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Month names for the years listed below link to the wikipedia history of events for that month and year.


December 2005[edit]

  • December 30: the Main Cast, Vivian Janell and Vernon Marks gather at the Blue Gin to enjoy a relaxing evening. Jack's young friend Dermot appears, with heroin, and reveals himself to be Milos' son. Milos and Jack's brother Patrick arrive to take Jack away.
  • December 24: The Congress of the United States rejected Condoleezza Rice's request to restore $50 million in aid to the African Union.
       Arthur Redford battles Godlike masked wrestler "El Cuchillo" on Pay-Per-View.
  • December 22: Vice President Brian Jaffe meets with the Ambassador from North Korea to discuss that country's proposed "Godlike Program."
       Former(?) Progeny member, Mongrel, takes Brian Jaffe's mother hostage in Maine.
  • December 21:    DCFD Engine #16 hosts its annual Christmas BBQ. The Main Cast are in attendance, as are Mandy's brother Gabe and his fiancee Ockham! Heavy fire greeted D.C.'s bravest as they arrived at the scene of a row house blaze on Wednesday night. Flames were shooting from all windows on the first floor of the home at 535 Irving Street N.W. Even as the first handlines were being placed in operation, fire swept upstairs to engulf the floor above in the two-story middle of the row dwelling. Engine 16 was involved in a minor accident as they were arriving on the scene. for more....
  • December 18: U.S. Vice President Brian Jaffe is on a trip to various countries including Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He made a surprise stop to Iraq today.
  • December 17: Condoleezza Rice and the African Union request additional funds to enable the A.U.'s peacekeeping mission in Darfur, Sudan to continue. Without additional aid, the African peacekeeping force will run out of funds in four months. Violence in the region has resurged recently.
  • December 16: Senator John McCain persuades President Dick Cheney to accept a ban on cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees; The United States House of Representatives has requested that the Cheney administration give Congress details on any secret detention facilities overseas; The United States Senate rejects the extension of the PATRIOT Act; United States President Dick Cheney refuses to comment on whether the National Security Agency spied on American citizens without a legal warrant.
  • December 15: Brian Jaffe has a private dinner with Monica Amen Asia to discuss her parents' situation.
  • December 14: U.S. President Dick Cheney says that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was the result of faulty intelligence, and accepts responsibility for that decision. He maintains that his decision was still justified.
  • December 13: The President of the United States, Dick Cheney, acknowledges the deaths of approximately 30,000 Iraqi civilians since the commencement of the Iraq War.

November 2005[edit]

  • November 25: The Main Cast departs for Seattle, at the request of President Cheney and Washington Governor Grigoire.
  • November 24: Thanksgiving. The Main Cast and their close family and friends share a festive dinner at Brian's townhouse.
  • November 21: As more than one million Zambians face severe food shortages due to drought, President Levy Mwanawasa declares a national disaster and appealed for international food aid.
  • November 17': A state of emergency and widespread rioting ends in France,

first sparked by the accidental deaths of two Muslim boys.

  • November 2: The Washington Post reports that the CIA has been operating, perhaps illegally, a covert network of "black site" prisons for terrorist suspects in eight foreign countries, including Afghanistan, Thailand, and several Eastern European democracies for the last four years, with little or no oversight from the United States Congress.
  • November 1: U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats force a closed session of the Senate over misinformed intelligence that led to the Iraq war and evasion of a congressional inquiry. This is considered a coup by the media and dirty pool by Senate Republicans.

October 2005[edit]

  • October 29: The Hopewell Foundation's first charity banquet.
  • October 20: The Barbara Walters Special featuring Brian is filmed and aired; Milos Wiazowski appears as a surprise (to Brian) guest.
    Jack and Arthur leave Pakistan on a secret mission to rescue Zaida from No Man's Land; all does not go according to plan and the Main Cast soon finds themselves targets of military attention.
  • October 19: The Main Cast is on-hand to respond to the largest of the Kashmiri earthquake's aftershocks and their quick thinking and vast power directly saves nearly 200 lives. A team from King Farm is there as well and, despite misgivings, the two teams are able to work together in the clean up project over the next week.
  • October 18: Lead by Mandy, The Hopewell Foundation's rescue team leaves for Kashmir to help with earthquake cleanup.
  • October 15: Arthur and the rest of the Main Cast battle The Reaper in Potomac Park. Though the physical fight ends quickly in our heroes' favor, the emotional score is not so settled as The Reaper is revealed to be their friend, Harley.
  • October 13: Khalid Atta, the last surviving hijacker of American Airlines flight 283, arrives at the office of The Hopewell Foundation, requesting asylum. After a small scuffle, Arthur and Brian bring him to the office of Amnesty International in New York.
    Several other Survivors arrive at the Hopewell Office, asking for help on a variety of issues.
  • October 12: The Main Cast has a brief altercation with Milos Wiazowski, Daniel Young and several of Milos' Godlike colleagues outside of the Young family's home in Virgina over custody of Maggie and Alex. Unprepared to encounter other people as powerful as they, the Main Cast are defeated, but not before Brian wreaks unintentional, but severe, property damage in the neighborhood with his powers. Later that evening, Milos arrives at the Hopewell Foundation office to give a 24 hour ultimatum for their submission to his will.
    A group called The Human Foundation airs a commercial in prime time, containing footage of Survivor-caused destruction (even some from the fight at the Young's house that very afternoon), asking how the public can not fear the power of the Godlike.
  • October 11: In giving "the Godlike Convocation," Milos Wiazowski announces the opening of King Farm as a gated community for the Survivors.
    Arthur races Dale Earnhardt Jr., a horse and a cheetah; unsurprisingly, he wins. The crowd's first response is silence, followed by a deafening cheer.
    Brian meets with Zaida binte Shouk at the U.S. Government's facility in Hopewell, NJ. The meeting ends with no one satisfied.
  • October 9: Mandy and brother Mikky are two of the Engine #16 team that responds to an alarm in a Washington, D.C. restaurant. They save the only two people inside before the building collapses.

September 2005[edit]

  • September 29: John Roberts is ratified by Congress as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
  • September 23: President George W. Bush is expected to ratifiy the list of bases to be closed as part of BRAC 2005.
  • September 18: Maggie Young's birthday party. Daniel Young returns early from a business trip and hits his wife, Julie, over the pressence of "freaks" in his home. Arthur's response is aggressive and Julie says that she no longer wants to talk to him.
  • September 12: Michael Brown, head of FEMA since January, 2003, resigns after FEMAs poor response to Hurricane Katrina leads to allegations that he falsified his resume.
  • September 11: Fourth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Main Cast, and attendants, return from a seemingly one-day jaunt to the disasterous possible future of 2056 to discover that they have missed nearly 4 months of time.

August 2005[edit]

  • August 29: Hurricane Katrina makes landfall a second and third time, on the Gulf Coast and in Mississippi, as a Category 4 Hurricane. Most of the city of New Orleans is flooded, thousands of lives are lost and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages accrue. FEMA and the Bush administration are widely criticized for their percieved failure to better prepare for and respond to the disaster; especially relevant are issues of race and class.
  • August 25: Hurricane Katrina makes landfall just north of Miami, Florida, as a Category 1 Hurricane.
  • August 10: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launches.
  • August 9: Though its landing is moved from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to Edwards Air Force Base, California, due to inclement weather, successfully Space Shuttle Discovery returns safely home at 0511 PDT, completing STS-114, "Return to Flight."
    Rep. Curt Weldon, R-PA. and vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, claims that the Department of Defense had identified Mohammed Atta and 3 other 9/11 terrorists as members of Al Qaeda in 1999, through the actions of a classified military intelligence unit known as "Able Danger," but did not share this information with the FBI. article
  • August 7: During a Congressional recess, President Bush appoints hotly contested nominee John Bolton as the United States' ambassador to the U.N., side-stepping the need to have him approved by the Senate.
    Saudi Arabia's King Fahd dies; the new king, King Abdullah, is seen as a moderate who will not make many changes to the country.
    Republican Senators John McCain, John Warner and Lindsey Graham propose a Bill to expressly prohibit cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of detainees in U.S. custody. McCain states that the issue of torture is "not about who they are. It's about who we are." The Bill frustrates the White House and ammendments force it to be tabled until the Senate reconvenes in September.
  • August 1: NASA's MESSENGER probe to Mercury makes an Earth flyby.

July 2005[edit]

  • July 26 - Launch for Space Shuttle Discovery return to flight mission STS-114. This is the first Space Shuttle flight in nearly two and a half years since the breakup of Columbia on its return from mission STS-107.
  • July 24 - Lance Armstrong wins a record seventh straight Tour de France before his scheduled retirement.
  • July 21 - A terrorist attack on London, similar to the July 7 attacks, includes 4 attempted bomb attacks on 3 Underground trains and a London bus. The bombs failed to explode properly, and only one injury was reported.
  • July 19 - President Bush nominates Appeals Court Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. to the United States Supreme Court, following the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor.
  • July 16 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released.
  • July 10 - Hurricane Dennis strikes near Navarre Beach, Florida as a Category 3 storm killing 10 people, after killing over 50 people in the Caribbean. Dennis caused 2-5 billion dollars damage in the United States.
  • July 7 - Four explosions rock the transport network in London, with three explosions reported on the London Underground and one on a bus. Over 50 deaths were reported, and over 200 injured.
    Al-Qaeda admits to the killing of Egypt's Ambassador, Ihab al-Sherif.
  • July 6 - The International Olympic Committee awards the 2012 Olympic Games to London, defeating the favorite Paris in the final round.

June 2005[edit]

  • June 21 - Volna booster rocket carrying the first light sail spacecraft (a joint Russian-United States project) failed 83 seconds after its launch, destroying the spacecraft.
  • June 17 - A 6.7 aftershock,which followed a 5.3 earthquake the previous day, hits California making it the fourth earthquake since June 12 in California.
  • June 13 - Singer Michael Jackson is acquitted of all charges of harming children.
  • June 5 - Switzerland votes to join the Schengen area and to allow same-sex partnerships.

May 2005[edit]

  • May 31 - W. Mark Felt is confirmed to be Deep Throat.
  • May 19 - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith released, effectively completing the Star Wars movie saga begun by George Lucas in 1977.
  • May 17 - Kuwaiti women gain the right to vote.
  • May 15 - A passenger ferry capsizes and sinks in strong winds in the Bura Gauranga River in Bangladesh, leaving over 100 people missing.
  • May 10 - A live hand grenade lands about 100 feet from United States President George W. Bush while he is giving a speech to a crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia, but malfunctions and does not detonate.
    The United States Department of Defense issues a list of bases to be closed as part of the Base Realignment and Closure process (BRAC 2005).
  • May 4 - In one of the largest insurgent attacks in Iraq to date, at least 60 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a suicide bombing at a Kurdish police recruitment center in Irbil, northern Iraq.
  • May 1 - A suicide attack targets a Kurdish funeral in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar, near Mosul, which leaves at least 25 people dead and injured more than 30 others. Earlier, at least five policemen and four civilians were killed in two separate attacks in Baghdad.

April 2005[edit]

  • April 25: A passenger train derails in Amagasaki Hyogo Prefecture Japan killing 107 people and injuring another 456.
  • April 20: At least 46 workers have been killed and several others injured in a blast at an explosives factory in Zambia.
    56 hurt as earthquake hits Fukuoka and Kasuga, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The earthquake measured a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale.
  • April 19 - Joseph Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of the Papal conclave.
  • April 15 - At least 21 people died and around 50 people were injured in a devastating fire at a hotel in central Paris.
  • April 9: The marriage of The Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles takes place.
  • April 2: Pope John Paul II, dies.

March 2005[edit]

  • March 28 - The 2005 Sumatran earthquake struck off Sumatra, 3 months after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. At a magnitude of 8.7 it is the second largest earthquake since 1965.
  • March 21 - In Red Lake, Minnesota, 10 are killed in a school shooting, the worst since the Columbine High School massacre.
  • March 20 - At least 250 people in Japan are injured and at least one killed by when a magnitude 7 earthquake struck west of Kyushu Island, just 9km (5.5 miles) below the ocean floor.
  • March 19 - A suspected suicide bomber in Doha, Qatar, kills one Briton and injured about 12 other people.
    A time bomb explodes in a Muslim shrine in Quetta, southwestern Pakistan, killing at least 29 people and wounding 40.
    A mine blast occurrs at the Xishui coal mine in Shuozhou and rocks nearby Kangjiayao coal mine. The death toll is up to 59.
  • March 10 - Jack goes onto the operating table at Genzyme in an effort to remove a microscopic computer chip of unknown origin from his lower back. The Main Cast, Vivian and three Genzyme doctors are present and the entire group finds themselves swept into the future as a strange side-effect of Arthur's powers.
  • March 7 - Carrie Ann Sellers dies, but her "Godlike energy" lingers on inside her body and escapes from John Hopkins Hospital, only to be stopped by Arthur and carried away by Brian.
  • March 1 - The US Supreme Court rules the death penalty unconstitutional for juveniles who committed their crimes under age 18.

February 2005[edit]

  • February 22 - More than 500 people are killed and over 1,000 injured after entire villages are flattened in an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale in Zarand region of Kerman province in southern Iran.
  • February 16 - The National Hockey League cancels its 2004-2005 season becoming the first North American professional league to cancel a season due to a labour dispute.
  • February 15 - More than 200 people are killed by a blast at a mine in Fuxin, north-east China.
  • February 14 - A massive suicide bomb blast in central Beirut kills Lebanon's former prime minister Rafik Hariri and at least 15 other people. At least 135 other people were also hurt.
    Around 59 people are killed and 200 injured in a fire at mosque in Tehran, Iran.
  • February 12 - Fire devastates the Windsor Building, a 32 story office block, in Madrid.
  • February 10 - Mandy stands for arraignment in an Athens, Georgia court for the murder of Jesse Trundel, but due to the unasked for influence of Milos Wiazowski, the charges are soon dropped.
    North Korea announces that it possesses nuclear weapons as a protection against the hostility it feels from the United States.
    Saudi Arabia holds its first ever elections for municipal authorities, in which only men are allowed to vote.
  • February 7 - Athens Banner-Herald reports "Godlike charged with Murder."
  • February 7 | ALTERNATE (e): An 87 year old Arthur from an alternate future timeline visits the present, "main" Athur while the later sleeps and, at super speed, tells him the story of his possible, horrific futures.
  • February 6 - The Main Cast, Beth, Vivian, Julie, Julia Lee, Harley and Agent Vernon Marks have their "reunion" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Marks arrests Mandy for her crime in Georgia and in the brief chaos that follows Jack is laid low by sniper fire.
    In Jacksonville, the New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX, 24-21. The victory claimed the Patriots' third NFL league title in four years.
  • February 3 - The Washington Post reports Vigilante Strikes Again.
  • February 2 - The Survivors have their identities returned, their accounts and licenses restored and their legal status switched from "deceased" back to "living."
  • February 1 - The Washington Post reports that a "Mysterious Vigilante Stops Robbery."

January 2005[edit]

  • January 31 - Arthur seeks to save the life of Carrie Ann Sellers by going back in time and pulling her into the present before her burns can get too bad. He apparently succeeds and places her in the care of his friend Dr. Ramon Naranjo.
    Mandy rides along with Engine #16 to a box alarm fire at the Park Monroe highrise apartment.
  • January 30 - The first Parliamentary elections in Iraq since the overthrow of the Ba'ath Party government led by Saddam Hussein take place.
    Jack re-locates the abandonned Subway Station that he and friends had found years before. He soon brings Arhtur to visit the site, which he has dubbed Contingency.
  • January 28 - Condoleeza Rice is confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of State.
    Mandy finds and begins her relationship with Washington, D.C.'s Engine Company #16.
  • January 27 - The Main Cast, Harold and Beth return from West Virginia to Washington, D.C.
  • January 26 - Jack arrives in West Virginia with a van full of equipment and Beth.
    A helicopter crash in eastern Iraq kills 31 United States soldiers.
    Athens Banner-Herald reports on the death of Jessie Trundel and disappearance of Carrie Sellers.
  • January 25 - Brian returns to earth, landing in St. Louis, Missouri just before dawn, and quickly heads back east, in a nervous attempt to find his friends following his experience in space.
    Shortly after noon Mandy reaches Athens, Georgia and waits for the attack she witnessed in her vision to occur. She is soon met by Brian and they find Carrie Ann Sellers and her pursuers. Mandy kills Jessie Trunde and Carrie goes missing. (It's worth noting, though, that Mandy's vision of the event showed it being nighttime when it happened. It is also worth noting that Carrie Sellers DIED the "first time" this event happened and Arthur later "reconstructed" the event)
    Arthur and Harold arrive in Clarksburg around noon, while Brian and Mandy arrive an hour later due to Brian's leaping powers.
    Joelle Millar begins her diplomatic relations with the U.S. Government on behalf of the Sudan in the case of imprisoned Survivor 17 year old Zaida binte Shouk.
  • January 24 - Brian accidentally leaps into orbit during the President's speech and quickly comes back to earth, causing an earthquake in Hartford, Connecticut (41.76° North longitude, 72.69° West latitude) and its antipode in the Indian Ocean to the west of Australia. The quake measures 7.4 on the Richter scale and its effects are felt as far away as Washington, D.C. Although no deaths are caused directly, more than 500 people are injured up and down the New England coast. Brian meets with his father a few hours later and then leaps again, intentionally heading for space and now achieving a trans-Lunar orbit.
    President Bush pre-empts prime time television programs to deliver his full The American Gods Address.
    Mandy witnesses and intervenes (anonomously) in a robbery in a small convenience store in downtown Washington, D.C. She sets herself on fire and severely injures one of the robbers, sparking many rumors in the area. After this encounter, Mandy has a vision of a lynching by fire in Georgia and steals a car in hopes of getting there in time to prevent the attack.
    Late at night, Arthur and his father, Harold, leave for the privacy of a hunting camp in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
  • January 23 - Johnny Carson dies. The Main Cast depart for their individual homes to visit family and friends who thought them dead.
  • January 22 - Ashton Sawyer dies of heart failure at 4:23am EST.
    The Main Cast and friends make a surprise appearance at a U.S. Government/Celera organized press conference and Brian Jaffe delivers a speech to announce the existence of the [[1]].
    President Bush makes weekly radio address (about freedom, anti-terror and the beginings of his "American Gods" speech).
  • January 21 - The [[2]] leave Seattle by air for a Celera facility outside of Washington, D.C., under the power of Ashton Sawyer. Upon arrival, most Survivors scatter, paniced, for parts unknown.
    Late in the evening the Main Cast rescues Julie Young and her children, as well as the passengers of a city bus, from the wreckage of an accident in Georgetown. Jack collapses as the concentrated use of "Godlike power" pulls his "spirit" out of his body. A bystander captures footage of Brian Jaffe lifting the bus above his head.
  • January 20 - The [[3]] wake up from their "comas" at a Celera aligned facility near Seattle.
    George W. Bush is inaugurated in Washington D.C. for his second term as 43rd President of the United States.
  • January 19 - President Bush attends "Celebration of Freedom" concert for military.
  • January 18 - President Bush attends "Saluting Those Who Serve" event.
  • January 14 - The Huygens probe lands on Titan, largest moon of planet Saturn.
  • January 12 - Deep Impact (space mission) is launched from Cape Canaveral by a Delta 2 rocket.


December 2004[edit]

  • December 2 - David Bieber, a 38-year-old former American marine, is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Leeds policeman and the attempted murder of two others following an incident on 26 December 2003. The trial judge recommends that he should never be released from prison.
  • December 3 - The Colombian government extradites Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, one of the most powerful drug dealers in the world, arrested in 1995 and 2003, to the United States.
  • December 6 - Terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing several people.
  • December 8 - The biggest Chinese PC producer Lenovo announces its plan to purchase IBM's global PC business, making it the third largest world PC maker after Dell and Hewlett-Packard.
  • December 8 - Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for the heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan is murdered onstage by Nathan Gale
  • December 11 - Tests show that Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned with a large dose of dioxin.
  • December 13 - Software giants Oracle Corporation and PeopleSoft agree to merge in a $10.3 billion deal, creating the second largest maker of business applications software.
  • December 14 - The world's tallest bridge, the Millau bridge over the River Tarn in the Massif Central mountains, France, is opened by President Jacques Chirac.
  • December 15 - Albanian terrorists take a bus and its passengers hostage in Athens, Greece and demand 1 million euros in ransom money.
  • December 16 - The House of Lords rules that the British Government breaches human rights legislation by detaining without trial foreign nationals suspected of being terrorists.
  • December 16 - IT security company Symantec Corp signs a definitive agreement to merge with Veritas Software Corp, valued at $13.5 billion, in an all-stock transaction.
  • December 21 - Iraqi insurgents attack a U.S. military base in the city of Mosul, killing 22 people.
  • December 22 - Armed robbers in Northern Ireland steal over £22 million from the headquarters of the Northern Bank. Unionist politicians and the PSNI blame the PIRA, and stall the peace process.
  • December 25 - An historic and unprecedented snowfall occurs over portions of southern Texas during the early morning hours. Daily totals include 1.5" at Brownsville, Texas, 3.5" at McAllen, Texas, 4.4" at Corpus Christi, Texas, and 12.1" at Victoria, Texas.
  • December 26 - One of the worst natural disasters in recorded history hits southeastern Asia when the strongest earthquake in 40 years hits the entire Indian Ocean region. The massive 9.3 magnitude earthquake, epicentered just off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, generates enormous tsunami waves that crash into the coastal areas of a number of nations including Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Burma and Indonesia. The official death toll in the affected countries stands at 186,983 while more than 40,000 people are still missing.
  • December 26 - The re-run of the second round of the Ukrainian presidential election takes place. Opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko is declared the victor.
  • December 28 - The Ukrainian transport minister, Heorhiy Kyrpa, is found shot dead, in a suspected suicide.
  • December 30 - A fire in a Buenos Aires night club (República Cromagnon) kills 194 people during a rock concert.
  • December 31 - Taipei 101, the current tallest skyscraper in the world, standing at a height of 509 metres (1,670 feet), officially opens.
  • December 31 - Simón Trinidad, high-profiled FARC leader, is extradited to the United States, following the second extradition of a high drug dealer in a month and in 2004.
  • December 31 - Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich resigns.

November 2004[edit]

  • November 1 - A 16-year-old Palestinian Muslim blows himself up in an outdoor market in Tel Aviv, killing 3 Israelis.
  • November 2 - U.S. presidential election, 2004: U.S. President George W. Bush defeats Senator John Kerry. Republicans make gains in the House and Senate.
  • November 2 - Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh is assassinated in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Mohammed Bouyeri.
  • November 6 - The Ufton Nervet rail crash in Berkshire, England kills 7 people.
  • November 6 - In Côte d'Ivoire, National Army bombings kill 9 people, including French UN soldiers. French UN forces retaliate by destroying the National Army's air force.
  • November 7 - U.S. forces launch a major assault on the Iraqi town of Fallujah, in an effort to rid the area of insurgents before the Iraqi elections in January.
  • November 9 - The Irish High Court rules that Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan can sue the Revenue Commissioner to have their Vancouver, British Columbia Same-sex marriage recognized for tax purposes.
  • November 9 - Meeting of the Scottish Socialist Party executive leads to the resignation of Tommy Sheridan as convenor. Contradictory accounts of what Sheridan said at the meeting become hotly disputed in the Sheridan v News International trial.
  • November 11 - Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority, dies in a Paris hospital.
  • November 12 - In Redwood City, California, a jury finds Scott Peterson guilty of the murder of his wife Laci, and unborn son Connor.
  • November 13 - After 6 days of intense battles, the Iraqi town of Fallujah is fully occupied by U.S. forces.
  • November 14 - U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell submits his resignation. He is replaced by Condoleezza Rice after her confirmation by the United States Congress.
  • November 16 - The European Space Agency probe, Smart 1, passes from Earth orbit into the orbit of the Moon.
  • November 16 - A train crash near Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, injures 150 people.
  • November 16 - The People's Republic of China agrees to invest $20 billion dollars in Argentina, a deal signed days before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum to be held in Santiago, Chile.
  • November 16 - NASA's hypersonic ScramJet breaks a record by reaching a velocity of about 7,000 mph in an unmanned experimental flight. It obtains a speed of Mach 9.6, almost 10 times the speed of sound.
  • November 17-November 21 - The APEC Summit is held in Santiago, Chile.
  • November 21 - In the final round of presidential election in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych is declared the winner. International election observers express severe criticism, and large crowds gather in a protest rally in Kiev. Twelve days later, the Supreme Court annuls the result, and a new poll is scheduled.
  • November 23 - Alex Ferguson takes charge of his 1,000th game as manager of Manchester United.
  • November 25 - The Indian political party Congress Jananayaka Peravai merges into the Indian National Congress.
  • November 26 - A group of Iraqi political leaders, primarily from Sunni and Kurdish parties, advocate a 6-month delay in popular elections scheduled for January 2005.
  • November 28 - An explosion occurs in a coal mine in China. The death toll was expected to exceed 150.
  • November 28 - Ricardo Lagos, President of Chile, promises economic compensation to 28,000 torture victims of Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship.
  • November 28 - A male Po'o-uli dies of avian malaria at the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Olinda before it can breed, making the species in all probability extinct.
  • November 30 - Ken Jennings' 75-game reign as Jeopardy! champion ends, as Nancy Zerg defeats him. His final wins total over $2.5 million.

October 2004[edit]

  • October 4 - Two car bombs kill at least 16 people and injure dozens more in Baghdad.
  • October 5 - A fire breaks out on the Canadian submarine HMCS Chicoutimi, leaving it stranded without power in the North Atlantic ocean, off the north coast of Ireland; 1 crewmember is killed.
  • October 8 - Kenneth Bigley, the British hostage held by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, an Iraqi insurgent, is killed after a failed escape attempt.
  • October 8 - Suicide bombers detonate 2 bombs at the Red Sea resort of Taba, Egypt, killing 34 people, mainly Israeli tourists and Egyptian workers.
  • October 8 - Martha Stewart begins serving a 5-month sentence for insider trading at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia.
  • October 9 - Queen Elizabeth II opens the new Scottish Parliament Building in a ceremony in Edinburgh.
  • October 9 - Incumbent Prime Minister of Australia John Howard leads the Liberal-National coalition to victory over the Labor Party led by Mark Latham in federal elections.
  • October 9 - Direct elections for president are held for the first time in Afghanistan. Interim president Hamid Karzai is eventually declared the winner.
  • October 10 - Abdullahi Yusuf is chosen as the new transitional president of Somalia.
  • October 14 - Prince Norodom Sihamoni is chosen as the new king of Cambodia.
  • October 16 - The New York Yankees defeat the Boston Red Sox 19-8 in Game 3 of Major League Baseball's American League Championship Series. The game, which pushed the Yankees to a 3 games to 0 series lead, sets a record for longest 9 inning baseball game.
  • October 16 - Arsenal loses for the first time in 49 league games, a national record, going down 2-0 to Manchester United at Old Trafford.
  • October 17 - A referendum in Belarus approves the lifting of constitutional term limits for the presidency.
  • October 18 - Three men attack Greek journalist Philippos Syrigos in Athens and seriously wound him.
  • October 19 - General Khin Nyunt is replaced by Lieutenant-General Soe Win as Prime Minister of Myanmar.
  • October 20 - Corporate Airlines Flight 5966 crashes in Missouri, killing 13 people and injuring 2.
  • October 20 - Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono becomes the first directly-elected President of Indonesia.
  • October 20 - The Boston Red Sox defeat the New York Yankees 10-3 in Game 7 of the Major League Baseball's American League Championship Series to win the series 4 games to 3. The Boston Red Sox become the first team in baseball history to come back from a 0-3 deficit to win a series.
  • October 21 - The Ministry of Defence approves the deployment of the Black Watch regiment of the British Army to Baghdad, Iraq after a request for assistance by the U.S. government.
  • October 24 - The bodies of 49 Iraqi soldiers are discovered after being ambushed by insurgents.
  • October 24 - Brazil successfully launches its first rocket into space.
  • October 25 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King receive the Congressional Gold Medal.
  • October 26 - The Cassini probe passes within 1,200km of Titan.
  • October 27 - The Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since 1918, breaking the Curse of the Bambino.
  • October 27 - Details of the discovery of a new, recent, species of fossil hominid, Homo floresiensis, from the island of Flores, Indonesia, are published.
  • October 29 - A 2004 Osama bin Laden video airs on Arabic TV, in which he threatens terrorist attacks on the United States, and taunts U.S. President George W. Bush over the September 11 Terrorist attacks.
  • October 29 - European heads of state sign in Rome the Treaty and Final Act establishing the first European Constitution.
  • October 30 - A 163-metre-high radio mast in Peterborough, UK collapses at a fire.
  • October 31 - Leftist candidate Tabaré Vázquez is elected President of Uruguay.

September 2004[edit]

  • September - The Great Laxey Mine Railway of the Isle of Man is re-opened.
  • September 1 - Chechen terrorists take between 1,000 and 1,500 people hostage, mostly children, in a school in Beslan, Northern Ossetia. The hostage-takers demand the release of Chechen terrorists imprisoned in neighbouring Ingushetia and the independence of Chechnya from Russia.
  • September 2 - The United Nations Security Council adopts Resolution 1559, calling for the removal of all foreign troops from Lebanon. This measure is largely aimed at Syrian troops.
  • September 3 - Russian forces end the siege at a school in Beslan, Northern Ossetia. At least 335 people (among which are 32 of the approximately 40 hostage-takers) are killed and at least 700 people injured.
  • September 3 - Hurricane Frances makes landfall in Florida. After killing 2 people in the Bahamas, Hurricane Frances kills 10 people in Florida, 2 in Georgia and 1 in South Carolina.
  • September 4 - Hurricane Ivan forms.
  • September 7 - The Scottish Parliament meets in the new Scottish Parliament Building for the first time.
  • September 7 - Hurricane Ivan passes directly over Grenada, killing 37 people. It passes over other Caribbean islands over the next 2 days, killing 5 people in Venezuela, 4 in the Dominican Republic, 1 in Tobago and 20 in Jamaica.
  • September 8 - In the "Rathergate" affair, the first Internet posts appear pointing out that documents claimed by CBS News to be typewritten memos from the early 1970s appear instead to have been produced using modern word processing systems.
  • September 9 - A bomb blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, kills 11 and injures up to 100 people.
  • September 13 - The U.S. Assault Weapons Ban expires.
  • September 15 - Davíð Oddsson, Prime Minister of Iceland, steps down after serving as prime minister since April 30, 1991. Oddson trades posts with his foreign minister Halldór Ásgrímsson, who then becomes Prime Minister.
  • September 15 - Security at the Palace of Westminster is compromised, when the House of Commons is stormed by a small group of protestors during a debate about fox hunting.
  • September 15 - "Girl A" is sentenced to be institutionalized due to the murder of classmate Satomi Mitarai.
  • September 16 - Hurricane Ivan strikes Gulf Shores, Alabama, as a Category 3 storm, killing 25 in Alabama and Florida, becoming the 3rd costliest hurricane in American history (currently the 4th following the destruction of 2005's Hurricane Katrina).
  • September 17 - The 2004 Summer Paralympics commences in Athens, Greece.
  • September 17 - Mexico and Japan finish 2-year-long negotiations and sign a Free Trade Agreement in Mexico City.
  • September 23 - Mount St. Helens becomes active again.
  • September 23 - Tropical Storm Ivan, having come around and reformed in the Gulf of Mexico, makes its final landfall near Cameron, Louisiana, to little effect. In total, the storm will kill 92 people.
  • September 25 - Hurricane Jeanne makes landfall near Hutchinson Island, FL. In all, Jeanne will kill over 3,000, mostly in Haiti.
  • September 29 - In Mojave, California, the first Ansari X-Prize flight takes place of SpaceShipOne, which is competing with a number of spacecraft (including Canada's Da Vinci Project, claimed to be its closest rival) and will go on to win the prize on October 4th.

August 2004[edit]

  • August 1 - A supermarket fire in Asunción, Paraguay, kills about 400 and leaves over 100 missing.
  • August 1 - A bomb attack occurs in front of Prague's Casino Royal.
  • August 2 - Monday demonstrations against social cutbacks began in Germany.
  • August 3 - The Statue of Liberty reopens after security improvements.
  • August 4 - Gibraltar celebrates 300 years of British rule.
  • August 6 - A United Nations report blaming the government of Sudan for crimes against humanity in Darfur is released.
  • August 9 - Footballer Lee Hughes, 28, is sentenced to 6 years in prison and banned from driving for 10 years after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. Hughes also has his contract terminated by his employers West Bromwich Albion.
  • August 12 - Singapore's prime minister Goh Chok Tong hands over his position to Lee Hsien Loong.
  • August 12 - New Jersey Governor James McGreevey announces that he is "a gay American" and will resign effective November 15, 2004.
  • August 13-August 29 - The 2004 Summer Olympics are held in Athens, Greece.
  • August 13 - Hurricane Charley kills 27 people in Florida after killing 4 in Cuba and 1 in Jamaica. Charley made landfall near Cayo Costa, FL as a Category 4 hurricane. Charley is the most intense hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
  • August 16 - Severe flooding occurs in the village of Boscastle in Cornwall.
  • August 18 - In Dublin, Ireland, the Dublin Port Tunnel excavation works are completed and the final tunnel boring machine breakthrough ceremony takes place.
  • August 20 - Elbegdorj Tsakhia, the peaceful democratic revolutionary leader of Mongolia, becomes Prime Minister of Mongolia for the second time.
  • August 21 - A series of blasts rocks an opposition party rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing at least 13 people.
  • August 22 - Armed robbers steal Edvard Munch's The Scream, Madonna, and other paintings from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.
  • August 24 - Two airliners in Russia, carrying a total of 89 passengers, crash within minutes of each other after flying out of Domodedovo International Airport, leaving no survivors. Authorities suspect suicide attacks by rebels from Chechnya to be the cause of the crashes.
  • August 29 - Around 200,000 protesters demonstrate in New York City against U.S. President George W. Bush and his government, ahead of the 2004 Republican National Convention.
  • August 29 - Michael Schumacher wins a record seventh world championship title by finishing second in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps.
  • August 30 - September 2 - U.S. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are renominated at the Republican National Convention in New York City.
  • August 31 - Two suicide attacks on buses in Beer Sheva, Israel, kill at least 16 people and injure at least 60. Hamas claims responsibility for the attacks.
  • August 31 - A woman commits a suicide attack near a subway station in northern Moscow, Russia, killing at least 10 people and injuring at least 50. Authorities hold Chechen rebels responsible.

July 2004[edit]

  • July 1 - The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft arrives at Saturn.
  • July 4 - Groundbreaking for the Freedom Tower begins at Ground Zero in New York City.
  • July 4 - Greece beats Portugal 1-0 to win the Euro 2004.
  • July 22 - The Old Bridge of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina is reconstructed and reopened after being destroyed by Bosnian Croat forces on November 9, 1993.
  • July 25 - Over 100,000 opponents of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan of 2004 participate in a human chain from Gush Katif, to the Western Wall, Jerusalem (90 kilometers).
  • July 25 - Lance Armstrong of Austin, Texas wins an unprecedented 6th consecutive Tour de France cycling title.
  • July 26-July 29 - The Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts nominates John Kerry for U.S. President and John Edwards for Vice President.

June 2004[edit]

  • June 1 - Twelve-year-old Satomi Mitarai, a Japanese schoolgirl attending Okubo Elementary School in Sasebo, Japan is murdered. Her killer, an 11-year-old classmate identified by Japanese authorities as "Girl A", becomes the basis for the Nevada-tan Internet phenomenon.
  • June 3 - All outgoing flights from the UK are temporarily grounded following an air traffic control computer failure. (BBC)
  • June 3 - Central Intelligence Agency director George Tenet tenders his resignation, citing "personal reasons". John E. McLaughlin, CIA Deputy Director, becomes the acting Director until a permanent Director is chosen and confirmed by Congress.
  • June 4 - Marvin Heemeyer destroys many local buildings with a home-made tank in Granby, Colorado.
  • June 5 - Former United States President Ronald Reagan dies at age 93 in Bel-Air, California.
  • June 6 - The 60th anniversary of D-Day is remembered by world leaders.
  • June 6 - The film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is released into theatres.
  • June 7 - Tampa Bay Lightning defeats Calgary Flames in 2004 Stanley Cup Finals.
  • June 8 - The first transit of Venus since 1882 occurs; the next one will occur in 2012.
  • June 8 - The G8 Summit takes place over the next 2 days on Sea Island, in Georgia, USA.
  • June 8 - The pickled heart of Louis XVII of France is buried in the royal crypt at Saint-Denis.
  • June 11 - Terry Nichols is spared the death penalty by an Oklahoma state court on murder charges stemming from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The decision comes on the third anniversary of the execution of his co-defendant, Timothy McVeigh, in Terre Haute, Indiana.
  • June 11 - After the first presidential state funeral since 1994, President Ronald Wilson Reagan is laid to rest at Simi Valley, California, at the site of the Reagan Presidential Library.
  • June 12 - A 1.3 kg chondrite type meteorite strikes a house in Ellerslie, New Zealand, causing serious damage but no injuries.
  • June 15 - The Detroit Pistons upset the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers to win the 2004 NBA Finals, 4 games to 1.
  • June 16 - The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (or "9/11 Commission") issues an initial report of its findings.
  • June 21 - In Mojave, California, SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately-funded spaceplane to achieve spaceflight.
  • June 28 - Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe trains collide in a rural area outside of San Antonio, Texas. Forty cars are derailed, including one chlorine car. Three people die, another 50 people are hospitalized because of exposure to the gas.
  • June 28 - The U.S.-led coalition occupying Iraq transfers sovereignty to an Iraqi Interim Government.
  • June 28 - Canadian election: The Liberal Party, led by Paul Martin, is reduced to a minority government, after holding a majority since November 1993.
  • June 30 - Preliminary hearings begin in Iraq in the trial of former president Saddam Hussein, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

May 2004[edit]

  • May 1 - The largest expansion to date of the European Union takes place, extending the Union by 10 member-states: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus.
  • May 4 - A WNBC helicopter crashes in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. This event is covered by rival station WABC-TV.
  • May 6 - The final episode of Friends airs on NBC, drawing an estimated 52 million viewers in North America.
  • May 8 - Would-be "Saudi Princess" "Antoinette Millard" surfaces in New York City claiming that muggers had stolen jewels worth of $262,000 from her (she later proves to be an impostor).
  • May 9 - Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov is killed by a landmine placed under a VIP stage during a World War II memorial parade in Grozny.
  • May 9 - Canada wins the World Ice Hockey Championship in Prague.
  • May 10 - Philippine general election, 2004: Incumbent president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is re-elected.
  • May 12 - An American civilian contractor in Iraq, Nick Berg, is shown being decapitated by a group allegedly linked to al-Qaida on a web-distributed video.
  • May 13 - In India, the Congress Party wins a surprise victory in the elections to the Lok Sabha.
  • May 14 - Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, marries Australian Mary Donaldson in Copenhagen.
  • May 15 - Arsenal complete a whole English Premiership season unbeaten, 38 games.
  • May 16 - A coup d'état in Chad against the President Idriss Déby fails.
  • May 17 - Ezzedine Salim, holder of the rotating leadership of the Iraqi Governing Council, is killed in a bomb blast in Baghdad.
  • May 17 - Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage in compliance with a ruling from the state's Supreme Judicial Court (Goodridge v. Department of Public Health).
  • May 19 - Tony Blair is hit with a purple flour bomb in the chamber of the House of Commons during a session of Prime Minister's Questions.
  • May 19 - Jeremy Sivits pleads guilty in a court-martial in connection with alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.
  • May 23 - A section of the ceiling in Terminal 2E at Paris's Charles de Gaulle International Airport collapses, claiming at least 6 lives.
  • May 23 - Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi visits North Korea, to secure the release of the families of the 9 abducted Japanese citizens returned earlier.
  • May 26 - Terry Nichols is convicted by an Oklahoma state court on murder charges stemming from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
  • May 28 - G4techTV launches, a merger of G4 and TechTV (one of the most controversial network mergers in U.S. television history).
  • May 29 - The National World War II Memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC.
  • May 30 - Thousands of people in Hong Kong take to the streets to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

April 2004[edit]

  • April 1 - The Faroese Prime Minister's Office announces that from then on the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister's Office will use a new version of the Faroese Coat of Arms. The colours were inspired from the Merkið (flag) and yellow/gold was added. The new Coat of Arms depicts a Ram on a blue shield ready to defend. It can be used by the Government Ministries and by Faroese embassies, but some still use older versions of the Coat of Arms.
  • April 4 - Rich Fields becomes the new permanent announcer on CBS's The Price Is Right.
  • April 5 - Queen Elizabeth II begins a state visit to France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale.
  • April 8 - Darfur conflict: The Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement is signed by the Sudanese government and 2 rebel groups.
  • April 9 - Nick and Mary Yankovic, the parents of "Weird Al" Yankovic, die of carbon monoxide poisoning in their Fallbrook, California home.
  • April 16 - India defeats Pakistan in their first cricket tour in 14 years.
  • April 17 - Israeli helicopters fire missiles at a convoy of vehicles in the Gaza Strip, killing the Gaza leader of Hamas, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi.
  • April 20 - In Iraq, 12 mortars are fired on Abu Ghraib Prison by insurgents; 22 detainees are killed and 92 wounded. [1]
  • April 21 - Mordechai Vanunu, who revealed an Israeli nuclear weapons programme in the 1980s, is released from prison in Israel after serving 18 years for treason.
  • April 22 - Two trains carrying explosives and fuel collide in Ryongchon, North Korea, killing 161 people, injuring 1,300 and destroying thousands of homes.
  • April 22 - The last coal mine in France closes, ending nearly 300 years of coal mining.
  • April 24 - Referenda on a United Nations plan, which proposes to re-unite the island of Cyprus, take place in both the Republic of Cyprus controlled and the Turkish controlled parts. Although the Turkish Cypriots vote in favour, the Greek Cypriots reject the proposal.
  • April 28 - Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse in Iraq is revealed on the television show 60 Minutes II.
  • April 29 - The last Oldsmobile rolls off of the assembly line.

March 2004[edit]

  • March 2 - John Kerry effectively clinches the 2004 U.S. Democratic Party presidential nomination by winning 9 out of 10 "Super Tuesday" primaries and caucuses.
  • March 2 - NASA announces that the Mars rover MER-B (Opportunity) has confirmed that its landing area was once drenched in water.
  • March 10 - Five British men are released from detention at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. After they land at RAF Brize Norton, 4 of them are immediately arrested for questioning.
  • March 11 - Simultaneous explosions on rush hour trains in Madrid kill 190 people.
  • March 12 - Following the March 11 terrorist attacks in Madrid, millions of protesters take to the streets of Spanish cities against terrorism.
  • March 14 - Two suicide bombers kill 11 Israeli civilians in Ashdod, Israel.
  • March 14 - Spanish legislative election, 2004: The incumbent government led by José María Aznar is defeated by the Socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
  • March 14 - Russian presidential election, 2004: Vladimir Putin easily wins a second term.
  • March 15 - The new Spanish Government announces that it will withdraw Spain's 1,300 troops in Iraq.
  • March 17 - A pogrom-like organized violence breaks out over 2 days in Kosovo. Nineteen people are killed, 139 Serbian homes burned, schools and businesses vandalized, and over 30 Orthodox monasteries and churches burned and destroyed.
  • March 19 - The UN launches a political corruption investigation due to the scandal over its Iraqi Oil for Food program.
  • March 20 - President Chen Shui-bian wins the Taiwanese presidential election by 0.2% of the vote. The day before, he and Vice President Annette Lu were 'shot'. Lien Chan refuses to concede and demands a recount. A controversial 'peace referendum' opposed by the People's Republic of China is invalidated.
  • March 21 - Malaysian general election, 2004: The incumbent Barisan Nasional party wins 198 out of 219 seats in the Malaysian Parliament.
  • March 21 - Salvadoran presidential election, 2004: Antonio Saca is elected President of El Salvador (inaugurated June 1).
  • March 22 - Palestinians protest in the streets after an Israeli helicopter gunship fires a missile at the entourage of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in Gaza City, killing him and 7 others.
  • March 22 - Child pornography charges against Paul Reubens (Peewee Herman) are dropped, after he pleads guilty to a separate "misdemeanor obscenity" charge.
  • March 25 - British Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, in return for the dismantling of Libya's WMD programme in December 2003 - the first time a major western leader has visited the nation in several decades.
  • March 28 - In France, the government of Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin suffers a stunning and unprecedented defeat in regional elections.
  • March 28 - The first ever South Atlantic hurricane makes landfall in South Brazil on the state of Santa Catarina - the hurricane is dubbed Hurricane Catarina.
  • March 29 - The Republic of Ireland bans smoking in all enclosed work places, including restaurants, pubs and bars.
  • March 29 - The largest expansion of NATO to date takes place, allowing Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia into the organization.
  • March 31 - Four American private military contractors working for Blackwater USA are killed, and their bodies mutilated, after being ambushed in Fallujah, Iraq.

February 2004[edit]

  • February 1 - A hajj stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia, kills 251 pilgrims.
  • February 1 - The New England Patriots win Super Bowl XXXVIII, as Adam Vinetari kicks the game-winning field goal with 4 seconds left.
  • February 2 - An 11-story apartment building collapses in Konya, Turkey, killing more than 90 residents.
  • February 3 - The CIA admits that there was no imminent threat from weapons of mass destruction before the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • February 3 - Jóannes Eidesgaard becomes Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands.
  • February 6 - A suicide bomber kills 41 people on a metro car in Moscow.
  • February 7 - Several leaders of Abnaa el-Balad are arrested in Israel.
  • February 10 - At least 50 people are killed in a car bomb attack on a police recruitment centre south of Baghdad.
  • February 10 - The French National Assembly votes to pass a law banning religious items and clothing from schools.
  • February 12 - Same sex marriage in the United States: San Francisco, California begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as an act of civil disobedience.
  • February 13 - Scientists in South Korea announce the cloning of 30 human embryos.
  • February 14 - Riots break out between New South Wales Police and Aboriginal residents of Redfern, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.
  • February 14 - The roof of the Transvaal water park in Moscow collapses, killing 25 and injuring more than 100.
  • February 18 - A train carrying a convoy of petrol, fertiliser, and sulfur derails and explodes in Iran, killing 320 people.
  • February 20 - Conservatives win a majority in the Iranian parliament election.
  • February 24 - A 6.5 Richter scale earthquake in Northern Morocco hits in the Rif mountains near the city of Al Hoceima, killing 400. Ait Kamara is destroyed; 517 are killed.
  • February 26 - The United States lifts a 23-year travel ban against Libya.
  • February 26 -Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski is killed in a plane crash near Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • February 29 - 2004 Haiti rebellion: Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigns as president of Haiti. The chief justice of the Haitian Supreme Court, Boniface Alexandre, is sworn in as interim president.
  • February 29 - The film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King directed by Peter Jackson, wins Academy Awards in every category it was nominated for, with 11 wins in total, including Best Picture and Best Director.

January 2004[edit]

  • January 1 - Pervez Musharraf wins a vote of confidence from an electoral college consisting of Parliament and the provincial assemblies, confirming him as President of Pakistan and de facto dictator until 2007.
  • January 3 - Flash Airlines Flight 604 crashes into the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, killing all 148 aboard.
  • January 4 - The LSU Tigers defeat the Oklahoma Sooners 21-14 for the national Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title.
  • January 4 - Mikhail Saakashvili wins the presidential elections in Georgia.
  • January 4 - NASA's MER-A (Spirit) lands on Mars at 04:35 UTC.
  • January 4 - Leicester City footballers Paul Dickov, Keith Gillespie and Frank Sinclair are arrested in Spain over sexual assault charges. The charges are later dropped.
  • January 8 - Queen Elizabeth II christens the RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise liner, currently the largest ocean liner in the world.
  • January 13 - Serial killer Harold Shipman is found hanged in his cell at Wakefield Prison, 4 years after being convicted of murdering 15 patients in Cheshire.
  • January 15 - Carol Moseley Braun drops out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and endorses Howard Dean.
  • January 19 - U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) wins the Iowa Democratic caucus.Vermont Governor Howard Dean's concession speech ends with a lively but controversial scream.
  • January 24 - NASA's MER-B (Opportunity) lands on Mars at 05:05 UTC.
  • January 27 - John Kerry wins the New Hampshire Democratic primary.
  • January 27 - The British government narrowly wins a House of Commons vote on the proposed introduction of tuition top-up fees in British universities.Confirmation needed
  • January 28 - The findings of the Hutton Inquiry are published in London. The British Government is found not to have falsified information in the "sexed up dossier". The report criticizes the BBC's role in the death of David Kelly, a weapons expert on Iraq.


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  • September 11: the events of 9/11 occur, spawning the Survivors of Flight AA 283.
    At age 87 (in 2051 - age 35 in 2005), Arthur was watching 9/11 in a old Boston Bar.
  • September 11 | ALTERNATE (b): Milos is ambushed as he leaves for the airport that morning, on the freeway, Arthur raced down the road alongside him, and with several deft slashes, cut both right tires of the limo he was riding in. Immediately the limo went out of control and crashed into the guardrail. Several other vehicles lost control as well and caused a grand pileup. No casualties or major injuries. Only a massive tangle of cars that will take hours to clear up. Milos did not make the AA 283 flight.
  • September 11 | ALTERNATE (c): Arriving back at Milo’s house, the night before the flight, Arthur kills Milos.

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  • ALTERNATE (b): President Haines is negotiating with India to demand Abraham Michaels' return to stand trial. The UN council is meeting again this week to implore President Gaines to repeal the state of Martial Law, his Father joined up with Milos’ gang that he started hating us. Well, that and when his Father erupted and blew up all of Las Vegas. After Cuba took in The Progenitors nobody else is going to be willing to take the risk. The nuclear treaty has already been broken. Arthur is sitting on a bed in his Fathers old apartment building holding a bottle with some undefined alcohol. ... The announcer reports that another three of the notorious “Survivors” have been captured and executed today.
    This brings the count up to 279 out of 283 accounted for.
  1. Brian Jaffe [missing] - headed for Alpha Centari
  2. Jason Forrest [missing] - (The Ghost), known to be able to go totally incorporeal, possess people’s minds, and induce hallucinations of such a extreme level that psychosomatic wounds have been seen opening on his victims bodies in response to the trauma to their psyche.
  3. Abraham Michaels [political asylum] - (The Doc) has sought political asylum with India. President Haines is negotiating with India to demand his return to stand trial. Abraham was lauded early on as a great hero when he performed a public ‘miracle’ by healing over 300 people of various maladies, injuries, and even re-growing lost limbs on several disabled war veterans.
  4. Arthur Redford [missing] - reliable sources have tracked him down to the downtown slums of D.C.


  • ALTERNATE (b) : Now 87 years old, Arthur travels back in time to 2001 to watch the events of 9/11 unfold on TV from an old bar in Boston.
    Due to "the Godlike Menace," President Gaines declares Martial Law in the United States.


  • ALTERNATE (c): After about twenty years he ... The whole neighborhood had changed. Always a plush area, the neighborhood had evidently improved several more notches. There was no litter, no vandalism, and people moved with a purposeful air. ... It’s illegal for you to even own the old world currency. Where is your tattoo? Where is your mark? Angry now the man held up his right fist, as it burst into a blazing aura of golden red fire! Was this man a fellow survivor? "General Redford, Sir!"
  • ALTERNATE (c): Time is our enamy, it allways has been, even in the begining. Time we lost, Time that has stolen from us. Time to fix things that went wrong, time to save friends. Its allways time thats aginst us. And I want it back! Can you do that? Unless you can dont dare call yourself 'Godlike' to me. <long pause> "Hey do you remember that time we died? -- Vice President Jack Bennett Kennedy, Alternate timeline, Addressing Survivers Reunion.


  • ALTERNATE (b): President Milos Wiazowski signs Super Terrorist Registration and Dehumanization act. Officially an addendum to the renewed Patriot Act, this law allows the Government to collect and “tag” any Survivor of the flight 283 at will and, if they determine that the individual represents a threat to America, the government reserves the right to deny their status as homo sapiens and thus their human rights. Over the course of the next 3 three months, 79 Survivors are killed and 25 are captured. Only seven turn themselves in to voluntarily work with the government.


  • January 20: President Richard Cheney's term will be completed. The next (44th) President of the United States (elected November 4, 2008) will be inaugurated.

2008 Election Timeline[edit]

Candidates began making their plans known as early as 2004. Candidates will emerge during 2006-07 because of the long lead time for fund-raising. Federal election laws require the reporting of funds raised for the primary elections, and in the past the media has anointed "front-runners" on the basis of reported fund-raising totals.
Delegates to the national party conventions are selected through direct primary elections, or state caucuses and state conventions. Beginning in January 2008, the first delegate-selection contests will be held in Iowa (caucus), New Hampshire (primary) and possibly other states. The process continues through June, but in previous cycles, including 2004, the Democratic and Republican candidates were effectively chosen by the March primaries, because the leading candidates had collected enough committed delegates to win in the national convention. Most third parties select delegates to their national conventions through state conventions.

  • August 25 to August 28, 2008 - 2008 Democratic National Convention.
  • September 1 to September 4, 2008 - 2008 Republican National Convention.
  • November 4, 2008 - Election Day.
  • December 15, 2008 - Members of the U.S. Electoral College meet in each state to cast their votes for President.
  • January 6, 2009 - Electoral votes officially tallied before both Houses of Congress.
  • January 20, 2009 - Inauguration Day.

ARTHUR REDFORD's Personal Timeline[edit]

  • ALTERNATE (d): Arthur spent almost five years shifting back and forth between the same twenty five years, trying to undo the damage he had done. After his last attempt, one which almost resulted in the total erasure of all the Survivors, Arthur finally came to his senses.