lose any features granted by the glyph and immediately cause 2d8 fire damage and 2d8 acid damage to a creature from the World of Nightmares. You can recraft the sacrificed glyph during a long rest.


The following are optional new Backgrounds for the Mysterium Campaign setting.

Cultist of Nightmares[edit]

You were brought up in the Cult of Nightmares or, perhaps, joined them at some point in your life. You may have even been captured by them and decided that compliance was better than being sacrificed to whatever mad gods they worshiped.

At some point you escaped the cult, perhaps seeing first hand what the Things from Beyond (or the Gods before the Gods as the cult calls them) were and the chaos, destruction, and madness that they caused. You might have escaped with your sanity intact this time but you are not sure if you had had to stay in the cult's hands what would have become of you.

It is possible that the cult is desperate to have you back, if for no other reason than to sacrifice you for daring to turn your back on them. Or, perhaps, they don't know you are gone or could care less. Either way, you have left that life behind and try your best to make a new life. You may have been roped into the Mysterium completely by accident as a resource for them and their crusade or you might have sought them out to strike back at those who so mistreated you.

• Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Insight

• Languages: Two of your choosing

• Equipment: A strange carved figure reminiscent of your time in the cult, notes on various places where the cult took you, a set of common clothes and a pouch containing 10gp

Feature: Know Thy Enemy

You spent years in the Cults that follow the unspeakable horrors form the World of Nightmares. You even have some of your notes still on where they took you and where they operate. Though not all of the locations will pan out, you have a chance to help with some information at least.

When you and your companions follow a lead to a place tainted by the World of Nightmares, you can make an Arcana check with a +2 bonus to know if this is a place where the Cult of Nightmares operates. This helps you know what to expect. You can also use this ability when spotting someone on the streets that you find suspicious or when finding strange symbols that might be clues to the cult.

Suggested Characteristics

After you fled the cults of the Forgotten Ones, you became a loner and have always been skiddish around groups of people. You find it hard to trust people, especially large organizations and you are often uncomfortable and awkward trying to find where you fit in with the Mysterium or even if you fit in at all. It takes you some time to warm up to people though when you find someone who earns your trust, you are quite the loyal friend finding it relieving to find someone who has your best interest at heart instead of that of some twisted "god" from Beyond.

Mysterium Operative[edit]

Did you find them or did they find you? It becomes complicated and you aren't even sure of which is which anymore. All you know for sure is that there are times you wish neither had happened and you could forget that the Mysterium, the Forgotten Ones, the World of Nightmares, all of it ever existed. But there is no going back from what you have seen and what you know is out there lurking in the shadows. Now you can only do your best to stop the incursion into your world by these...things.

As a Mysterium Operative, you are part of the Queen's Eye, an organization that peers into the small and hidden place in the wrorld to root out the impossible alien things known as the Forgotten Ones, the Ancient Sleepers, or the Others from Beyond, and many other charming nicknames. They come from the World of Nightmares, a place that no sane being can hope to visit and survive. And it is your job to beat them back home turning them to go back to that place.

What their true obsession with your world is and what their alien agendas could possibly be you don't know, the Mysterium doesn't really know, but you do know that these beings are dangerous and that they destroy everything in their wake, even sanity.

You might have recently joined the Mysterum, have been raised around the organization your entire life, or just recently tracked downa mystery concerning a relative that was part of this mysterious organization. However you joined, you know that you can't leave and would never be able to turn your back on their crusade if you wanted to knowing what you now know.

• Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Investigation

• Languages: Two of your choosing

• Equipment: Coin of the Mysterium, a coin made from a purple metal that signifies your membership in the organization; set of common clothes, a parchment notebook for note taking, and a pouch containing 15gp

Feature: Initiated into Chaos

You might be a new operative, but already you've had more experience than most mortals when it comes to the World of Nightmares and its denizens. You gain a +1 to Saving Throws when faced with fear and madness effects related to the Forgotten Ones.

Suggested Characteristics

The mission is everything. When it comes to friends, family, and all the rest you must put the crusade to end the usurpers' foothold on your world so that "all the rest" can be safe and know some kind of peace. As a member of the Mysterium, you have one mission above all and sometimes this might make you come across as cold or ruthless. But you are in good company as it is expected of any operative in the Mysterium to be willing to sacrifice whoever they need to in order to stop the Others from Beyond and their alien agenda that can't mean well for your world.

Keeping your emotions in check can create a bit of feedback, however. When you do allow yourself to let go of control and become emotional then it is an eruption of emotion, be it anger, sorrow, or even joy. It is magnified for not surfacing very often and is pure in its own right. Sometimes you might wish you could have more of these experiences but you are well aware what you have already lost and you know, dropping your guard too much will lead to more of that same loss.

New Equipment[edit]

This section details some of the equipment that is added to Mysterium including Victorian-age styled firearms.

Money in Mysterium is treated just like standard D&D money but the names the commonfolk use for currency differs from other D&D worlds.

• Copper Piece - A penny

• Silver Piece - A shining bit

• Gold Piece - A crown

• Platinum Piece - A high royal

The following weapons are added to the Mysterium campaign as well:

A NOTE on Firearms: All firearms are loud. Unless using some magical means to dampen or erase their noise, firing a firearm will alert all creatures with hearing or that can sense tremors within 200'

Simple Firearms

Street Pistol - A common one handed pistol used by any manner of people on the streets of the world's cities, some just for protection, and some for more nefarious purposes.

Cost: 25gp Dmg. 1d8 piercing 1 lb. Ammunition (Range 40/180), Loading, One handed

Lanistaire Pistol - A pistol more stylized and efficient and also for the more well-to-do of the cities of Laedonia.

Cost: 40gp Dmg. 1d8+1 piercing 1 lb. Ammunition (Range 40/250), Loading, One handed

Farmer's Rifle - A common rifle used by farmers to deal with prey animals on their property or the occasional raiding goblin or orc.

Cost: 60gp Dmg. 1d10+1 piercing 4 lbs. Ammunition (Range 60/320), Loading, Two handed

Martial Firearms

Knight's Rifle - A rifle most commonly used by the Knights of the Golden Lion Cost: 120gp Dmg. 1d12+1 piercing 6 lbs. Ammunition (Range 60/520), Loading, Two handed

Ammo for Firearms Cost: 5gp for 20 ammo

The Pantheon of the World[edit]

The gods of the world are numerous, and there are even more obscure, lesser known gods in the world (and, apparently, from other worlds as it so happens).

This is a list of the more common gods worshiped by the peoples of the world. Aside from these, the common gods of demihumans are still worshiped as well (such as Garl Glittergold, Grumish, Lolth, and so on):

The Mother and Father

In the first days of the world, the Mother and the Father looked down upon their creation with great happiness and satisfaction. All the beings in the world held a place and served a purpose and balance and order were the rewards of peace and tranquility. When the Father looked upon the first children of the Mother, the ones who would call themselves the "gods" he looked with disdain, for he felt even then that they were going to lead he and the Mother to ruin.

When they grew older, the gods began to guide the peoples of the world and to teach them a kind of independence that the Mother and Father did not appreciate. The Mother and Father tried to teach their children that there was a balance to all things and that all things were in their place and perfectly aligned but the gods protested and claimed that this would lead to stagnation and unhappiness, that if the Mother and Father would just look closely at the people they had created, they would see all the bottled contentment waiting to explode into pure and evil chaos.

The oldest of the gods, Prothos, was also the loudest protester to his MOther and Father. The Father had had enough and had created a deep ravine in which Prothos was trapped. But the other gods rallied against the Father and rescued their brother, killing the Father in the process.

So devastated was the Mother, that she fled into the darker recesses of the heavens and there, her grief twisted and perverted the children she was to bare. These newest children were the corrupted devils and demons who would spread across the worlds like a plague if unchecked. Eventually the gods were able to create a place that suited these vile creatures, the nine hells and the abyss.

Since then the gods have kept to their duties, to give the world and its peoples options, not only options for good but for evil as well. This is the "new balance" the gift to the peoples of the world from the gods. It is unknown what has become of the Mother over the years. Some suspect she died of the broken heart left by the loss of the Father and some believe to this day she plots against her children from her hideaway in the heavens. There are even covens of warlocks and witches who pay homage to the Mother, believing her a simple victim and the supreme creator above the gods.


The Guiding Light of Freedom

• Spheres - Good, Sun, Knowledge, Strength

• Symbol - An Eagle with a Sunburst


The Lady of Celebration and Love

• Spheres - Good, Healing, Luck, Protection

• Symbol - A goblet of Wine with a Rose


The Blind Lady of Law and Just Crusades

• Spheres - Good, Law, Strength, War

• Symbol - Four arms carrying a Weight, a Sword, a Red Banner, and a Shield


The Keeper of Wisdom and Tomes

• Spheres - Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Travel

• Symbol - An Open Book with an Open eye on one page and a burning Flame on the opposite

Bael Yagra

The Chrone of Deceit and Shadows

• Spheres - Chaos, Death, Knowledge, Trickery

• Symbol - A wrinkled hand holding a skull with on eyeball


The Green Lady of the Wild Hunt

• Spheres - Animal, Air, Healing, Plant

• Symbol - A pair of Stag Horns over a wreath of Leaves


The Queen of Darkness and Damnation

• Spheres - Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law

• Symbol - A silhouette of a female face

Hath and Noth

The Primal Twins

• Spheres - Air, Earth, Fire, Water

• Symbol - A circle made partly of each of the four elements


She Cloaked in Clouds and Lightning

• Air, Chaos, Destruction, Water

• Symbol - Three crossed lightning bolts


The Wandering Gambler of Smiles

• Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Travel

• Symbol - Two Coins, One a Smiling Man the Other a Spider


This is a list of the characters making up the party in the game.