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This is the placeholder for Keepers of the Dragon

Motivation and Background[edit]

Can I get a player to enter a summary here of how everybody in the group came together? Everybody except the dragon will be in the group initially and would like a description of how this came to be and a summary of any past adventures they have shared.

Key questions to answer:

  • Why are you searching for books? Every character might have a different answer here
    • Yncey: Her brother gave her a short list of books to keep an eye out for.
    • Yoko: To learn of the lost pre-Rifts past, expand the field of techno-wizardry and stick it to the Coalition.
    • Sunset: Books are a fascinating technology. They let me see humans from a whole new perspective!
    • Bob: They're pretty and exotic and interesting, even though I can't read.
    • Tiger: Everyone told me that's what we were going to do!
    • Edward: Aside from just liking 'em? 'Cause I hope to, uh, pick up some pointers on improving my new craft.
    • Wolf: To make my own super Glitter Boy!!
  • Why are you heading west specifically?
    • Yncey: To escape the yahoos chasing us. And to cash in some bounties in Denver.
    • Yoko: Coalition territory is too dangerous for a techno-wizard to stay in long, and the west has some ruined cities that haven't been picked over as much as the central US.
    • Sunset: West is home. And if we have to keep running, there's plenty of room that way.
    • Bob: New things to see! There's a whole world beyond the Burbs, and I want to see it ALL!
    • Tiger: Everyone else is!
    • Edward: Why not? I don't think anyone out West is particularly interested in shooting me. Unlike some folks in points east...
    • Wolf: "Running" from the Coalition, they don't take kindly to "defectors".
  • How did the group meet?
    • Yncey: Went to steal an egg. But dragon. Dragon! Dragon! DRAGON!
    • Yoko: Is the captain of the ship, met Javier while flying south from Lazlo on the first leg of the trip and has been generous in offering berths to all these strange people the CS doesn't like.
    • Sunset: I don't know how Yoko and Javier met. Yoko caught me snooping around the airship.
    • Bob: They hired me in the Burbs as a local guide.
    • Tiger: They were there when he hatched
    • Edward: Recruited to provide a number of services and odd jobs on board the ship, such as communications, gunnery, basic weapon maintenance, thuggery
    • Wolf: Helped Yoko get some parts to repair the Airship, decided to tag along to get out of the Coalition States.
  • Any past adventures up until now?
    • Yncey: Several successful bounties. Latest were two mass-murderers, a quick-flex named Doc and a larmac named Orange. Their heads are packed in salt in a bag.
    • Yoko: Long-range travel is full of adventure! Plus the flight from Lazlo to the CS involved dropping off some covert ops guys with backpacks full of Lazlo-produced soap opera discs to undermine the Coalition's propaganda.
    • Sunset: For the past few years I've regularly risked my freedom to retrieve knowledge from human settlements.
    • Bob: Lots of local shenanigans in the Burbs, but this is the first time I've ever traveled so far. It's exciting!
    • Tiger: Nope!
    • Edward: Uh, I can start by listing where all my scars come from, I suppose. Then move from there to places I never expected to take fire from...
    • Wolf: Other than the time he was rescued from destruction at the hands of the Coalition for being a "failure", no not really.


Please post a link to your character using the following format:

  • Tiger Praxis, Royal Frilled Dragon Hatchling, played by The Wyzard
  • Longarm Yncey Binn, Elven Bounty Hunter, played by alive
  • Dr. Yoko Watanabe, Human Techno-Wizard, captain of the Queen Liber, played by GaoGaiGar
  • "Bob", Quick-Flex D-Bee City Rat, played by Marian
  • Sunset, Psi-Pony Mind Melter, played by UtterConfusion
  • Edward Jamison III Human Headhunter Techno-Warrior played by Praxias
  • Wolf Dog(Wolf) Boy Operator played by TigerWolfe
  • Sir Javier Human Cyber-Knight played by Sabermane

Flying Machine[edit]

Hybrid Techno-wizard Scout Airship Queen Liber