Talismans Red Hand

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A wiki for Talisman's Red Hand of Doom campaign[edit]

The Heroes

Veryacas, elf ranger (Elfwine)

Grenanthal Auderheim, human paladin (shadowsaint007)

Luther Lightbringer, human cleric (The Discerning Gentleman)

Ch'Watikk, phanaton druid (Oakfed)

Dr Alfans Frostmount, shifter duskblade (WoolishlyGrim)


Berwyn Meddwl, human archivist (Bafflement)

Zanlennitorfarrugwilryn "Zan" Desederioscioli, gnome bard (Caias Ward)

Nadir Adraleis, half-elf sorcerer (Dudley Do-Right)

CURRENT XP TOTAL/LEVEL: 21,230 XP / 7th level

NEXT LEVEL: 28,000 XP / 8th level

Notable Locations




Ch'Watikk tells the story of Yootikkwavoolchikk


  • Day 1: Party attacked by hobgoblins just outside Drellin's ferry.
  • Day 2: Rest and recuperation in Drellin's Ferry. Party learns of the increasing raids.
  • Day 3: Party heads into the Witchwood, meets and recruits Jorr. After fighting some mutated crocodiles, the party explores Vraath Keep, fighting goblinoids and defeating Wyrmlord Koth, aided by Ch'Watikk, who had been a captive. They learn of a horde of hobgoblins poised to invade Elsir Vale.
  • Day 4: Party attempts to persuade the leaders of Drellin's Ferry that evacuation is their only realistic option. After accepting a job from Sertieran the Wise to deliver a message to his friend in the Witchwood, party heads north to investigate Skull Gorge Bridge.
  • Day 5: Party encounters Old Warklegnaw, a forest ogre of the Twistwusk tribe, and befriends him. Reaching Skull Gorge Bridge, party finds it held by Red Hand soldiers and a small green dragon. Battle ensues, and the dragon and the goblinoids fall. Veryacas and Ch'watikk scout north to Cinder Hill and behold the horde gathering.
  • Day 6: Party returns to Drellin's Ferry and warns them of the danger. Evacuation procedures begin.
  • Day 7-8: Party heads north and east to the town of Terrelton and warns the townsfolk about the Horde. That night the town is attacked by worg-riders and a chimera; the party fights off several of the worg-riders and slays the chimera.
  • Day 9-10: Party reaches the town of Talar, where they encounter Luther Lightbringer, a cleric of the Sovereign Host, who joins their quest. Ch'watikk the druid opts to head north to Witchcross and rouse what support he can.
  • Day 11: Party heads north into the Witchwood, reaching the Witchstream by evening. Seeing signs of danger in the trees, they manage a tense river-crossing.
  • Day 12: Party reaches the tower of Jarvin the mage, only to find it empty. A huge dead owl lies in the courtyard. They are attacked by a pair of reptilian monsters, resembling enormous lizardfolk with massive bone blades in place of their hands; these creatures are swiftly defeated.
  • Day 13: Party is met by the owl-riding Tiri Kitor elves and taken to their village on Starsong Hill. The elves are cautiously receptive to the request for aid, but can do nothing while the strangely aggressive lizardfolk of the Blackfens continue to vex them.
  • Day 14: Party makes contact with the lizardfolk under Chief Bluecrest, earning their respect and a right to audience with their leader, Mighty Regiarix.