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The Stone Crown Tribe is a PBP Post on the Forums following the story of the members of the Stone Crown Iron Age tribe. This wiki exists to store information about characters, and character sheets while the main play occurs in the forums.

Players and ST[edit]

  • GM: Huntsfromshadow
  • Player: Madcat - Shadow
  • Player: Threlicus - Strongarm
  • Player: Tophocles - Horizon
  • Player: Wroclaw - Wind

Important Links[edit]

Current Precedence[edit]

On Precedence 2 for Character creation.

  • GM
  • Tophocles
  • Wroclaw
  • Madcat
  • Threlicus

Current Tokens[edit]

  • Horizon - Drama: 0, Procedural: Red, Yellow, Green
  • Shadow - 0, Procedural: Red, Yellow, Green
  • Strongarm - 2, Procedural: Red, Yellow, Green
  • Wind - 1, Procedural: Red, Yellow, Green
  • GM - 1, Procedural: Red, Yellow, Green


Recurring Characters[edit]

  • Chief Wolf
  • Golden, Wolf's eldest son (and Shadow's brother)
  • Victor, Strongarm's father, Horizon's foster-father, and a wealthy and influential tribeman.

The Land & Tribe[edit]

Example Character Template - CharacterTemplate

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