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DeWitt Ecker[edit]

Played by Scott

A thin balding man in his 60s, Dr. DeWitt Ecker is more accurately called an ex-doctor, as he appears to have been disbarred for ... sketchy practices. He is well-educated and is known to have a poor bedside manner. He started to become involved when he encountered some strangeness at the Irish Rose, August 1, 1932. Fled Detroit after the murder of Danny Macklin. Thought to be in Florida.


The following newspaper articles refer to Dr. Ecker.

Date Title Author Publication
1932-08-05 Saloonkeeper Slain As Gang War Erupts Frank Lovejoy Detroit Evening Times
1932-08-06 Irish Rose Medico A Mystery Frank Lovejoy Detroit Evening Times
1932-08-07 Second "Doctor" In Rose Murder Identified Frank Lovejoy Detroit Evening Times