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Redland Jack

Field Report: Redland Jack[edit]

Activity: New York Incursion
Grade: D-

We received a report of Outsider activity at Columbus Circle near our headquarters. We moved out in force, primarily on foot, and walked down the street to investigate.

Along the way, we encountered a minor situation at a Christian Science church. A strange (and deadly) fog had deposited some kind of crystalline incubator inside the church. Eschewing subtlety, we chopped it up with the Sword of Solomon and conventional weapons destroyed the strange insect-like creatures inside.

We continued down the street and arrived at Columbus Circle, where there were more of these incubators. They had been in place longer, and we were unable to damage them with shotguns, the Sword, or most of our other ‘magic’. Henrik had a life weapon that was moderately effective. Amanda could likely have pushed enough power through the weapon to deal with the incubators, but we determined that this threat was not serious enough to take such extreme measures at this time. Instead, we decided to call for assistance.

At this point our group split into three distinct pieces. Doctors and healers left for their specific tasks. Henrik and I sensed the presence of a ‘soft spot’ not too far to the northeast (in Central Park). We left part of our group to help contain the issue at Columbus Circle (while they waited for assistance). The rest of us moved to assess the soft spot.

When we approached the spot (a 20’ (or so) diameter odd reddish looking ‘pool’), several dog-like creatures emerged from the soft spot and attacked us. They were easily dispatched with conventional weapons (shotguns and rifles).

As the last of the hounds fell, we were struck by artillery fire. I possess some (very) minor healing abilities, and I offered to use them on Henrik. He declined, as his wounds were minor. The rest of us were moderately to severely injured. I chose not to heal them, as, other than Henrik, I did not believe any of them to be mission critical, and I did not wish to expend my limited energy, possibly a bad judgment call.

Robert Krusemark wanted to return to headquarters with the wounded. Henrik and I thought we should stay and attempt to address the soft spot. Henrik and I refused to leave and Robert took everyone else and retreated back northwest towards headquarters.

I drew a Hayes-Waite ward near the edge of the soft spot so that we would have some protection while we studied the problem. Shortly after creating the ward, strange creatures(?) started falling from the sky in large quantities. The ward seemed to repel them, and we tried poking the soft spot with the Sword. Not too surprisingly, nothing happened, as the spot (presumably) has no ‘identity’. Leveraging the presence of the soft spot, I then attempted to contact Prometheus, my Outsider friend (or possibly ‘friend). I learned that the ‘true’ Outsiders were still far away … too far away to be reached.

Under the relentless assault, the ward started to give way. Henrik poured some power into the wards, which seemed to restore them. However, it was unclear how long we would be stuck here, so we decided to abandon our position and return to headquarters. On our way back, we saw Boris and attempted to go to his aid. He was moving too quickly, however, and we were forced to continue our trek back to our base.

You know the rest.

The only reason I do not consider my efforts during the Incursion to be a complete failure, is that the invasion was, in the end, repelled.

Although the final victory was achieved through mysticism, I am convinced, more than ever, that the solution to the Outsider problem should be achieved through ‘human’ means. Conventional weaponry seemed, generally, quite effective during the invasion. Negotiation, technological advancement, and mobilization would seem to be likeliest means to keep our world safe.