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Episode 1: The New Kid

This episode opens with two civilian SPA personnel, Denise Harris and SPARCs:Wally_Evans in the SPA office. They're discussing the arrival of the team's newest member, "Fearless" Joe Jackson. Wally tells Denise that he has teleported Joe to the team's location and Denise, aghast, reveals that the team is in action, meaning that Joe has been teleported into the heart of the fight.

Joe arrives at the scene to find the SPARCs battling the AniMAULS, not the world's most frightening supervillains. Joe gets stuck in, but Livewire, thinking he's a civilian, sends Vigil to haul him out of the area. Blindsided by Vigil, Joe retaliates and knocks her out. While Mystic Girl and Frost stop the rest of the villains, the two boys square off. Livewire proves himself the more talented fighter, but when he sees Joe go down he moves in to finish him, dropping his guard. Joe manages to land one mighty punch and knocks him flying. As Joe squares up against the rest of the team, he reveals that he's supposed to be looking for SPARCs. There is an awkward moment.

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Back at the headquarters, Exemplar gives the team a stern talking-to. The SPARCs then head to the locker rooms where the girls discuss their new teammate and the boys butt heads. Joe recognizes Frost from her old days with "Frost and Fire," and we see a small flashback in which Frost and her sister are menaced by a hulking, red-eyed shadow which appears to kill Fire.

The kids leave the locker room. Amy dresses Joe and Joel down some more, and then the SPARCs ascend to the school in special concealed elevators. Joe is left by himself.

The scene shifts to a science classroom, where Sarah and Amy have a run-in with Bobby Black, Big Man on Campus. Bobby comes over to talk to Amy, who is working with her best friend Shareeta, and invites her to one of his famous parties at Black Mansion. While doing so, he accidentally knocks over Sarah's experiment and Sarah snaps at him. Bobby retaliates with a crushing put-down. As Amy tries to decide how to respond to Bobby's invitation, Sarah mixes some more chemicals, causing a small explosion that knocks Bobby down. Amy grudgingly concedes that she might go to Bobby's party, but seems annoyed at her own behavior.

Later, the team are sent on a ropes course with the enthusiastic Ms. Weathers, an SPA training officer. Joe is put in charge of the team at Mystic Girl's suggestion, and he makes a royal mess of it. The team succumbs to infighting and bickering. Livewire and Mystic Girl continue their rivalry.

Following the exercise, we see the team heading away from school. They appear to be under surveillance, and we see a few moments of the home life of each. Notably, Joe seems to live in a happy home with his mother and brother, while Joel lives alone in bachelor squalor. Amy, being picked up by Shareeta's mom, hears of a possible kidnapping at the mall, and the team head out individually to deal with it.

At the mall, Joe, Joel and Amy are looking for clues. Joe and Joel engage in some more one-upsmanship; Joel then creates a ridiculous scene in order to distract the police while Joel sneaks into the crime scene looking for clues. Amy turns up to shush Joe with Shareeta in tow; Shareeta is obviously intrigued by the muscular newcomer.

Still not finished. One step at a time, eh? I'm not happy with it, so just go ahead and change whatever you like, finish it, whatever. -- James Holloway 16:25, 24 January 2006 (PST)