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Circus is one of the more developed cities on Paquin, it is also home to one of the larger theater districts on the planet. Circus boasts a uniquely blended Federal-syndicate based 'police' force. It is largely made up of syndicate personnel, but authorized with Federal authority. The "Hospitality" officers are situated around the city and ensure that everyone can have a good time, as well as seeing that the syndicate gets a share of every enterprise.

'Beatty is a small mining town with a simply flat platform spaceport for up to two ships to land. "Clem's" is the local saloon. Beatty is 10km from the Rhyolite Gold Mine. A labor dispute is ongoing there as up 2526 between the Miners and the Corone Mining Consortium.

  • Met Solon Massoukis (former crewmate of Nika's)normally based on Greenleaf.
  • The crew picked up a small number of EMP devices (illegal) unknowingly, and took them to Beaumonde. (Episode 103: Summer's Gift).
  • Summer 2522 - Paquin has become more dangerous in the last few months as armed insurgents have targeted Alliance outposts around the major city. In response, the Alliance has cracked down on movement, and attempted to enforce a curfew in the cities along with roadblocks and no-fly zones around the major cities. These are fairly porous, and served more to filter cash into the pockets of enterprising people who know how to sneak people into the cities. Despite the regular fire of weapons, and the boom of bombs, life goes on.

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