Shadows of the Dark Side

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Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Leia Organa brought the Galactic Civil War to a formal close by claiming the Imperial Throne. In the one and a half years since, she has worked closely with Chancellor Mon Mothma, easing the Empire back from a total war footing and preparing to restore the Senate. Her brother, Luke Skywalker, has finally managed to steal enough time away from guarding his sister against assassination attempts to begin identifying, recruiting, and training agents for the Order Inquisitive, which is absolutely not a front for reviving the still-proscribed Jedi Order.

The State of the Galaxy[edit]


Galactic Empire[edit]

Imperial Republic Emblem.png

Ruler: Empress Leia Organa

Major Figures: Chancellor Mon Mothma, Viceroy Han Solo, Lord Commander Luke Skywalker

Governed by a reformist faction of former Rebels, the Galactic Empire controls almost all of the galaxy not claimed by another power; this consists of the Deep Core, Core, and Colonies, along with the bulk of the Inner Rim and Expansion Regions, and large chunks of the Mid and Outer Rims along the Corellian Run and Perlimian Trade Route.

True Empire[edit]

Imperial Emblem.png

Ruler: Grand Moff Phedrik Tarkin

Major Figures: Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, Admiral Rodon Carcharias, Colonel Viktr Techt

The self-promoted Grand Moff, a cousin of the late Wilhuff Tarkin, is the most prominent of the New Order ideologues who have rejected Leia Organa's authority, and most of the others have fallen (or been pulled) into his orbit. The territory of the True Empire extends from the capital planet Eriadu coreward along the Rimma Trade Route and Hydian Way as far as the Expansion Region, west and rimward to the edges of known space, and east along the Triellus Trade Run to the Five Veils Route.

Zsinj Dominion[edit]

Zsinj Emblem-01.png

Ruler: Warlord Zsinj

Major Figures: Brigadier Baron Rébas Hejaran, Commodore Taina Felso, Kae Wren, Tra Viszla

Controlled by the most powerful of the post-Endor warlords, the Zsinj Dominion covers the north quadrant of the known galaxy from the Outer to Mid Rim, with a few intrusions into the Expansion Region and the Inner Rim. The Hydian Way marks the beginning of the Dominion’s eastern frontier, with its authority and influence falling off quickly beyond it.

Real Alliance[edit]

Real Alliance Emblem.png


Major Figures: Senator Garm Bel Iblis (Corellia), Queen Kiré Elthiina (Naboo), King Lux Bonteri (Onderon), Countess Giana Visconi (Serenno)

The Real Alliance to Restore the Republic holds little territory as such; the Corellian system has rallied around its returned Senator, and a few scattered systems like Naboo, Onderon, and Serenno have also declared open allegiance to the cause, but the bulk of this faction exists underground and on the fringes, with sympathizers everywhere in the so-called Irregular forces of Leia's Empire – if one knows where to look and how to ask.

Hutt Space[edit]

Hutt Space Emblem.png

Ruler: Hutt Ruling Council

Major Figures: Durga Besadii Tai, Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, Marlo Qunaalac Bronda, Bossato Gorensla Suuza, Rotta Desilijic Kiirnu

The internal power struggle resulting from Jabba’s demise has left the Hutts in a poor position to take advantage of the political divisions in the rest of the galaxy, with the result that they have expanded only into those portions of the Outer & Mid Rim most immediately adjacent to their existing territory, and have not yet made any significant pushes coreward.

Minor Factions[edit]

In addition to the five major factions in current galactic politics, there are a number of minor ones: criminal organizations, independent sectors, as well as lone or small clusters of systems under the control of petty warlords, some openly independent and others nominally aligned with one of the major powers.

Canon and Non-Canon Sources[edit]

This AU takes as canon the Prequel Trilogy, The Clone Wars theatrical film and animated series, Solo, Rebels, Rogue One, and the Original Trilogy, with two small excisions: Ezra's experiences after going through the wall of the Lothal Temple, and Ahsoka's appearance in the Rebels epilogue.

This AU also incorporates many elements of the old Legends continuity, modified to better fit with canonical elements and to suit the needs of the game.

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