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Officially named Spasa, the term Spirits is the common usage even among Dufiro.

These creatures have gained sufficient awareness to have needs and greeds. As they advance the experiences that developed them from elementals to spirits gave them passions. These passions are expressed in their differentiation. They develop singularly for a time but when they develop they may shift to other spirit forms many times before rising to the Avasa Dufirosm. Spirits often are more obsessed with their singular devotion then Avasa or Masoja are because they have a focus without greed or ambition. Commentary on Dufiro

  • Spasa races are like elementary and middle schoolers.
Air Spasa Dufiros: Earth Spasa Dufiros: Fire Spasa Dufiros: Water Spasa Dufiros: Change Spasa Dufiros: Spirits of change are shapeshifters.
Blending Spasa Dufiros: Many Blending Spirits are chefs and brewers. alchemists and preservationists. Canners Carnality Spasa Dufiros Specializes in forms of intimacy, sensuality, lust. A derogatory term is Whore Spasa. Most take Cleanliness and health as well.[[1]] Cleanliness Spasa Dufiros: Experts in purification, elimination of dirt, rust, mold, paints, and dyes. Combat Spasa Dufiros: Experts in one on one combat. Armors, weapon-smiths, fletchers. Most Combat Spirits have ambitions to high orders. Death Spasa Dufiros: Death Spasa are workers of the dead. Morgue staff. Battlefield cleaners. Sorters of parts.
Defense Spasa Dufiros: A specialist in combat defenses. Fortifications, barricades, Bridges, pavises. Growth Spasa Dufiros: Guard Spasa Dufiros: Often bound to items to provide security and seal items against entrance. Boxes, chests, doors. Illusion Spasa Dufiros Experts in the creation of imagery. Life Spasa Dufiros: Life Spasa are Nurses. Caretakers.. Their skills are practical for physical beings not for those with magical illnesses or issues. A subcategory is Health Spasa who specialize in exercise, recuperation, and athletics for long term physical health.
Motion Spasa Dufiros: Dance, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Parkour. Paper Spasa Dufiros: Experts in the art of writing. Also origami. Paper Spirits often copy summoning ritual books for Spirits and Elemental. Rust or Rot Spasa Dufiros: These spirits are usually malicious, serving a term in punishment. Everything they deal with decays, rots, molds, fades or crumbles. Few choose to be Spirits of Rot. However, some Rot Spasa go on to be experts in cheese. Song Spasa Dufiros: Experts in music and performance Speed Spasa Dufiros:
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