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Shadow is big. Really Big.. So big if you were standing outside it looking down at it you'd say, "WOW! That's big.

Of course shadow is just part of the big thing that everything is part of. Chaos is a really big thing. So much bigger then all of shadow..

Now of course there is Amber and Mandalay and Avalon and Regor and Azcala and all kinds of other places. They all have their circles and their sway. And people aplenty. But across shadow are many more people then serve or strive in any of the major places and its likely you will run across them from time to time.

Amber Kingdom and Shadows[edit]

  • Amber
    • Trest Alamin: A trump artist living the the ally of Amber. A notorious drunkard,a unlucky gambler. His talent is in caricature art and a crreating contact trumps based on the Mal at Reiss
    • Aunt Galiray. Runs a restaurant in Garn. Aunt Galiray's Vale. Was once in the City of Amber. A favorite of Bleys and Corwin and Gerard 's Vale. A big, agile older woman with at least a thousand year history in Amber. Claims to be descended from the freeholders on the Feldane Estates.
    • Sergeant Garry Gavno, a Calro member of the elite Amber Guard. A
  • Arden Rangers
  • Neal's Diner
    • Laura Dearly: Main Waitress at Neal's Diner. Everyone calls her "Laura Dear."
    • Buddy Drummen: Head chef Neal's Diner.
    • Georgie Reno: Runs the card game at Random's Card Room-Neal' Diner. A retired Elite, and old friend of Random's from before Patternfall. Having turned down a more prestigious posting he was granted the Post at Neal's.
    • Bruno Sveldt: Tattoo artist Near Neal's Diner. Will do tattoo work for Amberites free of charge, for good reason.
  • Mama Aglevar:
    • Mama Agalvar
    • Various Children
    • The cat Buttons.
  • Gutsedvem
    • Candrok: A Hellmaid of Hendrake #21st Lord of the Games
    • Baniral of Umber: A shade of Benedict #97th Lord of the Games
    • Sir Martin Of Ardendale. A failed Knight of Camelot #86 Lord of the Games
    • Crusanda Trus: A Waymaster of Chaos. Woven Logrus holder.
    • Digan the Rube Mage
    • 150 Lords of the Games
  • Dreana
    • Constance Kieln: Captain in the Amber Guard. Dreanan. Led the assault on Bruno Sveldt.
    • King Dunran Brolic. The Sickly. King of Dreana
    • Markosi Brolic, the first Blue the ruling line has ever produced. Crown Prince of Dreana. Sson of Dunran
  • Erasamus Braldig.
  • Vine River
    • Reane Vil Sar
    • Jim Bridger
    • Jeremiah Johnson.
    • John "Grizzly" Adams
    • Tvpvssolv Russian mountainman
  • Lords of Mandalay.
    • titanthorpes
  • Dramturge
  • Cabri Carts stand-up comedians.
    • Robin William, George Carlin, Richard Pryor,Lenny Bruce, Shelly Berman and other comedians
    • Kanil Dri's is a concert hall for orchestra and opera. Never a dull moment, never a note off key, never a warbling soprano unless the libretto calls for it.
    • Rahz Ferso fans that attacked Bleys in Amber.
  • Phil's Diner
    • Phil
  • three charming ladies of the House Fasray. Ilean Fasray, Nalya Fasray, and Kela Fasray. Wet Wendell
  • Braldu's Retreat
    • Ren Braldu
  • Calrabon
    • Butcher-Wizards of Calrabon, Eruth
    • Aggus Fet Arman: Chef/Owner of Oberon's Fire
    • Asdrut Dri Agbira: Specialty Architect
  • Beleriand:
    • Heros of Belierand maybe?
  • Fane of Zilla
    • Zilla Priests
  • Galras Gallery
    • Pierre Renoir: Galaras Gallery
    • Lewis Carroll: Galaras Gallery
    • Vincent Van Gogh: Galaras Gallery ,
    • Karl Lueger: Galaras Gallery
    • Henri Toulouse-lautrec: Galaras Gallery
    • Sigmund Freud: Galaras Gallery
  • Talowar:
    • Nez Perce Indian from the Vine River tribe.
  • Vulsar Star Base
    • Personnel. Star Fleet, etc
  • Jack Rabbit Slim's
    • Elvis Beam. Once the King of Shade of Amber-Ambir.
    • Flori: The Flora of Ambir. Now Marilynn, lives in Los Angeles
    • Lewellen The Llewella of Ambir still Lewellan, is apparently a surf bum in Polynesia some place.
  • Domain of the King
    • Fat Elvis:
  • St. Masvir's
    • Sir Danreese Mirs: Operated St Masvir's a broken pattern sorcerer and retired Duke of Manri
    • Sir Danak of Diagah : St Masvir's
  • Camelot: Arthur, Lancelot, Gwain, Lot, Tristan, Guinevere, Isuelt, and all the rest.
  • Field of the Cloth of Gold: Henry 8, Francis I, and a host of characters
  • Moins: Duke of Moins
  • Paris
    • Angeleous Lambert's Bakery.
    • Guido Regili is a butcher
  • Tombs of The Ancestors of Darkenss
    • Guardian at the Tomb
  • Ranvir Calmir Laeessas Calmir: Refugees of Calmir
  • Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
    • Mike Callahan
    • Tom Hauptman
    • Jake Stonebender; a folk guitarist and philosopher
    • A Brooklyn ragtime/punk pianist named Fast Eddie Costigan.
    • Pytor, an alcoholic vampire and staff designated driver who drinks alcohol while transfusing victims that he drives home.
    • Doc Webster; a nearly divine surgeon and a dangerous punster,
    • Long Drink McGonnigle; a ex-moonshinner and jack of all trades.
    • Ralph Van Wau Wau; a genetically engineered talking dog.
    • Noah Gonzalaes; a sergeant on the Suffolk county bomb squad,
    • Dink Fogerty; a psychic fisherman,
    • Mary Finn, Callahan's daughter,
    • Lady Sally Callahan, Callahan's Wife and a notorious madam,
    • Tommy Jensen; an empathic heroin addict on the mend,
    • Don Domingo Montoya; an unfettered guitarist I had make my personal guitar.
    • cheerful Charlies, the
    • Mac Donald Brothers, a
    • hobbit looking all too much like Bilbo Baggins for my taste, and
    • a leprechaun named Fishy
    • A despondent ex-Lord of Chaos, defrocked of his powers, named Falowin Hendrake.
    • A once dead pope named Joan.
    • Abe Lincoln
    • Spunky, who won't admit what his animal form is.
  • The Newsstand: Big Jim Torrio .
  • King's Sandwich: manager- of King's Sandwich
  • Mc Hood's Roadhouse: Mc Hood is a retired gunfighter
    • The Mc Hood's Family
  • The Blighted Earth
    • Auto-duelers
    • Bob Houk
  • Lisel and her Teahouse staff.
    • Antil Gardener and he can talk tea for weeks. a short elvish looking hobbit with a very discerning palate for teas.
    • Largo Baggins, a fat hobbit who tends the fire and the dinner fair.
    • Vonnilia
  • Adzikis in Winter.Jed, &Zeke
  • Red Dog Tavern
    • Black Ice, a large black biker gone to fat with a peg leg, There is one cat
  • Heroch: Heroch's Cantina. He's an Ushfa.
  • Diega Raks:
    • Trados Cru is an elderly man, a Dreanan Blue, who has served Diega, Dreana, and Amber for ages operates a currency exchange to keep him busy during his retirement.


H&TE: Hazarda and Timothy Elhue. Party animals and trouble solvers taht cruise in style from conflict to conflict. Not mercenaries. They can't e ought, they can't be hired. They must be inspired or hoodwinked.

Guiness : A traveler and man with wandering feet and an ancient history he tends to ignore.

Lop : The Least Objectionable Person. A very friendly, very helpful guy who went as far as one can without shedding blood. Founder of the Palace Commons. In later years he became a facilitator to the adventuring community. Founder of CHAD

Ascorbic and Ox : Two travelers that live among the common folks and like it that way.

Venki Fairhand  : A Thrice Crowned Bard out of his homelands. One of the Fairhands

Grog and Mikon : A powerful dwarf lord and a Fighter with Fire

Arin and Tarooos  : Arin of Freestate and Tarooos

Digan : The Rube Mage



Conf of Shadows

Jake and Kirgor

Reltorious and Topatia Priests of the Savior and the Slayer

Vek Living in an Amber Shade.