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Shadow is vast and many are the styles or magic. The majority of these systems are Low Order ones.

High Order magics are those based on the Pattern, Logrus, Squiggles inscriptions, Marks, and a number of other High Order inscriptions such as the Mall at Reiss

But Low Order systems can be incredibly powerful but may not function in the shadows far from their worlds of origin.

Characters buy a level of familiarity by allocating points to Shadow Magic and specifying type and realm of origin.

Types of Shadow Magic[edit]

Warlock Magery[edit]

Magery is an extremely common Low Order shadow magic system found in a large percentage of shadows where magic is found. It is based on the game Warlock, a D&D variant developed at Cal Tech in the '70s.

Magical Spell Progression

1 Pip-10th Level 6,4,3,2,2,1 2 Pip-20th Level 11,7,6,5,3,3,2,1 3 Pips-30th Level 16,10,8,7,5,5,3,2,1 4 Pips-40th Level 21,15,13,11,7,7,5,3,2,2 5 Pips-50th Level 26,21,17,13,11,11,8,6,4,2,1


A style of magic use in most Magery worlds that focuses on visual effects.


Wizardry is an extremely common Low Order shadow magic system. It is based on AD&D. 1 Pip-5th Level 2 Pip-10th Level 3 Pips-15th Level 4 Pips-30th Level 5 Pips-50th Level


3 distinct versions of listry are common Low Order System. Listry is based on Role Master's Spell law.

  • Channeling, Mentalist, Essence.


Many systems of Clericism exist across Shadow. Most function as a channel of the powers of a figurehead or power source.

None of the realms based on Order Magic practice clericism.

Many forms of Clericsm in Shadow are actually Magical Systems cloaked in religous ceremony.


These systems vary wildly. There are some general similarities. Repetitious or rote memorization of spells. Alters or a location or presentation of magical display.