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This system is designed to be a generic, stream-lined d20 variant. At inception, the major influences on design include the d20 system, RuneQuest, the Hero System and Ars Magica.

Goals include:

  • Classless Character Creation
  • Increased importance of skills and derived 'attributes' from skills
  • A faster-to-run skills-based combat system
  • Development of a system for creating 'Powers' (think Hero system), so that individual settings may be fully customised.
  • And most importantly, the fostering of a truely 'open' d20 system, a system developed via the Internet with settings designed for passion, not profit.

Some degree of compatibility with current d20 is desired, but may very well end up being impossible.

The inspiration for Open D20 is the frustration with so many almost-great-but systems available today. D20 is great because of its elegant simplicity, but the structure is not transparent enough. Runequest was great, if only it wasn't so realistic. The Hero System is great, if only it was much less complicated (and if only combat was smoother).

'If Only' all those wonderful house rules we all make up actually made a difference to the material published. Well, if there is an online d20 game, then we CAN make use of all those rules. We need to combine the flexibility of something like HERO with the elegant simplicity of d20 - we need Open D20.


I don't know very much about computers, and I know even less about wiki. But I know what a wonderful resource it is, and I think it is the perfect tool for building a game system designed from the grassroots.

And like all grassroots movements, it needs lots of dedicated volunteers to take off. There's not too much reason to fuss about it at this time (13/09/05) because so much basic ground work still needs to be done. But in the near future, this project requires a set of regulars to keep updating and tweaking, and an even larger set of viewers who can play-test various aspects of the system and see how well it works.

If you are interested in gaming, and in the idea of Open-D20, then please take part in this project. The easiest way to start is for people to mention it/link to it on RPG message boards around the 'net. Thanks for your help! Naranater 22:04, 8 January 2006 (PST)


  • Project started on 12/09/05.
  • The major hurdle at present is the Powers system, if you have anything to contribute please contact me through the wiki.
  • Please feel free to discuss these ideas so that we can build the system WE want, together! Naranater 22:04, 8 January 2006 (PST)
  • To-do list:
    • Individual Noun/Verb compound lists in the Powers section
    • Finish calculating 'Strength' (from athletics, fort and size)
    • Finish 'Weapons' section
    • Expand the 'Traits and Talents' section.
    • Description of Skills that differ from standard d20
    • All of the templates