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Out of the Mountain's Shadow

A PbP game of Weapons of the Gods

Sword Looks Up, East Liang[edit]

Sword Looks Up is a small city nessled in the forests at the foot of the mountains in East Liang. Those wilds are the home of the Green Mountain clan; a minor clan overshadowed by its nearby Bei and Dong neighbors. The merchants, scholars and nobles of Sword Looks Up are striving to counteract this somewhat uncooth reputation, and make the city more cosmopolitan. The newly appointed Chief Magistrate -- Lord Ru Di, somewhat sarcastically known on the streets as The Cultured King -- in particular is interested in seeing the city thrive and grow during his tenture there.

To that end, he is using the excuse of a visit from the Abbot of the Winter's Retreat monestary on Heng South, to sponsor a tournament.

Player Characters[edit]


The PCs have not met these gentlemen yet, but may well soon.

  • Impeccable Wong -- man-about-town, member of Green Mountain clan
  • Mr Chien -- leader of the Auspicious Fortune Social Club (a street gang)
  • Painted Fox (younger brother of Brightly Burning Sky)
  • Windswept Pine -- a masked female Wulin fighter.
  • Brother Zhou -- a buddist monk from Mt. Song
  • Lord Ru Di -- newly appointed Chief Magistrate of Sword Looks Up