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Not Quite Zero Anymore is a Pathfinder game set on the world of Golarion. Specifically it focuses on the exploits of a group of adventurers, heroes all, seeking to defend the lands of Lastwall against dire threats of all sorts.


Kess Oddwhiskers, Female Ratfolk Alchemist[edit]

Lok Ironstrider, Male Kellid Human Barbarian[edit]

Danae Kalar, Female Aasimar Gunslinger/Paladin[edit]

Tessarda the Light Arrow, Female Kyonin Elf Paladin[edit]

Aishah, Female Half-Elf(Drow)Summoner[edit]

Tyr Anasazi, Male Varisian/Taldan Human Fighter[edit]

Notable NPCs[edit]

Virgilia Kalar[edit]

Tressa, Faithful Hound[edit]

General Information[edit]

Experience Awards[edit]

  • 5-27-13 2180 xp (Kess, Lok, Danae, Tessarda, Aishah, Tyr) - Forest Were-boars, Forest Drakes
  • 6-10-13 4533 xp (Kess, Lok, Danae, Tessarda, Aishah, Tyr) - The Hoagley Wedding Rehearsal
  • 6-16-13 2500 xp (Kess, Lok, Danae, Tessarda, Aishah, Tyr) - Adventure Completion/The Hoagley Wedding
  • 7-02-13 2560 xp (Kess, Lok, Danae, Tessarda, Tyr) - Wight's Point


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