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The Rendoltin is one of 12 arcologies of the Anorusa model in the city of Nenton, Antheris.

It is on the corner of 5th and Bandolier and is anchored by the shadow famous Newsstand run by Big Jim Torrio. Three cards in the King Random's Deck feature businesses on the same corner all part of the Rendoltin business sway. [[1]] while the Newsstand is the only one actually intragal to the arcology.

Rentoltin has a population of 275,000. Higher then most Anorusa Plazas but Rendoltin is one of the most efficient of the model.

Rentoltin houses the world headquarters for a couple major enterprises.

  • Tresnala Shipping has its corporate headquarters here and employ over 30,000 residents in the facility.
  • Nenton Grand Collegia is here. This is a University/Library/Research Center/Museum that employs over 10,000 residents and houses near 30,000 students.
  • Nenton Cavaliers, a major league baseball team and the Nenton Knights a AAA minor league team in the Cavalier franchise are both in Rentoltin.
  • Antheris Olympic Association employs over 2000 residents. This is the national organizing group for the nation of Antheris.
  • Nenton Swingsticks, a major league tennis team is housed here and runs junior league and kids leagues from here.
  • The Tridee Theater was the first 3D theater on Antheris and now houses a major facility that has large group immersion movies as well as medium and small theaters. They run a major streaming service for home 2D & 3D programs.
  • Nenton Courthouse is a civil court using jury judges as well as Judges Formal and Informal.[[2]]

Rendoltin sponsor many events of note.

  • Nenton Olympics the Nenton Olympic Stadium has been the site of several world Olympics. It also hosts sporting events of many kinds.
  • Nenton Triathlons, Heptathlons, Decathlons, Pentathlons . These are extremely well attended events where participants.
  • The Waddlethon is often held in Rendoltin. This is a humorously presented parody of Olympic sporting events. There are over a hundred events and each year 10 are chosen. Half the events are chosen electronically at random. Half the events are chosen by individuals in various manners; Previous year's winner, the Waddlro, picks an event for the next year. The administrator of the host facility picks an event. A lottery is held for 2 chances to pick events. The President of the Host Nation picks and event.
    • Waddlethon events include cheese rolling, cow tipping, juggling races, tomato catching, curling, Javelin catching, Shot Checkers, Sanjir, and many more.
    • These events allow participants to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Some events such as Shot Checkers include drinking.

Anorusa Plazas are designed to function as an integral part of a larger community. Rendoltin is a dominate economic force in Nenton. Remote work is a major feature of most arcologies and Anorusa Plazas depends on them more then most.

Most arcologies monitor and restrict entrance of non-member populations. This is another difference of the Anorusa model. Anorusa Plazas work by letting non-residents access commercial, industrial and recreational areas openly, while allowing residents to access these areas at largely reduced costs. Items sold in stores of a plaza cost residents 1/4 to 1/2 of their sale price to non-residents.

Many recreational facilities are free to residents. Most plazas include golf courses, fishing and water sports. There are also hiking, cycling, and running paths beside people movers of a variety of styles. Each plaza tries to include a major sports enterprise to anchor extensive recreational facilities. Anorusa Plazas feature a great deal of outdoor actives, far beyond the general inwardly designed arcologies.

Most Plazas have amphitheaters and large concert halls. Rendoltin is famous for 3 major theaters and 2 major concert halls, as well as using the Nenton Olympic stadium for concert. It also has an extremely vibrant Small Theater scene. Small Theater is mostly local amateur theater productions and performances but the enthusiasm for them is epic on Antheris and nowhere is it more represented then in Rendoltin.

Rendoltin houses a river like water feature running through the plaza as a scenic feature as well as for rafting, swimming, boating and kayaking. Some Anorusas allow motorized vehicles but Rendoltin does not except in its two lakes. The water is fresh water and is stocked with a variety of sport fish for fishing.