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Supers of leyline Island is the adventures of a group of powered folk with dark mark's on their background aiming to prove themselves heroes and not potential villains. Sponsored by The World Heroes (Justice league/Avengers) these street level heroes are tasked to protecting Leycross city.


Names Sub title Player
Morrigan/Aislinn Raven ni Dermot Ancient war goddess Stormraven
Mordred/Robert Gray Reborn Arthurian Knight t@nya
Bai/Bai Fengxian Fire controlling clone WoolishlyGrim
Graviton/Graviton/Dr. Eric Salazar Armoured Scientist Archer
Jane Dee/Cassandra (Cassie) Young Bookish Mother Alyss

The Lost[edit]

Names Sub title Player
Conservator/Wendell Priest Archeologist Illtry


NPC's of note[edit]

The World Heroes

Morgan le Fay

Tenent of Rook Castle Apartments

Places of note[edit]

Leyline Island

Rook Castle Apartments



  1. Between Official Heroes: As Leyline Island is a test bed for potential heroes it is not uncommon for heroes to come and go leaving the island bereft of protectors for times. The criminal and especially the super-villain element of the island take advantage of this. This last gap has been unusually long and while The World heroes help with the large threats but their home regions and world take priority allowing the problem to grow to unprecedented levels. This is just the bog standard heroes are needed issue to get us started.
  2. Festival of Culture and History: The culture festival is in town lots of art exhibits, performances and fashion shows. Lots of rich people are in town and lots of borrowed artworks and historical artifacts. Also lots of mundane work to be done.
  3. Nichievo means Nothing - as in Nothing Good - a Crime syndicate named Nichievo who occasionally uses super assistance and likes the status quo.


  1. Fluctuating leylines: Leyline Island has always been rich in leylines and magical power but something has changed the leylines are surging with extra power one moment, then dropping below normal levels the next. While not large enough to affect the average person or lay practitioner those with a stronger sense of magic have taken note of the changes. This is just foreshadowing and giving me room to bring a larger threat in the future.
  2. Antisuper murmurings: A local minor politician is building up anti super hate in hopes of building a following. Not gained much traction for now but some are thinking he makes sense.
  3. TBD

House Rules and Rulings[edit]

Aspects and Phase trio[edit]

Super heroes get 2 high concepts, one for your characters super hero identity and one for your mundane. For heroes who have publicly known identities this still applies because marvel example, Reed Richards - Man of Science and Mr Fantastic - Man of Elastic are both (not perfect) High Concepts for him even though his super and mundane identity are not really separated.

In addition to the phase trio a fourth stage is added (making it a phase quartet) called Origin before the other phases as for many heroes their origin says a lot about them and defines their relationship with the setting and characters. The second is to not treat each phase as a step in a single adventure but for each to be it's own adventure or "comic issue".


To keep them simple and easy powers will be treated as a skill (ideally one that allows for the Attack, Defence, Overcome and Create an Advantage actions but not required) that goes into you skill pyramid and an aspect that defines it. The powers should be as broadly defined as a regular skill and the assumption is that the average hero will have 2-4 power skills. Overly broad power sets like magic should be broken up into sub-components (or arcane) and those treated as the skills. Gadgetry and other building powers will give a pool of temporary item slots which are mechanical aspects defining what the item does and rolls based on creation skill but more permanent items should be their own powers. Finally some powers might be best emulated by a super powered version of a normal skill (example: Peak Human Condition would be a super powered version of the physique skill) in which case you take the skill twice once as the super powered version and once as the mundane identity, de-powered version, or if honest skill tax.

Note because powers are skill it is possible to take stunts based on them.

Superskills gives a "basic" level of use even without rolls, in a you don't roll Athletics to walk or Rapport to just talk to your neighbour sense. So superskill example include just levitating/hovering for flight, producing small amounts of flame for Azure Flame Aura.

Skill list and skill pyramid[edit]

The skill cap of the pyramid is raised to superb to cover for extra skills .

Skill List[edit]

  • Athletics
  • Burglary
  • Contacts
  • Crafts
  • Deceive
  • Drive
  • Empathy
  • Fight
  • Investigate
  • Notice
  • Physique
  • Provoke
  • Rapport
  • Resources
  • Shoot
  • Stealth
  • Will

Added skills based on lore so by default allow Overcome and Create an Advantage actions

  • Science:- knowledge of the mundane and super sciences
  • Medicine:- knowledge of the first aid and other modern medical knowledge
  • Survival:- Knowledge of how to survive in any environment
  • Academics:- General knowledge skill of most other non common knowledge subjects
  • Occult:- Knowledge of the mystical and magical
  • Exotica:- knowledge if the weird, wonderful and hard to categorise. (generic powers and psionics fit here

Refresh and Stunts[edit]

The number of free stunts is 4 and refresh is 3.

Weapons and Armour Rating[edit]

The optional weapon and armour rating rules apply with the following changes. As suggested ratings are capped at 4 (or at least till further notice).

Characters with a superskill equivalent of physique, will or a defensive superskill in general gain At rating for the appropriate stress as shown in the table below. Those with a superskill equivalent of fight, shoot or general aggressive superskill gain a weapon rating in a similar manner for that skill.

Ratings can be also gained from stunts, with a always on stunt giving a plus 1 bonus and a circumstantial start giving a plus 2. This stacks with the skill bonus which is called your innate bonus.

Items can also give Rating and when buy or asking a contact for such an item the difficulty to acquire to be twice the Weapon rating or 3 times the Armour Rating. Rating from Items do not stack with Innate bonus only the highest bonus counts.

When attacking a character can always pull their blow or forgo their defence and use less then maximum Rating.

Skill level and Rating[edit]

Note this table goes beyond the skill rating at the start of the game.

  • Fair and below +0
  • Good and Great +1
  • Superb and Fantastic +2
  • Epic and above +3

Rough guide to Ratings[edit]

As weapons ratings.

  • Rating 0, unarmed and improvised weapons
  • Rating 1, small arms, All but the most damaging melee weapons, most civilian handguns and tazers fit here
  • Rating 2, standard arms, police grade handguns, light rifles and greatswords
  • Rating 3, military arms, ak47s, elephant guns
  • Rating 4, artillery and super tech/magic weapons

Gadgeteers and shapeshifters[edit]

Since they can be both defensive or weaponized they give a generic rating of half normal round up which then gets converted into a Weapon rating or armour rating with a relevant item or form comes up but only one at a time. Examples use gadgeteering to pull out a raygun he'll use the Wr, a shapeshifter grows defensive she'll treat it as a AR.

Movement items and forms use the creative movement rules, so summoning wings or wearing a jetpack will use half you shapeshifting or gadgeteering skill for movement. With a stunt allowing full value

Minions and Summons[edit]

Some characters skills give them the ability to summon or control minions, these a simply treated as Nameless Npcs whose highest skill is equal to half the result of a summoning/calling roll.

Companions and Sidekicks[edit]

A character may use an aspect to define a close relationship with someone who aids them on their superheroism or other aspect of life to such a degree they are nearly always available, Such characters are built as npc with a highest skill level of the maximum a summonable character can have, (this game Great). These could be a helpful robot, a loyal steed, a dry witted Butler or martial artist driver. A template for a standard sidekick is Linked Here.

Movement in conflicts[edit]

You can move a number of unobstructed zones equal to you movement related skill in question for free on your turn and to move more is an action. To pass an obstruction takes an action with or without roll but can continue using unused movement.

Misc setting notes[edit]

  • Super have been publicly around since world war 2 and may have pre-existed since the dawn of humanity.
  • This history of heroes has caused the appropriate law and cultural changes.
  • While some super share an origin source there is not one single source of super powers.
  • Super technology is hard to reverse engineer not because it doesn't obey the law of physics (but some do follow occult logic) but because it's like Victorian scientist trying to reverse engineer an iPad.
  • The fall of Camelot was such a violent magical event that it ripped the time of Arthur out of the normal time line leaving only the most powerful or spiritual entities free bar a few ripples and fragments

Henchman and Minor Threat[edit]

P.O.R.T.A.L Units[edit]



Good Enough Shot (can hit a barn at least ;) )

Trained Solider

Shoot +2

Athletics +1

Wr +1 Guns

Ar +1 Armour

stress []



Trained Solider

Big Scary Brutes

Fight +2

Provoke +1

Wr +0 Nightsticks

Ar +1 Armour

stress []



Trained Solider

Power armour"

Enhanced combat systems (super fight) +3

Rocket powered movement systems +2

Fight +1

Shoot +1

Wr +2 (super tech attacks)

Ar +2 Power Armour

stress [] []