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Scions of Heaven is an Exalted Game, set in the dark and uncertain future at the edge of the End of the Second Age. Our heroes are children and young adults who have known nothing but the idyllic existence that they have found themselves. Their Matron has planned however for the day when her children will win back Creation from a dark evil whose evil everyone knows and yet no one does.



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The Story So Far[edit]

Act One[edit]

Character Generation[edit]

  • Rules
  • House Rules for Scions
  • I would like all sheets placed up here on this page: The template is here.
  • Glories will be used (At least at the charm accepted Level)


  • Andrensath: Priide Kittee, Endings Sidereal, physician.
  • Spiral Viral/Agrias Oaks: Gale Hardened older brother and wannabe hero
  • Frank: Burns Brightly Fox, Night Solar, Survivalist/Hermit... (Well as much as a hermit there on the Hill can be)
  • Lafing_Cat: Rai, Night Solar, Raised by T-Birds before being picked up by Scarlet Ruby
  • Tyrnis: T'zaran, Zenith Solar, young shepherd and veterinarian.
  • AmberdrakeFM: Lao Zi, Twilight Solar.
  • SageisDarkPaw: Tai Zi, Porcupine-totem Full Moon Lunar.



  • Rai - Night
  • Fox - Night
  • T'zaren - Zenith
  • Lao Zi - Twilight


  • Tai Zi - Full Moon


  • Priide Kittee - Endings


  • Gale - Slayer


  • Mortals
    • (None yet)
  • DragonBlooded
    • (none yet)
  • Sidereal
    • (none yet)
  • Abyssal
    • Lilly (Trinity, Tri) - Midnight (Sister to Gale)
  • Alchemicals
    • (none yet)