Names and Notables in Jeweled Amber

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This is a running list of names of people, scenarios, regions, and other oodles of people I might mention in game play. Players are encouraged to edit this page for content.

People of Shadow[edit]

Another source for the names of people in shadow.

Fort Garland, Colorado[edit]

A shadowrun world Rapheal is running in.

the Twisted Red Way[edit]

A running river of monsters delivering to shades of Amber.

Random aka Jaxs of Amber[edit]

A shade of Random from the Shade of Reddish Amber


A shade of Alexandra

Hepplewhite's Circus[edit]

Called variably Hepplewhite's Circus and Grand Revue,

Zach [[1]

Len Parsons[edit]


Doctor. Midget. Juggler. Acrobat. Knife Thrower.

Holds an Alamond Imprint.