Otto Rottengud

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A character in the Easy Money PBP WHFRP game.

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Growing up in the slums of the capital of Hochland was none too good. Life in the surrounding countryside is good enough, but when a city rat catcher has four children to feed then there isn't much to go round. So when Otto Rottengud was old enough he started as a trader's mate, hawling, rowing, driving. The money was enough to see him better off, but was never going to get his siblings a better life.

So it was that he stashed a crate of Kislevite Vodka under his master's cart on one trip across the border. Without the tax paid, he made a few shillings extra. Next trip it was a couple of crates. A year later and he'd left his master, acquired his own cart and horse and was running the darker routes across the border.

A couple of years ago, when Altdorf introduced it's ill conceived and short-lived "feather tax" that all but crippled the Fletchers' Guild, Otto got to know Johann Holder quite well. Since then, a few gemstones with missing import notes have gone his way and contact with the appropriate trade guilds for Otto's merchandise has been made by the bowyer.

About that time, his younger brother, Gustav came with him and now has a respectable job as cook at the Fort Gravgart outside of Altdorf. And last year he set his elder sister, Hild, up with some accommodation in the city - she's a good looker and soon got herself afianced to a respectable city burgher and was married last month. The youngest of the family, Ilsa, still lives with their father though. For now though Otto is between jobs and is looking to get enough money to bring his sister to the capital.

The last few months, however, the roadwardens have been tight on the usual routes. So Otto sits in the tavern, handing the barman his last pennies, ordering one more beer than he can actually afford and crossing his fingers in silent prayer.



Current Smuggler


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 36 30 29 27 28 32 26 31 1 12 4 3
Advanced +5 +5 +10 +10 +10 +2
Smuggler +5 +5 +10 +10 +10 +2
Current 41 35 29 27 38 42 26 35 1 14 4 3


Total 970
Current 70

Personal Details[edit]

Height 5'8"
Weight 125lb
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Marks Nose Rings (two rings in his left nostril, crossing each other)
Siblings 3
Sign The Grease Goat
Age 21
Birthplace Hergig, Hochland


Luck, Resistance to Disease, Dealmaker


Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gossip, Speak Language (Reikspeil), Drive, Evaluate, Speak Language (Kislevian), Haggle, Perception, Row, Search, Silent Move, Secret Signs (Thief), Swim


Leather Jack
Brass handled Hunting Knife
Sling bag
Wooden Tankard
Wooden Cutlery
Long coat with many pockets

Two daggers with collapsible blades.

Keg of gunpowder with trigger clockwork mechanism.

Extremely fine embroidered long coat with many pockets (on loan)
All matching accessories. Fine small sword.

Draft Horse and Cart (currently stolen by bloody hobbits!)
Large false bottomed barrel
Rope (20 yards)
Large sack of gunpowder (in most secret compartment under seat)

Letter of credit for 250 crowns. (Bank of Marienburg)
Coin : C59 18/-
Fine velvet cloths